Fun times at the lake!

Here’s a comment we received from Denny last week:
“In the post of March 30th titled “…everyone loves dog” our buddy Tim thought a post of military guys would be smoking hot. I kind of seconded the idea – it made me think of a well built soldier, sprawled on his bunk shirtless, legs spread wide, and wearing only baggy, military issue camo shorts, with a gaping fly spread wide open, and how I’d love to reach in there and play with all his toys. Ya know? 🙂 So maybe a military post when you get the chance?”
We started looking for pics as soon as Tim made the request – but struggled putting it together. In case you guys missed them, we had “military” posts on 07-03-13; 09–20-13; and 05-26-14. You can check those out by clicking on the “military” tag on the right side of the page. Anyway, Ben and I looked and looked for a pic of a “well built soldier, sprawled on his bunk shirtless, legs spread wide, and wearing only baggy, military issue camo shorts, with a gaping fly spread wide open.” We even asked Rick and Keon to help us look. Nope. None of us could find it. Finally, Keon just grinned and said, “I think the only place this pic exists is in Denny’s imagination.” 🙂
So… for Tim and Denny and the rest of you who like checking out our “boys who serve,” here you go. “AT-TENN-SHUN”!!

It was an awesome weekend at the lake. We met the grandparents at Pizza House for lunch on Friday and, afterward, left Dub and Travon with them. We got carry-out pizzas for Saturday dinner so we wouldn’t need to cook. The boys were super excited about seeing Coco, and of course, Pop-pops had lots of fun stuff planned.
We got to the cabin about 3:00. Rick, Keon, Cal and Alex pulled in about five minutes later. The cabin looked wonderful. Jim had everything outside neat and trimmed up and Carol had the inside spotlessly clean. There was a tupperware container full of home-made brownies on the kitchen counter with a note that said “You boys probably should take it a little easy on these. I used my Alice B. Toklas recipe, so they’re pretty powerful.” Keon said, “Well, FUCK ME! Did you guys know your neighbors were ‘stoners’?” We laughed and told him we had no idea. Being neighborly folks ourselves, we all ate a brownie and washed ’em down with Bud Light. By the time Ty and Damien arrived we were all mellowed out and giggly.
The weather was warm so we decided to take the boat out on the lake. Ty said he’d wait till we got back to try the brownies so we let him do the driving. When we got back, we called Jim and Carol and they came over for salad, burgers and margaritas. Keon and Rick made the salad – so you just know what kind of “greens” were included. We asked Jim and Carol how they knew we liked pot. Carol said, “Did you boys seriously think we didn’t know you were “blazers”? Hell, I can spot one at about a hundred yards.” We all laughed and had a brownie for dessert.
After Jim and Carol went home, it had gotten pretty chilly outside so we moved the party into the cabin. After another margarita – or two, Cal (who we’re learning is a “wild man,”) stood up, started taking off his clothes and announced he was “gonna get nekid and run down to the dock for some skinny-dippin’.” In about three minutes, we were all naked and playing “grab-ass” in the lake. It was a FUN night!
The weekend was exactly what we all needed. Relaxed, easy-going, no-pressure fun – with amazing friends.
Saturday afternoon, Keon went over to Jim and Carol’s place for a while. When he got back, he took Ben and me aside and said “You wouldn’t believe it. Jim showed me their storm cave. It’s about the size of yours and it’s a total pot factory. He’s got grow lights and fans and it’s temperature controlled and ventilated and the plants get watered automatically. He says he has about 40 plants and gets enough yield for what he and Carol use – plus plenty for friends and neighbors. I asked him if he was worried about getting caught and he laughed and said, “Hell, if the Sheriff arrested everyone around here who grows a little pot, the jail would be full and there wouldn’t be anyone left to vote for him. As long as it’s small-scale stuff, no one really gives a shit.” Keon said Jim gave him enough pot to “last our group for at least a couple of months,” and wouldn’t take a penny for it. He said he and Carol thought it was like they’d won the lottery when we bought the cabin. Said we’re perfect neighbors and they love having all of us close-by. Ben laughed and said Jim’s pot raising project probably explains the weeds in his garden that Dub got so upset about 🙂
We picked up Dub and Travon Sunday afternoon. They were both jabbering like crazy. Besides playing with Coco, they’d been to “Fantastic Caverns” and “The Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium.” The big thing for Travon was that Pop-pops bought him a digital camera and a digital photo frame. He and Dub had taken pics everywhere and put them on zip drives so he could watch them on his photo frame. As we’ve told you before, pop-pops is a serious photographer and thinks the younger kids get started, the better.
So… this has been a very long post and we won’t blame you if you just look at the pics. Ben, Dub and I are just totally blessed to have such wonderful friends and an amazing family!

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  • ray

    I’m glad you survived the skinny-dipping in ice water(?). Your dinners must certainly be big fun…
    Strange that the kind of photo Denny requested couldn’t be found, the guys in the post are not exactly bashful.
    Enjoy your meals!

  • Jingle

    Really pressed for time this morning!!

    Back later to thoroughly enjoy this great collection!!…

    I must say that majestic #10 caught my eye from the git!! He certainly gives the expression, “Standing at Attention” a whole new meaning!! 🙂

  • Bill S

    My favorite pic is the last, #48 is one SEXY SCENE!!! Whew!

    My favorite take-away from the stories is how WONDERFUL the visit to pop-pops must have been for Travon!!!


  • Larry

    Too much good stuff in the post. My fav is smooth chested muscle man # 27. May I be of service, SIR?

    It is hard to believe the world you have opened up for Travon.

  • Denny

    K-E-O-N !! You were RIGHT, Man!! The idea of a military post “made me think of” as in *made me imagine* the hunky troop I went on to describe. I hate that you guys spent so much time looking for my “dream soldier”, but you certainly came up with 48 hot sexy pics, with guys both in, and mostly out, of their fatigues.

    If you take #1 and #7, and throw in a little bit of #27, you pretty much got my fantasy soldier!!

    Dayum!! – life just keeps on getting better and better down at the Lake!! Keon, I bet you didn’t know whether to shit or go blind when you saw Jim and Carol’s party cave!! You may never have to buy any pot again!!

    I wonder what must be going thru Travon’s mind these days. It’s like he took a really long nap and woke up on the other side of the planet, where he now has 2 Dads who love him beyond words, a whole buncha friends, and clothes, and now, Dub’s Pop-pops GAVE him a real, grown up’s camera and took him all over to fun places and Dub was there too.

    Someone should have taken a phone video of Cal stripping buck naked and running bare ass down to the Lake!! That would be fun to play at parties. YOU GO, CALLUM! CRIKEY and all that, Mate!!!

    Thanks to all 4 of you for helping with this post, and thank you for sharing the weekend happenings with us, David. The best thing I can say, is a repeat of your last sentence – how genuinely blessed ALL of you are, you of the Kansas City Dozen, to have your beautiful families, and one another as great friends, through and through. It doesn’t get any better than that!!!

  • bw

    Whenever you see a selection of naked military lads, you can count on several (at least) being Israeli – they can’t seem to keep their fatigues on. (See No 19 for proof).
    Dub & Travon – ‘both were jabbering like crazy” – this from a child that was believed just a few months ago to be mute. As Denny so eloquently said, this story is close to miraculous.

  • Jeff

    “I think the only place this pic exists is in Denny’s imagination.” 🙂 So now somebody should get busy and create that pic!

  • Tim from MO

    Wow!! You gentlemen outdid yourselves! Fucking love these pictures.

    And if I were ever so lucky to be seeing these in real life, my imagination, on how I’d start out…

    1. I think I’ll start with a foot massage…and work my way up…
    2. I think I’ll start by laying underneath him…and lick his bulge every time he does a push up…
    3. I think I’ll start by holding his face between both hands, lean in and kiss him..
    4. I think I’ll start by getting between his legs, lifting up his junk, putting my tongue on his taint, running it up, up across his balls, up all the way to the tip of his cock. Then swallow his cock, and balls, all at once. I’m betting his expression would change….
    5. I think I’ll start by taking his hand, and sucking on his middle finger….
    6. I think I’ll start by blowing a spontaneous hands off uncontrolled load of cum just from looking at him….
    7. I think I’ll start by yanking his pants the rest of the way off…
    8. I think I’ll start this by swallowing the rest of his cum I’m holding in my mouth…
    9. I think I’ll start by cradling his juicy, plump balls in my hand…feeling the weight of them…
    10. I think I’ll start this by joining in with Jingle, who’s already hard at work on this stud…
    11. Well shoot! Do I start by kissing those beautiful, full lips…or that tasty looking chocolate cock!
    12. I think I’ll start by offering him a nice back massage when he’s finished…and after he slips out of the rest of his fatigue’s…
    13. I think I’ll start by rooting my face all around in those pits…
    14. I think I’ll start by locking the restroom door…
    15. I think I’ll start by sucking the balls in the middle, while I massage the ones on either side in my hands…
    16. I think I’ll start by belly flopping on the sofa in front of him, sliding my legs down either side of him with my ass, and taint are up against his loaded balls, so he can shoot his hot load all over my ass cheeks….
    17. I think I’ll start with one continuous lick of every square inch of his exposed skin. He just looks so fucking delicious….
    18. While he’s checking the oil, I think I’ll start checking how tight his ass pucker is…
    19. I think I’ll start by going to the third guy in the background, and slip his cock out of one side of his underwear. He needs to air out like his fellow soldiers…
    20. I think I’ll start by standing behind them, to see their asses shake all around in their shorts from the rifles recoil….
    21. I think I’ll start by grabbing ahold of the sink, bend over, and inhale his nice long cock with my ass, all the way to his bush….I think that tattoo would look nice above my ass…
    22. I think sometimes, ya just gotta stop, get out, and itch that scratch…
    23. I think I’ll start rimming him, while Marine Cooper strokes him with that Fleshlight….
    24. I think I’ll start out by relieving the soldier in the back…
    25. I think I’ll start with his nipples. One between both index fingers, and thumbs….’pinch’….
    26. I think I’ll start by stripping, and belly flopping on the last empty cot…
    27. I think I’ll start by taking a ride on his cock….
    28. I think I’ll start with planting my face deep between his spread legs….so much to feast on there….
    29. I think I’d start with a firm grip around…both of our cocks, pressed together….
    30. I think I’d start by dropping to my knees, and letting him deep throat me down to his pubes….
    31. I think I’d start by rubbing my hands all over his flawless skin…
    32. I think I’d start with a full embrace…a firm, long, ass grabbing, cock grinding, lip locked passionate one…
    33. I think I’d start by rolling up my towel, and popping that bent over target with a bullseye in the middle of his right cheek….
    34. I think I’d start by rubbing sunscreen all over everyone of them…
    35. I think I’d start by trading places with the coke bottle dude….fuck, what a sweet looking ass!!!
    36. I think I’d start by trading places with his dildo….
    37. I think I’d start by taking care of the left side….
    38. I think I’d start by grabbing as much ass as possible…
    39. …ditto…
    40. ….and ditto
    41. Damn. I’ve been hypnotized….don’t…know…where….to….start…..but I definitely know what that thick, fat, curved cock will end up in…
    42. I think I’ll just start by falling face first into his spread smorgASSboard and feast for the rest of my life. So much nourishment there….
    43. I think I’ll start by promising not to reveal stumbling across the Army’s secret cannon…
    44. I think I’ll ask him to share my bunk. For starters.
    45. I think I’ll start out by going snorkeling….
    46. I think I’ll start by holding their helmets for them…
    47. I think I’ll start by asking him to hold that pose, while I take a picture of his ass…
    48. Uhmm yeah, bro. It all starts with just a playful tug, or touch….

    Thanks again for the post, and your efforts to find all of the pics!

    Sounds like you had an amazing weekend at the Lake. Thanks for sharing how it went!

    Love you all,

    PS: Please be mindful of the possibility of severe weather this week; the KC area will be ‘under the gun’ on Wednesday.
    Ever since the EF5 Joplin Mo in May 2011 (just 17 miles north of where I live) that took so many lives, and cause billions in damages I’ve been very apprehensive and anxious during spring tornado season.

    • Bill S

      Thank you Tim! It’s like seeing this post AGAIN for the FIRST TIME!!!

      And being apprehensive about violent weather these days is only rational. Climate change is REAL and so is the resulting WEATHER-EXTREMES. Human POLLUTION will be reduced by MOTHER NATURE reducing the human POPULATION (if that’s what it takes….)

      As if we didn’t have enough to worry about!!!


    • unrulyadmin

      Wow, TIM! Talk about a comprehensive review of our military maneuvers. THANK YOU.
      Concerning severe weather. I have a cousin who has lived on South Jackson Street in Joplin for, like 10 years – about a mile South of where the tornado destroyed St. Johns hospital. Just think about it. Only about a mile away from all that horrible destruction and they didn’t even have a limb blown down in their yard. We went to Joplin a couple of months after the tornado and it was surreal. We couldn’t even tell where we were because all out landmarks were gone. Just awful!
      As for us – we do what we can and just pray we never get hit by one of those nightmare storms. We have an assortment of emergency supplies in the unfinished part of our basement… and we’re down there the minute a tornado warning occurs. I couldn’t imagine living in Missouri without a basement or secure storm shelter. I guess about all we can do is be as prepared as possible – and say our prayers. xoxo Ben

      • Tim from MO

        I know the South Jackson street area where your cousin lives. I’m glad it missed them!
        You are right about not knowing where you were at afterwards, with all the normal landmarks blown away. It was so surreal.

        My daughter was at her boyfriends house when it went through, just a few blocks east of South Jackson; they missed the southern edge of the storm by about 1/2 mile.
        My other Daughter, and her fiancé had left the WalMart just 30 minutes before the storm wiped it out.
        Just a slightly different storm path, or timing of the storm, could have meant a much different outcome for my family.
        Much, much too close for comfort!
        I could actually hear the rumble of the tornado 17 miles south of it. I’ve NEVER seen the sky get so dark in my lifetime.

        I know you all will do what you can to prepare and keep aware. Definitely need a Basement, or a reinforced safe room for shelter living here in the Midwest.

        On the bright side, the outpouring of volunteers who came to help with the recovery efforts was unbelievable. Tens, of thousands came to help with the recovery.
        In the seven years since, Joplin has made a remarkable rebuilding, and come back stronger than ever. Not sure if you’ve seen it lately, but it’s truly been amazing to watch the transformation take place from the tragedy.

        Love you guys!

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