Happy birthday, babe. We love you.

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  • ray

    Happy Birthday to you, Ben! I wish you love, health, happiness and success in everything you undertake and that anything you might be uncomfortable with will turn into something great or at least indifferent!

    Love and hugs

  • Denny

    Happy Birthday, Ben!! May the happiness you feel today amongst all your Table Rock Family continue all year long!!!

    Congratulations and much happiness forever to Matty, and his two PERMANENT Dads, Chad and Raef!!!

    Happy Fourth of July to ALL the Table Rock Gang, including Scott and Denise, and Jim and Carol!!!

    Let the good times ROLL!!!



  • Roberto

    Happy Birthday, Ben!!! This one being celebrated at a new home, I hope it brings you a new set of good experiences and adventures. Best wishes for Health, Love, Joy, Success, Fun, and every dream of yours to come true. 🙂

    And happy Independence Day to all my mates there in the US!

    Love, hugs and all the best,

  • Roberto

    Not sure if I should give you an update on the latest happenings in Ben’s birthday post, but here we go.

    Last week, on June 24, my little furry sister, i.e., my mother’s Yorkshire, Cléo, underwent surgery to remove a very aggressive tumor from her mouth. Very fortunately everything went perfectly and she’s recovering super well. What a fierce little fighter she is: fourth surgery overall for a dog that will turn 18 next July 9 and she’s still kicking. Even though I know she’s already at a very advanced age, I can’t imagine that place without her… but the vet said she’ll live as much as possible and in good conditions.

    As for myself, I got tested for Covid on Wednesday after having high fever (39°C/102.2°F) on Sunday and Monday, but nothing was detected (got the result yesterday). I didn’t have any of the common flu symptoms, just the fever and a slight nausea. Whatever it was (dengue fever was discarded), it disappeared as fast as it came (I did took an antibiotic and an antiviral, though), so fortunately it didn’t take me down as the pneumonia in March. I’m just fine, don’t worry.

    Y’all, stay safe and well. 🙂

    • Roberto

      *I did take, damn it, where’s my fucking mind…

    • Tim from MO

      Sorry you have been ill, but glad that it was a negative Covid test result. Hope you recover soon my friend!
      Several from my workplace have tested positive for Covid, so they had a service come last Thursday to offer testing for any of us that wanted to find out if they had been exposed and might have contracted it. I took the test, and found I’m negative for Covid. Didn’t have any symptoms, but with this stealthy virus, it doesn’t always manifest symptoms in everyone who gets it.
      I’m wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, using Hand sanitizers, everything I know to do. Hope to avoid this until a vaccine can be available!
      Take care!

    • ray

      Beto, I’m glad that you’re fine again!


    • unrulyadmin

      Beto. You dear, dear man. Hope you’re safe and and not running a temp now. Also, best of everything to “Cleo.” Hope she lives to be a hundred! xoxo Ben

  • Bill S

    Happy Birthday Ben! May all your wishes come true!!!

    Love, Bill


  • Jingle

    Great “Red” post for our July 4th Firecracker!! 🙂

    And you had me from the git… Canadian #1 is bangin’ hot!!
    Lean & Sinewy #5 is offering up a tasty treat!! Yummy!! Check him out again, before he came, in #47!!
    Sk8ter dude #7 is crazy rockin’ hot!! (I’m even willing to overlook his mis-matched nipple jewelry!! 🙂 haha) If you look closely, you’ll see he has a Guiche!! Atta boy!!
    #12!! WOW!! And he looks just as good when he re-visits us in #20!!
    Surely someone is willing to relieve #15 and #32 of those nasty Fleshjacks?!?!
    Hot teasers #17, 31, and 42 all have cute ears and pooky nipples!! (And #31 has that badass appendectomy scar!!)
    Pic #18 is an outstanding over-all image!! Nothing – and I do mean NOTHING – there I don’t like!!
    #21 is a doll!! As is coy #40!!
    Aww… neighbours #26 and #27 have that great All-American college-guys-next-door look!! 🙂 Love the contrast of cut and uncut!!
    Quick!! Someone get on #38 before he nuts!!
    Holy Hell!! I wanna replace that toy in bangin’ HOT #39’s fine rump ass with my tongue!! And my dick!!
    Bucky #45 is crazy hot!!
    Ripped, stacked, and shredded Patriotic Punk #48 is an iconic image that perennially makes the rounds on the Internet this time of year!! (I’ve had it saved to my stupidphone for years!!) I think my friend ray will particularly enjoy the Speedos!! (Well, among other things!! 🙂 )

    Continuing the cake analogy, clearly this is a big scrumptious Red Velvet Cake!! 🙂 haha

    When the time cums to cut the cake, and dig in, my first piece will be fuzzy furry hunky humpy #16!! And for seconds… hunk stud, “No Hair/Don’t Care” #41!! Damn!!

  • Tim from MO

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Ben!

    David whipped up a delicious smorgasbord of tasty looking Unrulydude’s for you, in a red-hot colored sexy theme. Yummy!!

    My best wishes to you for a wonderful day filled with the joy of all life has to offer you.
    Love you! XO

    • unrulyadmin

      Thank you, Tim. We love you and your contributions to URD. Nice to know there’s at least one more “sane” citizen of Missouri 🙂 xoxo Ben

  • Kent

    Happy Birthday, Ben. Please know we all love you and wish only the best for you and those close to you.

  • Lary

    Happy birthday Ben. What can i say that hasn’t already been said? Always wish the best ffor you.

    Love the RED post. lots of smooh chested twinks for me to drool over.

    • unrulyadmin

      Thank you, Larry. B.T.W. we’re already working on your birthday post so it’ll be ready to go on the 12th. xoxo Ben

  • FredinMotul

    A very Happy Birthday to you Ben! May all these Red Boys put a smile on your face for the coming year! Be Well and Be Safe!

  • mahtinp

    A celebratory birthday to you … I know you’ll have happier ones in the future given the circumstances of the present year.
    And to whomever puts your birthday posts together … A big thank you for these BDAY posts being some of the most horny of the year!

    Lots of love to you again Ben. You are an amazing man and role model to all the kids, and honestly to many of us.
    I’ll stop gushing over you now.

  • bw

    I’m happy to have a new laptop that actually works so I don’t miss important events – like your birthday. So a little late – but Happy Birthday! I know you celebrated with all your friends at the lake (now home) and had a great time. I was thinking that your boss probably nearly had a spell when you told him you were moving permanently to the lake – it’s pretty clear you have become an integral part of the school in only a couple of year, but establishing a branch is a win-win – there are kids there who can benefit greatly. So I’ll shut up now – everyone else has already said what’s important. Lots of love a big old remote hug. BILL

    • unrulyadmin

      Thank you, Bill. Happy to hear you have a new laptop. We’d been worried about you. Yes. “DrC” was a bit distressed when I told him the move to the lake was permanent, but he’s a wonderful person and always understands. Since I’m still “chairing” the Faculty and Curriculum committees, he’s o.k. with the move and he loves the idea of a “satellite campus.” He’s a good friend and amazing “sponsor.” Really, Bill… it’s great to have you back commenting. xoxo Ben

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