Happy birthday, dear Anthony. Happy birthday to you!

We thought maybe the best way to wish our friend “Anthony” a happy birthday would be with a “Whoa” post. There’s a little bit of everything here, babe. We hope these dudes will help make your birthday special!

10 comments to Happy birthday, dear Anthony. Happy birthday to you!

  • Roberto

    Happy Birthday, Anthony!!! Hope you’re having some terrific fun on this Carnival Friday, and best wishes for Health, Love, Peace and Success! Enjoy your gift!

    Love and hugs,

  • FredinMotul

    Happy Birthday Anthony! The Crew never disappoints with their presents! Trust you had a good trip around the sun and are up for many more !

    I am back from helping family in So. Cal and so glad to be home where it is warm! Even “snowed” in LA while I was there. (As in an icy rain fell for less than an hour.) Glad to be home and back in the 90oF range again !

  • ray

    Happy Birthday, Anthony! I wish you a wonderful day and a wonderful year lying ahead!

  • Bill S


    I’d like to belly-up to the bar (#8) and help you celebrate!


  • Tim from MO

    Happy Birthday Anthony! May happiness, good health, and love fill the next year of your life’s journey.

    I lm enjoying the Birthday post photos. There’s quite a smorgasbord variety of Unrulydudes to drool over!
    I’d like to borrow # 22 for a while, if you don’t mind sharing!
    What a hot gorgeous young man. His beautiful nipples, skin tones all tie in well with his brown undies. Those full gorgeous lips….can’t you imagine kissing him? Feeling them sliding up and down on your cock? Rimming your ass? Nuzzling your neck? OMG. I’d be in heaven 😍

    Again, Happy Birthday wishes to you!

  • bw

    Happy Birthday Anthony! You’ve been a very good boy to get a post like this – it’s a Whoa post for sure. I think you should get first pick, but meanwhile I need tog comfort NO 4 – he looks sad.
    I have to get ready – me and Bill S are going to the bar to have NO 8 poor us a good stiff one.

  • Denny

    Happy Birthday, Anthony! You have a super hot post here for your special day.
    #1, #5, and #25 certainly push my buttons. I think we all should join #48 for an all day gang bang!

  • Jingle

    There’s a great line in the wonderful old Eagles song, “Take It Easy”:
    Well, I’ve been one poor correspondent…
    And I’ve been too, too hard to find!!
    But that doesn’t mean…
    You ain’t been on my mind!!

    That’s true of friend Anthony!! Belated happy birthday wishes to you, babe!! And his fine Birthday Tribute!!

    So let’s all crowd into #8’s bar, have make us all COCKtails and high BALLS, and get caught up!! 🙂 haha

    (Of course, at some point, I’ll be quietly sneaking off with fuzzy furry hunky humpy bangin’ hot #19!! 🙂 )

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