Four dudes!

Friday evening, Devin and Rob got here about 8:00 o’clock. So, after we greeted them… and got them settled in my room, David grilled some amazing swordfish steaks, and we made his skillet-roasted potatoes and had some delicious bread and salad and white wine… and talked… and got to really know each other.
Turns out, Devin is a sixth-grade science teacher… and Rob is a computer graphics designer… and they’ve been married just over a year.
It was amazing. David and I really, really liked these guys. Not because they had been witnesses at our wedding… but because we thought they were both totally cool.
So we drank wine and talked… and pretty soon it was close to midnight… and we were all tired, so we said “good night” and went to bed.
Saturday morning we went to the “Big Biscuit” for brunch – and headed to the Nelson-Atkins Gallery where we saw the Plains Indians art exhibit – plus lots of other interesting stuff. After that, we shopped on the Plaza until it started getting dark and the lights came on. After we walked around for a while, looking at the lights, we had an amazing dinner at the new “JJ’s” restaurant. It was a wonderful day.
When we got home, we made a pitcher of vodka lemonade – broke out one of Keon’s joints – and sat in the living room talking. After a while, the talk turned to sex and Rob asked I we’d ever had sex with other guys. We told him we had – but not since we’d been married. He and Devin said they’d thought about it – but didn’t think they’d want to do anything more than, maybe a circle jerk. So after a while, the vodka and pot kicked in and, somehow, we all just started taking off our clothes. When the guys saw our dragon tattoos, they were both like, “Wow… those are amazing,” and when they eventually saw our piercings, they were both kind of speechless. We did, in fact, have a circle-jerk… and sometime during the jerking, I noticed that someone was sucking my cock and looked down and saw Rob going after my dick like he was starved. So we ended up jerking and sucking and licking ass – and pretty much everything sexual four guys can do without fucking… and it was wonderful. A perfect day spent with our new best friends.
The guys headed home after a light breakfast Sunday morning and David and I got ready to watch the MLS soccer championship game and the Chiefs. I’m sure we’ll be spending more time with Devin and Rob – we just wish they lived closer.

10 comments to Four dudes!

  • ray

    I saw that coming…Glad you had such a perfect weekend!
    I would enjoy a foursome, too, but I’m not as lucky as you guys!
    Splendid post, thanks!

  • bw

    I would happily join any of these groups and make them a fivesome. Sadly, the only fivesome I have going is my thumb and four fingers….
    I’m really happy your weekend went so well – having another couple as friends will be good for everybody.

  • Jingle

    Screamin’ hot post!! Wow!!

    (At the risk of being a pain-in-the-ass, stickler for detail… there’s 5 guys in #33!!) 🙂 haha

    I would happily join quite a few of these!! But none so much as #43!!

    Question: Do Rob & Devin know you’re Unruly Dude??

    • unrulyadmin

      Yup. We talked about the blog… and showed it to them. They both thought it was totally cool. They asked if they could send us some pics for a future post… and we said, “Oh, Hell, YES.” So we’re anxiously waiting for an e-mail from our new best friends… with whatever slutty stuff they want us to post.

  • unrulyadmin

    Babe, we’ve looked and looked at p;ic #33. We only see four guys? Maybe we’re fuck-blind?

    • Jingle

      Oh yeah, you’re definitely fuck-blind!! 🙂

      You can only see his right shoulder and some of his back… The dude that’s getting sucked and rimmed simultaneously (lucky bastard) is bracing himself on him!! Oh, and I’m assuming his face is in the blond’s hunk ass!!

  • Bill S

    Sounds like “Rob” is a man after my own heart! I couldn’t JUST have a circle-jerk either.
    I really can’t get passed pic #2 – those PERFECT bodies! Whew!
    By the way, how could you doubt Jingle!?! LOL

  • Footfan21

    Hey guys, have loved your site for some time. Totally turned on that you all like feet, socks, etc too. Had no idea you were in KC. Ever get to STL, hit me up. Keep up the hot good work here. Let’s guys really get off on what they really like and enjoy. We are all guys and that like guys and everything about them! Hot men!

  • Tim from MO

    Live the Foursome posting, very hot!
    I was at the Nelson-Atkins Gallery several weeks ago and enjoyed the Plains Indian exhibits. Beng part Native American made it all the more interesting to me.
    See you were going to watch the KC Chiefs….I’m sad over their latest string of losses…. 🙁 lifelong fan here.
    Enjoyed reading about your time with Devin and Rob…

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