Dude. You wanta go ride some bikes?

So, there we were in Puerto Vallarta.. and when I woke up, Leonardo was gone… so I pulled on my boxers and stumbled around and made coffee… and saw a note that said, “David and Ben. You are wonderful. You are excellent friends. I can’t see you tomorrow. And, if you see me at work, you don’t know me. O.K? Please.
Monday is my day off work and I’ll be at the far end of the gay beach… beyond the last of the blue chairs… at 2:00 p.m., and I hope to see you there, my friends. I like you very much. Leo”
So, Sunday, we just did “touristy” stuff… and wandered around… and went to the beach… and totally relaxed… and ended up having an amazing dinner at Ocean Grill Vallarta… and went back to our room and snuggled and got a great nights sleep.
Then, Monday morning… we got up late… and showered and had a light brunch on the patio… and were both relaxed… but we both knew we were going to the beach to meet Leo. And it was cool.
So, we packed a lunch… and a bunch of sunscreen and water and some beers… and headed to the beach… and took off our clothes and wandered around naked… and, when we got beyond the blue chairs, and way up the beach, we saw “Leo”… just standing there… naked and a little boned-up… and we walked over to him and he said, “My friends.” And we ended up in some brush just off the beach… naked and sucking and fucking and totally loving being together… and it lasted most of the afternoon and we talked and kissed and had sex again…and drank some beer and smoked a joint and it was amazing.
As it turns out, Leo is a student… studying computer graphics… mostly on-line – but some at University. He and David totally got into a discussion of David’s business – and he (David) said he would hire Leo to do graphics stuff – and he could do it from Puerto Vallarta on-line… and he (David) would send Leo a new MacBook… and pay him for the stuff he did. Leo was just totally happy… and we went to the brush and had sex again… and then David and I went back to the hotel. Knowing, that whatever else would happen on our trip to Puerto Vallarta, it couldn’t possibly be as special as our wonderful afternoon with Leo.
We spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Puerto Vallarta… mostly on the beach… and mostly naked. The temperature was mid-80’s, the sky was blue… the sand was warm and we loved every minute of it. We didn’t see Leo again… but we knew neither of us would ever forget this wonderful boy.

4 comments to Dude. You wanta go ride some bikes?

  • Jingle

    What a fine argument for taking up cycling!! 🙂 But given that EVERY one of these great guys are uncut; and the buildings, automobiles and monuments visible in the backgrounds; I’d have to say that these pics all originated from the UK or Europe!!

    I sure hope cute and hot Ginger #3/45 put on plenty of sunscreen!! 😉
    You must really like #6!!… He pops up four more times in the post!! #15, 19, 20 and 41!! Oh I ain’t bitchin’… He’s awesome!! Good-looking, great body, and foreskin I could nibble on for days!! 🙂
    #7/25 is bangin’ hot!! And check out those long fingers!! I’m just sayin’… #40/47 is damn fine, too!! Awesome big balls, among his other charms!!
    #8 is just beautiful!! But it pains me a little to see what that bike seat is doing to his nuts!!
    Oh look, cute and scruffy hot #16/24 got lei’d!! haha Who wouldn’t want some of that big dick??
    #17 is a stud!! So is #23!!
    #28, 43 and 48 are all super cute and rockin’ hot!!
    Nice bird’s eye view in #34!!
    In #38, check out the creepy old dudes in the background!! Ewww…
    #46 is very edgy and hot!! Like his pierced nipples, too!! 😉

    But damn, I’d most like to go for a spin with the big, beefy, furry dude in #20/21!!

    Soo… you didn’t see Leonardo again?? Bet you do in the Future!!

  • bw

    Those skinny bicycle seats are uncomfortable anyway, and with your junk flopping it seems to me tragedy could happen anytime, especially if you got a set of low hangers like no 13. I like the happy dude in NO 10 putting on sunscreen, and no 36 has one one of those dicks you just know is going to be really big and thick when it gets angry.
    So your man magnet worked again? I was thinking about this, and other than the fact that you are two attractive men obviously & totally in love, I think you must attract men who otherwise would never approach anyone because they sense you are decent and kind (as well as hot!).

    • Bill S

      I agree But …. Leo said “too much, I don’t do that!”

      Maybe he thought of himself as ‘bought and paid for.’

      Just a thought and if true, it STILL wouldn’t mean a thing if it was ANYBODY but Buff-n-Ben!!!


  • Bill S

    I know they are becoming rare lately but,
    I HAVE A POST REQUEST!!! And I think it is a brand NEW one!


    Thanks…with Love,
    Bill XOXO

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