Dude. You can leave your undies on!

15 comments to Dude. You can leave your undies on!

  • Jingle

    GREAT post!! Love all the selfies!!

    There’s quite a few here I’d like to get OUT of their undies!! 🙂

    Most notably, #9, 12, 36 and 48!! Any or ALL of them would do nicely!! 🙂

  • Roberto

    Deliciously sexy post with lots of material for some wild imagination!

    My top guys are: #4 (Tegan Zayne, a former favorite and selfie king on URD), #18, #22 and #26! All freaking hot! Woohoo!


  • Larry

    It is amazing how many different styles there are for so small a garment. I like to see the ones that show off the cocks such as 27 and 42.

  • ray

    I would be happy to strip the undies off many a guy in this post, especially those of # 45!


  • Denny

    I’m back – and I get to play catch-up! Friday, Hubster and I drove 11 hrs to Detroit; on Saturday we attended a celebration of life event for my daughter, who left us Nov. 21, from cancer; and Sunday, the long drive home. The event was beautiful, with friends and family galore. It was a happy time, and it provided us with closure. She would want us to have a Merry Christmas, and so we shall!!!

    Man!! I cannot tell you how much I have missed URD and the CCC!!! Taking little peeks on my cell just doesn’t get it!

    I’m ready to crawl all over my faves here, which are #6 and #36. But, ya know what? – they are all fuckin’ hot dudes!!!



  • Anthony

    I’m with Beto on #4. I’ll never get tired of seeing him.

    #5 and #11 round off the top three.

  • Brad

    I am playing catch up along with Denny (so glad to hear you were able to celebrate your daughter’s life with friends and family…:-) ) My hubby and I hosted some of my relatives last week for an early Christmas. It was fun to have family here, but I missed reading comments from the URD family and commenting on the photos.

    Jingle has it right when he said, “There’s quite a few here I’d like to get OUT of their undies!! 🙂 ” Here are the ones who I would strip immediately: 1, 22, 36, & 41 to see their packages… 😉

    I am glad to be back and look forward to this week’s posts! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

    • Roberto

      I missed you, Brad, but I knew you were having a great time with your husband and family. 🙂

      Most of the times we have at least one common favorite, and today it’s hairy #22. 😉

      Your #1 has been on URD before and he appears three more times in this post: #7, 23 and 24! In case you’re interested, there are tons of pics of him here: instagram.com/pablohernandezofficial/


      • Brad

        My week was fun, but hectic, and it’s good to be back to my “normal” routine (that includes visiting URD and reading comments from the CCC…. 🙂 )

        I know we always have at least one pic in common, and #22 is quite the hunk…I am sure he wouldn’t mind if we tag-teamed him… 😉

        Thanks for the address to see more pics of #1…I was in such a hurry to go back and see what I missed on URD that I overlooked the other pics of him here…

        Você perdeu muito, meu amigo.


        • Roberto

          “Você perdeu muito, meu amigo” = “You missed/lost so much, my friend” — maybe you wanted to say that you missed a lot of great stuff by not checking the last posts? Anyway, I’m sure you’re up to date now. 🙂

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