Dude. You’re crackin’ us up!

Our last (and only) “butt cracks” post was on Sept. 20, 2017. We were welcoming Denny and Dave back from vacation at the time. These pics really are a voyeur’s delight!

The entire Northland gang went out to dinner yesterday evening. We were all suffering from a bit of “cabin fever” and too much college basketball on t.v. We were all seated at our table when I got a text from Alex who had just returned from the mens’ room. The text said “You need to go to the rest room – and on your way, check out one of the dudes sitting at the bar. He’s hunched over a beer and flashing about 3 or 4 inches of one of the prettiest hairy butt cracks you’re likely to ever see.” I promptly excused myself and headed to the mens’ room. The scenery was as lovely as Alex had promised, so when I returned to the table, I forwarded the text to David, who decided he too, needed to visit the mens’ room. By the time our food arrived, all of the guys had visited the mens’ room. You’d have thought we were all suffering from urinary tract infections or something 🙂

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  • Jingle

    Fun, sexy, naughty post!! Delightful!! 🙂

    In an old episode of The Golden Girls, Blanche had the great line: “Ooh, I love plumbers!! Good with their hands, dumb as stumps, and don’t mind showin’ ya the cracks o’ their butts!!”!! 🙂 Hilarious, and pretty risque´ for the early 80’s!! 🙂

    Without any doubt whatsoever, my favourite here is bangin’ hot, fuzzy furry hunky humpy 2!! He is amazing!!

    #39, 41, and 48 are all damn fine, too!!

    I have a great frontal pic of hot and handsome 42!! I’ll email it to Buff…

    Big fun!! 🙂

  • Muddog

    Having spent a lifetime in construction, plumber,no less,I have to say this is with out a doubt my favorite post you’ve ever done.i always concidered these views to be fringe benefits of the job! Almost… almost makes me want to come out of retirement..

  • Denny

    DAYUM!!! There is just something super sexually alluring about catching a glimpse of a guy’s ass crack – exposed for all the world to see and enjoy!!!

    I’m thinking #12 here was like the guy you all saw at the bar, who caused all of you to come down with instantaneous bladder infections!!! He’s the kind of guy (#12) who has you fighting the urge to pull his shirt up to his armpits, then say – oh! I’m so sorry, I thought you were a co-worker of mine on the construction crew!”

    When they are shirtless AND showing their crack, like #19, #26, and #36, well, it’s like you just hit the jackpot!! (These 3 are my favorites – and I ain’t gonna pick just ONE!) 🙂

    I feel kinda nosy here, but also concerned, about the *unattached* member of the Northland Gang. How is Chad doing these days? And his “friend not boyfriend” Raef, who had a lotta tongue shoved down his throat (;-) ) – are they doing OK?

    Thanks for this HOT post, Guys!!!

  • Kent

    Butt crack – not just for plumbers any more!! 🙂
    Hot post!

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