H A W T ! ! ! ! !

I’ve been running across pics of this dude for a while now – and every time I see one, I think I’m looking at Ben. There are some differences, of course. Ben’s hair is shorter – he generally has less facial hair – he has some beautiful tatts and piercings – and his dick is cut. Other than that, they’re pretty much “spitting images.” So – whenever you see a picture of Aris Maverick – you’re pretty much looking at Ben.
Just thought you guys might like a preview of what the dudes on the naked, gay beach at Puerto Vallarta are going to be seeing while we’re there.

6 comments to H A W T ! ! ! ! !

  • bw

    I don’t think its fair that a bunch of old fat white guys on the beach get to see Ben (and you) naked and your fans who love you don’t. If I had time and money I would come down there and stalk you. BTW – this guy shaves his ass, and I bet Ben doesn’t. Aris is a fine looking lad though.

  • anonimo

    Perfect. Delicious.

  • ray

    Usually, one sees persons without knowing anything about them. Here it’s the contrary. At least we have an idea now of what type one of you is. Hot is the appropriate word.
    Enjoy the hot weather, the sight of hot Mexican guys and the hot Mexican cuisine!

  • Jingle

    Oh my… WOW!!

    Does Ben have brown eyes?? What colour are your eyes!!

    Now you need to shoot us some pics of your “twin”!! 🙂

  • Bill S

    I was ALREADY envious of what you two have together.
    Now I know why it was love at first sight! (-:


  • The New Flops Boy


    XO FFB

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