Look, Dude. FUZZY junk!!!

I was looking through my “posted” files yesterday and noticed that I’ve never done a “pubes” post on this blog. Amazing. Used to do ’em all the time on the other blogs. Maybe it’s because it’s more and more rare to see dudes whose junk isn’t either trimmed or shaved. Maybe it’s just a “phase” – and fuzzy junk will make a come back someday?

11 comments to Look, Dude. FUZZY junk!!!

  • Anthony

    I’m sure it’ll make a comeback. I mean look at them. Who wouldn’t want to sniff a fuzzy crotch?

    #5 is sooo cute
    #7 has a nice body
    and #19 has the perfect amount of hair

  • Bill S

    As far as I am concerned, it never went away! Sad I know, but true! Fuzzy junk? A MAN HAS THAT!
    That’s all.

    Lots of hot guys here but if you had no header I might not know what to call this post.

    Hey there’s a thought — Make a post and call it, “Name It” and let us fans give you suggestions and then you choose the best one. It will be fun, yes?

    Love ya Buff! [that’s why I always end with] —-


  • Bill S

    I just had to come back again to say

    Sorry Jingle I claim #37 HE IS ALL MINE!!!

    I mean LOOK at HIM!!!

  • peter

    So many sexy guys here!
    12 is the winner for me, the perfect sexy Fucker, big dick and great pubes.
    32 and 37 I think is the same guy, and he is a beautiful man!

    Peter in Indy

  • A guy from Brasil

    Picture 08. I really love this type of guy. Type of ordinary guy. No face model, nice body, nice skin, nice beard… True ordinary male beauty.

  • Jingle

    GREAT collection!! And clearly a lot of your viewers think so, too!!

    #4 is amazing!! I’d like to be right where the lucky photographer who took this pic was!!
    Anthony is right about #7!! If you saw him fully clothed, you might dismiss him as a nerd… But damn, he’s fine!!
    #10 & 15 are the same dude… He’s really quite beautiful!!
    Totally agree with peter on #12… WOW!!
    #13 & 24 are the same dude!! Nice to have two very different views of him… He’s damn near perfection!!
    Someone needs to rescue bad boy #16 from that grungy bathroom!!
    Oh Anthony, I share your admiration for #19!! I hope his lucky bitch wife appreciates him!! See the wedding ring??
    Selfie #25 is rockin’ hot!!
    peter is right about about #32 & #37 being the same dude!! Nice for Bill S to get to see him twice!! 🙂 I won’t fight ya, babe… He’s all yours!!
    I’d enjoy a picnic lunch with #40 any day!!
    Too bad #47 was so modest…

    But for me… smokin’ hot #34, please!!

    Awesome post, Buff!! Really awesome!! Thank you!!

  • unrulyadmin

    You guys all messed up and didn’t mention #22. No prob. I’ll take care of him. He’s MINE! Afro and sweet, fat dick… all MINE.

  • Anthony

    Oh Jingle, I didn’t even notice the ring. I could take my eyes off his face, body, and dick.

    A Guy from Brasil, you are so right about #8.

    Yes Buff this is a very nice post.

  • hnghry

    Mmmm I love those guys. Thats what I call real men 🙂

    Thanks and lotsa luv 🙂

  • jordan

    Damn, I almost forgot what a full bush looked like, VERY HOT!

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