Dude. You doin’ o.k.?

We’ve been watching the news about the forrest fires in Washington State and wondering about our buddy Bill.

“By Seattle Times staff & news services
Editor’s note: This is a live account of wildfire updates from Friday, Sept. 11, as the day unfolded.
Dozens of wildfires continue to rage in the forests, grasslands and foothills of the Pacific Northwest and down the West Coast, blackening more than a million acres in Washington and Oregon while forcing evacuations, knocking out power and fouling the air with smoke and soot.
The air quality is expected to worsen, with meteorologists warning of a “super-massive” smoke plume billowing into the region over the weekend. The state Department of Ecology forecasts unhealthful conditions for everyone Friday.”

Bill: We don’t know where you live in Washington… but we’re hoping, praying you’re doing o.k. Please let us know. xoxo David, Ben and “the gang”.

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  • Alexander


    I’ll join the gang praying for your safety🙏. May your area of Washington have crystal clean air and streams.
    Remember…you have an appointment Monday September 14th for Jeopardy!

    Be well,

  • FredinMotul

    I as well trust that you are OK Bill. Judging from the Air Quality Issues that my sister reports in S. CA, there are very few places to be to be fine out there. Update us when you can and all of us Be Well and Be Safe!!

  • ray

    Dear Bill,

    I hope you are well and saf!


  • Bill S

    Thanks for your concern! I am fine. This is the worst air quality EVER!!! HAZARDOUS is the official rating. Near 500 on the PM 2.5 scale of particles in the air. About three years ago I invested in a portable air cleaner with that great HEPA filter. Thank goodness for that! It works great. I am not facing flames and for that I will forever be grateful….

    I am just stuck at home. Something we can all relate to during the pandemic year of 2020.

    Thanks again for thinking of me! Love you too!!!


  • Jingle

    It rained non-stop here from Tuesday to Saturday!! A common sentiment in this neck of the woods was we should send our deluge to the Pacific Northwest!!…

    And 2020 continues to be brutal!! Shoosh!!

  • Denny

    We may be on vacation in Provincetown but we still watch national news. Bill I’m just happy that you are safe and well.
    I will get back to you, my friends, about life in Ptown, but not now.
    I want Bill to know we are thinking of him, and hoping for rain to clear the smokey air out there.


  • bw

    Well that’s a relief. I hope your power stays on and you can hunker down – it will rain eventually. Until then we will worry with you – it helps lighten the load if you know someone is concerned right along with you.
    Big hugs from one Bill to another……..

  • Larry

    I join everyone in praying that you remain safe. I moved to Illinois from Fresno CA eight years ago and everyone in both places thought I was nuts. Fresno made the news with a temp of 112 last week and is now under warnings to stay inside with the windows closed. The smoke can be deadly. I live somewhere near Jingle and we had rain for eight days straight. Today was the first sunny day in over a week.

    Stay safe and well, Bill. In WA it should rain soon provided you are on the west side.

  • Tim from MO

    Bill: it is so good to hear you are safe. I’ve seen the satellite photos of the massive smoke cloud accumulation over the West Coastal regions, it hard to fathom the magnitude of all this. I hope and pray this comes to an end soon for this entire area. Feel so badly for those who’ve lost so much in these fires.
    Stay safe my friend!

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