Happy birthday, David!

David. I know you well enough to know that two of your favorite things are gay sex and the color blue. I thought I’d combine them for your special day. Happy Birthday, babe. I love you! Ben

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  • FredinMotul

    A very Happy Birthday David! Ben did well as always. Wonderful post for a Wonderful Guy! BE Well All and stay safe now especially! Much Love from your followers in Mexico.

  • Denny

    I know someone else who considers gay sex and the color blue as two of his favorite things. C’est moi!!

    Happy Birthday David and Happy Year!!! Make that many, many MORE years!!!

    What would we all do without you!!

    Love to you today and always!! 🎂 🥂


  • Tim from MO

    Happy Birthday Wishes to you!
    There aren’t enough words to express all you mean to the URD family.
    After all, you are the ‘Founding Father’ of the one and only ‘Unrulydude’ Blog!

    While we have never met, we all feel we know you, by how you have shared so much of your life experiences with us in the blog.
    We all love and appreciate you so very much….

    May this upcoming year of your life be blessed abundantly, filled with love, good health, and much happiness.
    Love you!

  • Kent

    Happy Birthday, David!

  • Alexander

    Happy Birthday David,
    Many more years of life,love,success and family.

  • ray

    Happy Birthday, dear David! Best wishes for health, happiness and all the good things life can offer! In a way, you are the “founder” of the little comunity that surrounds you and certainly the Chief of our Greater URD Family!

    Love and hugs

  • Jingle

    My very very Best Wishes to my Beloved Buff for a Happy Birthday!!!!! 😘

    Wow!!… Two outstanding posts back-to-back!! 🤪 Quite the celebration week-end!!

  • Roberto

    Happy Birthday, David!!! Best wishes for Health, Love, Joy, Success and Fun, and may the Lake continue to be an oasis of happiness for your family and friends. 🙂 Your dedication has yielded fruits and this community gives you all the Love and support you deserve. 🙂 Thank you for everything!

    Love and hugs,

  • Roberto

    What a sensational, action-packed post in gorgeous shades of blue you’ve put together, Ben! It doesn’t get dreamier than this!

    Love the variety: from the idyllic tenderness in #1 and the nifty frotting in #35 to some wild three-way and group sex! By the way, #26 has to be one of my favorite scenes here.

    Ray, don’t miss your favorite Adam Ramzi getting serviced in #21 by… Tegan Zayne, of course – I said yesterday he’s the most frequent porn guest on URD. 😉

    Jingle, do you remember this inked fella? https://www.unrulydude.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Kent-BD-bc039.jpg That’s him having a manmeat meal in #31!

    Oh, if I were the rimmer in #40, I’d make sure to lick and taste every piece of hair on that body! That furry, buzz-cut dude is PERFECTION!

    Thank you for gifting us all, Ben! 🙂
    Love and hugs,

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Beto. Here’s something you might find interesting? When I first saw pic #6 (the dude in the yankees cap slurpin’ on an unseen dick in someone’s car) I was really curious about his tee shirt. Turns out, the tee is from a company named “Polar stuff,”
      Here’s their story:
      “Since 2010, Poler has bridged the gap between action sports and traditional outdoor activities. We make fun and practical outdoor gear and apparel for everyday adventures and everyone.
      Based in Portland, Oregon, Poler has transmitted #CampVibes across the world.”
      SOOO, it appears the dude in the pic is busy “bridging the gap between action sports and traditional outdoor activities.”
      Thought you’d want to know 🙂 Ben

      • Roberto

        Talk about mixing business with pleasure – and how often does he get the (blow)job done? Great find, Ben, and thanks for sharing! 🙂


  • bw

    Happy Birthday to our founder, fearless leader and supreme commander. I know the kids are stoked to celebrate your day, and I wish you great happiness and good health in the next year. We love you guys.
    Roberto, what happened to Tegan Zayne – did he leave because he did not want to bareback? His hairy butt and furry pucker would have been lovely glazed with a fat white load.
    Blue us the universal favorite color of men in every part of the world. Any other color is so far down the list for me as to almost not exist. And dark hair, fair skin and pretty blue eyes is my weakness and always has been.
    Hope it’s as nice at the lake as it is here today for the party – and the kids can see the grandparents – there will be massive hugging.

    • Roberto

      Bill, it seems there was a lot of trolling and bashing on Tegan after the DiMaggio case, but I didn’t know he’s no longer active. I see now that the Twitter account where he had tons of content has been closed. He did migrate to OnlyFans, but has been inactive there as well. I hope he’s well in whatever he’s doing. How long these guys’ porn careers usually last? Anyway, I’ll let you know if I come across a bareback video of Tegan – I suspect he’s done it.


  • Bill S

    Happy Birthday David! This has been a whirlwind week at URD! (-:

    I’m sure you will have a great celebration! And YOU won’t have to do the cooking!!! LOL

    Be sure to give us a report about The Grands and ALL the family, getting together for the first time in a year or so….

    We love you, today and forever!!!


  • Larry

    HAappy birthday, David. Make that another vote for gay sex and the color blue.

    • Larry

      BTW, you were right about Katie Couric hosting Jeopardy. She has been host this week and is BORING1

      • Denny

        Hi Larry –

        We have one more week of Katie Couric to go and then – Get ready for it – Dr. Oz will be guest host Mar 22nd thru April 2nd.

        My husband says he refuses to watch Dr. Oz and I’ll give it a try but I reserve the right to change the channel.

        I hope you are staying well, Larry – it’s always good to hear from you.

        • Larry

          P think they are trying to kill a year to give some space between Alex and a permanent replacement. The celebrity guests are not serious contenders. I can’t stand Oz either, but may watch just for fun.

          i finally got my first vaccine dose. Get the second April 2.

  • Jingle

    Happy Pi Day!! 😋

    Today is one of those rare Sundays that I have to work!! 🤨 Grrr…

    Hopefully this afternoon I’ll get into all 96 pics and all the comments from the last two amazing posts!!…

  • Jingle

    I know I’m very late arriving at the party, but I’m here now!! And as my wickedly clever Sister is wont to say, “Better late than pregnant!!”!! 🙂 haha

    Thoroughly enjoyed looking at EACH and EVERY pic, and reading the comments, from the the last two brilliant posts!!

    Regarding the wonderful, lovely, pleasant stroll down Memory Lane of the “Blast From The Past” post; I can honestly say I fondly remember them all!!

    The Jingle-planted pics, i.e. Big Boy #3, are plentiful; and obvious!! 🙂 Thank You!!

    May I add??…

    #16 is PERFECTION!!!!! WHOA!!!!
    #35 is not a Badass Fuck Machine… He is THE Badass Fuck Machine!! WOW!!
    I have looong had amazing #36 backed-up and saved to my Stupidphone!! Not only do I totally dig the fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot, pierced and tattooed, bundle o’ man; I love the juxtaposition of the cheap modern Futon, and the fine walnut Chest of Drawers!! 🙂 haha

    And apropos of Buff’s Blueboy Birthday Tribute, that’s some of best raw action Fuck ‘n Suck pics ever complied in one photo-set!! WHEW!!!

    Thanks dear, for researching the t-shirt in #6!! I would have, if you hadn’t beaten me to it!! 🙂 haha
    Brother Beto, you’re quite right about the lucky cocksucker in #31!! And don’t think for even one second that I’m not totally jealous of him!! 😉 Dang!!
    Now then Beto… the stunningly handsome, insanely crazy HOT dude getting tongue fucked in #40 is laying on a PLAID sheet!! That pic, and that dude, are MY slice of Buff’s (metaphorical) Birthday Cake!! Hooks-off, babe!!

    Outstanding!! We have 4 inches of fresh snowfall here!! Yikes!! But what do I care with these fine collections to consider!! 🙂

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