Last week, we had a request for a post of “cut” guys from “J.T. and Mike,” a young couple in Texas. We did the post, but thought now we should do a post of guys who aren’t cut – just to make things equal.
Incidentally, we haven’t heard anything from the Texas boys since the e-mail requesting the post. You still with us, guys?

6 comments to EQUAL TIME.

  • Jingle

    I would have bet the farm on this one!! 🙂 A few days ago, while I was thoroughly enjoying the phenomenal “Clipped” post, I KNEW that an uncut post was probably already in the works!!… Even without looking at a single pic, the title of this outstanding collection told me that the uncut guys were here!!

    And may I state from the git that #3, #24, and especially #43; beautifully illustrate what I wanna do to quite a few of these awesome dudes!! WHEW!!!

    Bangin’ hot FCCO is a great starting point for this fine collection!! And he’s sure to be a crowd favourite!!…
    #2 and #9 are crazy hot!!
    Lovely over-the-shoulder view of lovely #4!! And judging from those rather pronounced “landing strips”, I’d say he’s probably a tad older than you might initially think!!
    Should we wake up Sleeping Beauty #5 now, or let him rest a bit longer??… I don’t know how long I’ll be able resist his meaty junk…
    #6 has a set of balls that would put the county bull to shame!!
    Selfie #8 is rockin’ hot!! bw, isn’t that your cabin?? If you’re shackin’ up with this dude, I can see why you haven’t invited me!! 🙂 haha (And on a side note: Notice the amazing Burberry Plaid bathrobe?? Buff, if you’re still thinking about a Bathrobe post, do feel free to re-use this wonderful pic!! 🙂 )
    With his full beard, great body, and beautiful impressive junk; artistic #10 is sure to be another crowd pleaser!!
    #12, 21 and 37… WOW!!
    #13, 15 and 17 all have a similar vibe that I think will be of great appeal to Brother Beto!!
    Oh my… #14 is just fantastic!! Love the “naturalness” of the pic… A great looking guy, at ease and comfortable in his attractive home setting!! (And a great set of balls, too!! 🙂 )
    Damned if I know what scruffy hot #16 is up to… But I’d like to find out!! 🙂
    Unruly exhibitionist #18, and his monster cock, turns up every once in a while all over Western Europe!!
    #19 is stunning!! Oh to crawl up between his wide open legs and go to town on his gorgeous dusky big cock and balls!! (Great grey tweed couch, too!!)
    We’ve seen awesome-in-every-way Trophy Husband #20 before… GREAT to see him again!! Right, Brad??
    FCCO selfie #22… Holy Shit!!
    My aforementioned #24… The Cocksucker’s Gaze of Devotion!!
    #28 is awesome to be sure, but I’m really intrigued by the background!! A photographer’s or artist’s Utility Room, perhaps??
    #29 got me wondering if we’ve ever had an “Eyebrows” post… Sure enough, we have!! 🙂 If you’ve got a minute to spare, go back and check it out!! It’s fucking HOT!!
    OMG!!!!! It’s almost cruel of you to put #30 and #31 next to each other!! Between them, there’s enough man-meat there to feed the entire CCC!! Shoosh!! (And yet another beautiful piece of furniture… That dark brown deeply-tufted leather divan in #30 is a classic!! 🙂 )
    I really think Shirt On/Pants Off #34 and #35 may be the same bangin’ hot dude!! And you can really tell in #34 that under the t-shirt, he has a delightfully furry chest!! 🙂
    Oh hell yeah, I’d crawl up on crazy hot big boy #38!!
    #41 is a bonus pic… TWO lovely uncut wieners to enjoy!! haha
    Insanely HOT #42!!… WHOA!!!!!
    Batman fan #44 looks like he’d be fun to hang out without!! 🙂 Oh, and he could teabag me with those awesome low-hangers!!…
    #46 has “Beto” written all over him!! And I’m quite intrigued by those floral panel roller shades!! haha
    Cool and chill #48 is nasty crazy scary HOT!! Another dude I would blow on the spot!!

    But at the end of the day, my favourite today is a clear choice!! Damn skippy it’s hunky humpy fuzzy furry hot & handsome #40!! Hooks off, Brother Brad, I saw him first!! 🙂 haha

    OUTSTANDING!! And a perfect counter-point to the “Clipped” post!! URD rules!! Thanks so much!!

    Oh, and over on the Tumblr side… The Transmale??… Fuck Yeah!! And in the Park??… DOUBLE Fuck Yeah!!!!!

    • Brad

      I must concur with my brother, Jingle’s, comments. There are some outstanding examples of uncut men here, and he knows me all too well… 🙂 He picked the two studs I picked as my Dudes of the Day, #20 and #40!

      These two men are definitely hubby material… 😉 While my brother is enjoying #40, I will take on #20 for some one-on-one fun. Maybe, then, we all can have an orgy. How does this sound, Jingle?

      Thanks, David and Ben, for an amazing set of photos!

  • Denny

    What a bummer that our new friends, J.T. and Mike have not gotten back to you, David – even just to thank you for an awesome post, where every one of the 48 pics addressed their request. Maybe we’ll still hear from them. Or not. In any case, we gonna ease on down the road…:-)

    Okay, Jingle? Your comment hadn’t posted before I began my comments, swear to God. When I went back to proof it, there was your comment and when I read it, I couldn’t believe how in sync we were!!!

    So here it is, my original comment:

    #1 is just a stud-and-a-half, lookin’ all bad-ass FCCO!!

    #18, FCCO, is crazy hot but what I wanna know is – how does he even get that thang back inside his pants!!!

    #24 is my favorite POV in cocksuckers these days – He of the grey-blue eyes, concentrating on giving the best, so he can receive and swallow the best. WHEW!!!

    #40 has got it all! Love that manageable cock that you can hardly wait to make Unmanageable – in your bunghole!! My Dude of the Day!! (I’ll take him next week, Jingle. Or next MONTH!!! 🙂

    #47 – is that even REAL??? You’d have to reserve a second seat on the airlines just for THAT!!!

    #45 – if I ever wanted to try docking, it would be with HIM!!

    Thank you David – great post, as they ALL are!!! XOXO

  • ray

    Maybe the two Texans are too busy to come back every day – or they didn’t imagine that their request would be fulfilled so soon?
    At any rate, thanks for this marvelous counterpart of the “cut” post, handsome guys with perfect cocks!


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