Hairy dude in a ball cap – outdoors – by request :)

We had a comment yesterday from “bw” saying:
“Wish we had a better picture of NO 3 – maybe the furriest of the bunch.”
The picture Bill is referring to is pic #01 in this post – and indeed, we do (have more pics).
Actually, we have four sets of pics of this dude… with a total of 139 photos.
In part because I’m married to a deliciously hairy dude – and because I’m particularly fond of uncliipped, unshaved, all-natural hairy guys, I like all 139 of the pics.
Here’s a sampling, Bill. Perhaps proving sometimes wishes do come true! xoxo David

8 comments to Hairy dude in a ball cap – outdoors – by request :)

  • Jingle

    Nice!! There isn’t one square inch of this fine, ruggedly handsome, hirsute dude I wouldn’t put my tongue on!! 😛😀🙃

  • bw

    Holy crap! An early Christmas present. Thanks guys!

  • Denny

    As a connoisseur and lover of the hairy male body myself, bw, I have only one question – where are ya going to begin? 🙄 👅

    Ride ’em cowboy!!!

  • FredinMotul

    A very pleasing set, David! Thanks. He is a winner!!

  • Jingle

    Couldn’t wait to get home from work, and savour all 24 pics of him on the Chromebook!! 🙂

    Since this post didn’t require picking the dude(s) I liked best, I approached it with the mind-set of choosing the pic I liked best!!…

    And hands-down, it’s #6!! After you thoroughly enjoy the great view of his amazing boulder balls, fuzzy ass, and tush bush; look at his face!! Clearly, this pic was taken at a different time than the majority of the others!! He’s freshly shaved, with nice sideburns, and you can see just how handsome he really is!! LOVE his luscious full lips and strong chin!! Can you just imagine feeling your balls resting on that firm chin, with those lush lips wrapped around your dick?!?!… WOW!! WHEW!!!

    And #13 is kinda funny, really!! His impressive boulders, resting a boulder!! 🙂 haha

    Any idea of the country of origin?!?! Greece, perhaps??…

  • bw

    I’m in balmy central Florida-the weather is beautiful and almost 80 degrees…..
    I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving. We are doing only family this year so our crowd will be half, but we’ll make the best of it, just like I’m sure all of you will do. Be careful if you travel. Big Thanksgiving hugs to all, BILL

  • ray

    Enjoy your stay!


  • Alexander

    Happy Turkey Day at Table Rock.
    Make it a great day. Be well. Be safe.

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