Gayme of thrones!

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  • Jingle

    Hot, fun, naughty, sexy post!!

    More than a few of these great guys are using the toilet for purposes other than the intended!! Especially the ones in public restrooms!!

    Without a doubt, the Alpha King is insanely hot #16!! WOW!!

    Oh, pity poor #14!! 🙂

    Great idea and execution!! Back later for more!!

  • Bill S

    I’m trying to play catch-up. I survived WIND STORM 2015 (11/17) but I can’t say as much for Time-Warner cable! But the internet is back and my roof is intact, while most of my neighbor’s roofs are not! Imagine pitch-black NOISES —– branches, shingles and WIND slapping the windows and siding. And this went on for HOURS AND HOURS! When daylight came I started celebrating the fact that I suffered NO damage at all. I must be BLESSED!!!! (Or maybe it just pays to keep the house in good shape).

    Regarding this post; I say, shit or get off the pot! LOL


    • Roberto

      Bill, I’m so glad that you’re totally fine and there was no damage to your house! Here on URD we all know you’re blessed! 🙂

      Hugs, wishing you to be safe,

    • ray

      Bill S, this sounds spooky! Congrats!

      What a post – and what a title!!! I will incoronate # 8 out of all the noble candidates!

      Thanks for a lot of fun!

    • Denny

      Bill! Glad to know that you are a Survivor!

      When I watch the evening news/national weather, and see the hellacious weather you guys are having, I feel sometimes like the Northeast must be in a different country. All the weather whiners have to complain about here is 3 days of light rain, while in your area, entire homes are being destroyed.

      Enjoy playing catch-up, Bill, and be safe, Man!


    • Larry

      Glad to hear you are ok. It’s all that clean living and worshipping Gpd’s most beautiful creation – the male body! LOL

      My choices today are 2, 9 and 39 and, of course, that kinky # 12 pissing up rather than down.

    • Jingle

      So glad to hear that you, and your home, are unscathed!! Yipes!! 🙂

    • Brad

      Glad to hear you (and your house) weathered the storm unscathed! 🙂

    • bw

      We didn’t get all the wind, but it rained as hard here yesterday as I’ve seen in years – and in November no less. I’m thinking this winter is going to be weird and not in a good way.
      I’m really happy your house (and you) came thru the storm in good shape. AS Larry pointed out – it’s all that clean living, but maybe someone does look after nice folks.

  • Roberto

    Wow, yet another original idea — and superb execution! I totally agree with Jingle: this is hot, fun, naughty and sexy! Plus most of the dudes are “real”, although it’s obvious that we’re more than happy with the porn stuff too. 😉 And I’m always particularly pleased when I see Tommy Defendi (#37) in a post!

    The positive attitude of #1, 6, 9 (so damn cute!), 13, 24 and 45 is priceless! Cutie #14, pointed out by Jingle, is not only hot but also funny! Perfect combination!

    I could pick many guys here… Besides Tommy, porn dudes #29 and 33 are crazy hot! I thought #19 was porn too, but now I’m not sure — I’m just sure he’s a favorite any day! Oh, my! Also love #3, 14 and 45, and it’s difficult to resist #46! Selfie #4, #21, thinker #25 and #34 look quite appetizing as well… And there’s #22, whom I picked twice in the past, but now he has a rival in #42, whose smile just adds to his beauty! Boy, they make me breathless… OK, this time I’ll go with #3 and #42! Woohoo!


  • Denny

    Oops – when I was here earlier chit-chatting with Bill S I forgot to pick my faves today!

    I’m gonna go with #5, #8, #21, and #28, because they are not only hot guys, but “I” know egg-ZAK-ly what they are doin’ – and I am here to help, with my mouth wide open, and maybe to lend them a hand. Cuz that’s the nice kinda guy I am! 😉 😉 😉

  • Brad

    The bathroom is one room I don’t spend a lot time in…I live by Bill S’s comment… 🙂 That being said. There are several guys here that could keep me in the bathroom a bit longer…5, 14 (Beto’s cutie), 16 (Jingle’s stud), 19, 21 (Denny’s looker), 25, & 40… 😉

    I agree with other CCC members…a great set of photos and an awesome title!

  • Jingle

    Back for another longer look… and see what the CCC has to say!! 🙂

    So no-one else likes fuzzy blonds #23 and #35?? I sure as hell do!!
    Pic #44 is waaay too posed, staged, costumed… but damn, that dude is bangin’ hot!!

    But at the end of the day, just let me have my way with crazy hot #40!! I find it kinda funny that he lined the toilet seat with toilet paper!! haha At least we know he’s fastidious!! haha If he’d be more comfortable, I’d gladly take him back to my place…

  • bw

    Can’t these poor boys get any privacy?
    This was an easy pick – hairy & hung No 46.

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