Dudes. Show us your wallpaper!

My buddy “Jingle” commented a while back, saying: “But #45 is magnificent!! (Just made that pic my wallpaper!!).”
Which got me thinking about a post of viewers “wallpaper” or “desktop” pics. The picture below is currently the wallpaper on my Mac… and, if you’ll send me your pics, I’ll do a post. I think it’d be great fun to see your boys or pets or whatever graces your desktop. I’d probably tell us a little about yourself, as well. Just send ’em to:
and I’ll post ’em.

1 comment to Dudes. Show us your wallpaper!

  • Bill S

    Hey Buff — This is a fun idea! I just sent mine (probably twice, I don’t know why).

    What do you think about asking your fans to send their favorite porn pic gleaned from that good ol’ world wide web. That could be a fun post too!!!

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