Got ’em “hitched”… and now it’s on to Christmas…

Gram and Matt are married now…and a glorious day yesterday was. There’s much to tell you, so let’s get to it. We had the biggest crowd ever for a wedding here at the house. Several of Gram and Matt’s friends drove up from Springfield, as did Gram’s minister who performed the ceremony. Due to the minister’s schedule, we held the ceremony at 11:00 a.m. with a lunch reception following. Of course the Northland 12 were here, plus Chad and lots of others.
The house was already decorated for Christmas and Dub and Denise did the major part of the planning. At Dub’s insistence, all the guys wore white shirts with red neckties and suspenders. When Cal, Alex and Bella (aka “Izzie”) arrived, we were surprised to see her in a white blouse with a red tie …and suspenders (we assume “to keep her skirt from falling off”).
As you might expect, Pop-pops took care of photographing and video recording the whole thing. It’s cool that Angie will be able to watch it by video.
After eating ridiculous amounts of food (thanks to Denise, David and Costco) we all went outside and “threw birdseed” at the newlyweds before they jumped into Matt’s car to leave for their honeymoon. Chad and the kids had had great fun decorating the car with flowers, “just married” signs, balloons and, of course tin cans.
With the wedding behind us, we can turn our attention to plans for Christmas. David, Dub and I will open our gifts on Christmas eve… as a big Christmas day is planned with the whole gang over at Scott and Denise’s Briarcliff condo.
We hope you guys all have wonderful plans for a magical holiday season!
xoxo Ben and David

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  • bw

    Thanks to precocious Dub, Gram and Matt have started their marriage with a day to remember vs. going to the courthouse.
    Some of the lads in this post have stresses the pouches of their undergarments beyond the manufacturers recommended load -like No 1.
    I’m in charge of sweet stuff for the holidays so I am cooking away and really enjoying it. I have sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies left to do and then Friday I’m off to the sunshine state for hopefully a warm (hot is ok too) Christmas.
    I hate to eve ask for a post because I know you guys are so busy – but for some reason I have a hankering for a young hairy dude post – think Ben or Chad at about 19 or 20.
    Meanwhile we all mourn the passing of Tumblr tomorrow – it’s been such fun for all these years to look at one blog then follow the links to other blogs and look at naked boys sometimes doing nasty things to each other. Hopefully the bloggers will find a new platform and Tumblr and it’s corporate owners can go fuck themselves.

  • Denny

    Yes – on to Christmas – and look at all these BIG packages!!

    My VERY favorites are #5 – hairy pits, chest, and treasure trail leading down to – DAYUM!! lucky is the guy who gets into THAT package for Christmas!

    Then there is #15. Who wouldn’t want to pull THOSE strings!!

    #20 looks like he’s begging you to get started on that handful – in a hurry!

    My Dude of the Day has to be #22, with that teasing look in his eyes, the dimple in his chin, the chewable nips, his fuzzy navel, and that armadillo in his Hugo Boss briefs. Oh yeah!!

    It sounds like “The Hitch” went off without a hitch!! And I am happy that Pop-pops made a video for all to enjoy thru the coming years. But I’m especially happy that Angie will be able to enjoy the event – to see her Mom getting her second chance at happiness.

    Kudos to the designing mind of Alex (am I right on this?) to outfit their precious little girl in a white blouse, red tie AND suspenders!!! Who says the boys get to have all the fun ??!!

    After I finish this Comment, I’m going to take one last look at Tumblr before it disappears, or becomes the blog of rainbows and lollipops, and white lace curtains or whatever. This afternoon I went thru the 5×7 spiral notebook, where I keep lists of all my favorite blogs to see what I had left to build on starting tomorrow. I was shocked to see that 95% of my faves- were Tumblr!! As you say, bw, one blog just linked so easily to the next, I hardly had to go anywhere else. Maybe I’ll just start reading more books.

    XOXO (Thanks for the post, Ben!!

    • Bill S

      I, like you, like to check out the pics before reading the comments — and I picked #22 from the get-go — so … there you go. (-:

      I noticed that my friend at has taken down his more “nasty” pictures. I wonder if he is going to just see what “THEY” do now…. And, you know, I think that THIS POST might be quite acceptable on the “new Tumblr!”

      • Denny

        Hey Bill S – About #22, I think we have proof positive here that great mind DO think alike. 🙂

        I have visited TrickeyPond many times. I love his stuff – some of his man pics are sexy to the max and not a dick in sight.

        I too, am waiting to see what Tumblr does next. See my reply to bw – it is for you as well.

        And yes, for sure, today’s post with all these horndogs in tight briefs, I would think, should be acceptable to Tumblr. But, I don’t know what the hell they’re doing at this point. Why is my Tumblr still up? Isn’t it Dec. 17th where they live?

    • bw

      Denny, don’t you think someone will pick up the pieces and come up with a Tumblr replacement? Because I have a real appreciation for Asian men, Tumblr was great – I’d see one post somewhere, and follow it back to the source, and suddenly I would have 5 or 10 places to look. Since Verizon has admitted the value of Yahoo and Tumblr is $0, maybe they will give it to someone who will take the employees and save them the severance and shut down costs.

      • Denny

        Hey bw – I am thinking the way you’re thinking. Sell off to someone who doesn’t have much cash and let Tumblr keep on keeping on. If kiddy porn is their issue, tell those bloggers to bugger off or wipe them off the map.

        But hey, what do I know.

        At this point, I am wondering why MY posts are still up. The bareass pics have a red banner at the top of the pic that says “This post was flagged because somewhere in your reblog there might be adult content.” But, not ALL of the bareass pics. Duh. I am still able to reblog new posts at this time. Maybe at some time today, I’ll try to log on, and will no longer be there.
        If that happens, for the time being, I would be leery of transferring all my info to an “Unknown” entity. I guess we will see what we shall see. Best case scenario, they change their minds and let it all be.

        Hey, when you chomp down on your chocolate chip Christmas cookies, think of me.
        I l-o-v-e chocolate chip cookies!!!

        • Denny

          Well, I spoke a couple of minutes too soon.

          My Tumblr blog has been decimated. All that’s left are the very few g-rated pics.

          Strangely enough, I still have my whole blog on my phone.

  • ray

    Thanks for the “report”! I wonder where Dub’s fixation on red neckties and suspenders comes from. I’ve never owned one necktie in all my life! But those were different times…
    These are exactly the type of guys I adore! I am with Danny on #5, what a sexy man! And beautiful #33 is rivaled only by stunning #39! #42 has strange eyes.

    Love and hugs

  • Jingle

    Yipes!! You couldn’t pay me enough to cram and smoosh my junk into tight briefs or bikini undies!! Shoosh!!

    That said, to each his own!!… And there’s no denying that these fine fit dudes look rather fetching in theirs!! 🙂 haha

    This amazing post begs at least two more tags: “Male Beauties” and “Young Hunk Studs”!! There’s plenty – and I do mean PLENTY – of them here!! And some real eye-popping, jaw-dropping, show-stoppers!! WHEW!!!

    Both Denny and ray commented #5… my dear ones, check him out again in #23!! 🙂 (#21 may very possibly be him, too!!)
    I wonder if bangin’ hot #9 would share his Fudgsicle?!?! 🙂 haha
    If you fancy heavily tattooed #10… (and I do!!)… Check him out again, with about 3 days worth of scruff, in #36!! (And what a timely image #36 is, with the Christmas Tree just visible on the right edge of the frame!!)
    We’ve seen fantastic selfie #11 before!! And it’s damn nice to see him again, and the luxurious Service Entrance and Laundry Room of what is no doubt his posh urban condo!! You can practically smell the testosterone AND the money!! WOW!!
    Dressing Room selfie #12 is another pic that deserves careful consideration!!… Dude is crazy hot, and the Lonsdale briefs would place him somewhere in the UK!! (Given the small, discreet jewelry he’s wearing; I’ll forgive you if you didn’t notice his right nipple is pierced!! 🙂 )
    I dig #14’s Venetian art prints!! And those Calvins are pretty fun and interesting, too!! 🙂
    Denny Dearheart, I had a hearty laugh at myself when I clicked on your super-hunky #15!!… The first thing I do when I bring home a new pair of swim trunks is cut out the mesh liner!! 🙂 haha
    #24, in his crop-top and jock, is wicked funny and insanely hot at the same time!! As is the back-drop behind him!!
    Liebster ray, mein Freund, I’m afraid we have vastly different opinions on nasty crazy scary HOT #42!! I don’t find his eyes “strange” at all!! On the contrary, I think they’re quite striking!! Add his faux hawk and pierced septum, and you’ve got one badass motherfucker!! On any given day, he’d probably be my “Dude of the Day”!!
    But he got edged out by another…
    Oh, y’all know I loves me some inked big boy #46!! 🙂

    But my hands-down favourite is real guy, lean and sinewy, scruffy hot #44!! Sweaty and glistening in the Sun, I’d pull those tighty-whities down with one swift tug; and bury my face in his crotch, breathing in the natural musk of him, before giving him a blowjob he wouldn’t soon forget!! Damn!!

    Great post!! Thank you!!

  • Bill S

    I’ve always wondered when the new couple stops the car and removes the tin cans! Or do they just become road-side litter?
    I think it’s GREAT that even the car was decorated THE OLD-FASHIOENED WAY!!
    Dub truly is an OLD-SOUL at a young age!!!
    Congrats to Grams & Matt! And that Angie gets to see the video is indeed the greatest gift of all…. Have a Happy Christmas EVERYBODY!


  • Larry

    Leave it to Dub to make other people feel special.

    Unlike Jingle I can’t wear sexy underwear because I have had a hernia and need support and the kind that show it off are too loose, but they do look great on these guys. I had to get down to # 47 and # 48 to get my dudes of the day, but it was worth the wait.

  • Kent

    Ben and David, The Northland 12 get to experience the magic of Christmas year around. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Merry Christmas

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