Happy 4th of July, guys!

Ben I are off to Colorado for a few days of biking in the mountains. We’ve done pre-posts for each day we’ll be gone – so (assuming WordPress co-operates) we won’t miss any posts – and we’ll be checking in on our laptops so we won’t miss your comments. We wish you all a happy, memorable and SAFE 4th of July.
David and Ben

4 comments to Happy 4th of July, guys!

  • The New Flops Boy

    Great post! Happy 4th to you both!

    XO FFB

  • ray

    Have a great holiday, guys! And thanks for posting!

  • Brad

    A fantastic set of pics to celebrate the 4th of July! Gotta love guys who show their patriotism and their bodies at the same time… 😉 A really fun post, guys! Wishing you safe travels! Hope everyone had a great 4th!

  • Jingle

    Great post!! But without a doubt, the best pic here is #19!!

    Alrighty then, #2 is certainly saluting Old Glory!! haha
    #9’s physique is insane!! As is #12, 39, 40 & 41!!
    Oh… #11 is gorgeous!!
    Yes #15, we’re all looking at your pee-pee!! haha
    #17, 20, 29, 36 & 37 are all rockin’ hot!!
    #30 & #33 are both bangin’ hot!! Refer back to #5 to see them getting it on!!
    Pic #43 is awesome!!
    Loves me some hunky, hairy #44!!
    #47 is crazy hot!! And apparently not bashful about getting naked in public!!
    #48… Right on!!

    But my personal favourite may well be selfie #21!!

    Wonderful collection!!

    Have a great time!! Safe travels!! And thank you for looking out for us while you’re gone!!

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