Happy birthday, dear Beto. Happy birthday to you!

Roberto, it’s your birthday and we’re wishing you love, joy and happiness beyond measure. Deciding what pics to post on your special day was a challenge… so David and I finally settled on what we’re calling a “Beto potpourri.” Just some photos we’ve accumulated in our “Beto’s birthday” folders as we think of you every day throughout the year. Happy birthday, babe… WE LOVE YOU!

As we explained earlier on Tim’s post, deciding how to handle two birthday boys in one day has been a challenge. Actually, now that we think of it… there’s really nothing we’d rather do than “handle” you two boys on your birthdays!!

38 comments to Happy birthday, dear Beto. Happy birthday to you!

  • ray

    Beto, my dear friend, Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true!

    Love and hugs


    • Roberto

      Thank you, dear Ray! Who can resist your sweetness and spontaneity? So the Universe should listen to you, dear friend! 😉

      Love and hugs back to you,

  • Jingle

    Ray has said it so succinctly and eloquently!! 😀

    Beto, you’re always my “go-to” guy!! Love you, Baby!! 😘 John

  • Roberto

    Benjamin & David, thank you so much for your best wishes and the super collection you so kindly prepared for me! I always deeply appreciate the time, effort and affection you put into these marvelous gifts! I’ll share my impressions later, but I can say #6 and #7 took my breath away the second I laid my eyes on the post! 😉 Love you guys too!!

    Love and hugs,

  • Roberto

    And Happy Birthday to Bella!!! Best wishes for Health, Love, Joy and Success beside her loving and caring family and all her friends! I’m sure the celebration at the lake will be unforgettable! 🙂

    Love and hugs,

  • Larry

    Happy birthday, Beto. You are one of the most kind and sensitive people I have ever known. I always appreciate your comments and insights and marvel at your memory of all things porn.


    • Roberto

      Dear Larry, thank you for such generous words! I’ll always do my best to live up to them, and know that the esteem and admiration are mutual. 🙂

      Love and hugs,

  • Bill S


    Love you Beto! (-:


  • Alexander

    Happy Birthday Beto!🎂

    As we head into the Lay-Beto Day weekend…Make it the best.
    At the bottom of the post I saw Beto Potpourri.
    Is there a line of home fragrances coming soon?


    • Roberto

      Thank you, dear Alexander! As Brad has reminded us in the past, “variety is the spice of life”, and I so enjoy the potpourris on URD. 🙂 As for fragrances, nothing like a good male scent, especially for a pit freak. 😉

      Speaking of birthdays, we’d be happy to know yours, in case you wanna share. 🙂

      Love and hugs,

  • Denny

    Happy Birthday, Dear Beto, Dear Man, and Dear Friend!!

    I wish you a year of health and happiness and good times with good friends.

    This birthday gift for you from David and Ben is magnificent!! I will be back often to enjoy it. Right now, I can hardly keep my eyes off of #20 and #27!

    Love and Hugs,


    • Roberto

      Thank you, dear Denny! Glad you like the post, or, better saying, the cake, and those slices look particularly and deliciously filled – good choices and delight yourself, my friend! 🙂

      Love and hugs,

  • Kent

    Happy Birthday, Beto. Enjoy every day of your celebration.

    • Roberto

      Thank you, dear Kent! I will, and it’s another full enjoyment to come here and get so many best wishes and good vibes from all you guys. 🙂

      Love and hugs,

  • Tim from MO

    Happy Birthday to my fellow Birthday Buddy Beto!!!
    I hope your Birthday has been a wonderful one, filled with joy and happiness.
    May the next year be one of the best ever for you!

    As to your Birthday photo posts: Woah!
    What a great selection of bday photos that’s been put together for you!
    Pic 39 really does it for me; I re-blogged it on my Tumblr blog recently, it was cool to see it again in your bday post! 😈😜👅💦

    Love you Beto! ❌⭕️

    • Roberto

      Thank you, dear Tim! May the coming year be one of the best ever for both of us. 🙂 Having the opportunity to enjoy this date with the ones we love was certainly the perfect first step for us. 🙂

      Glad you like the post/cake, and I agree #39 is stunningly beautiful and hot! 😉 As I told Denny, delight yourself! 🙂

      Love you too, Tim!

  • bw

    Beto, you are the conscience of URD and possess a massive institutional memory of what has come before – this place would be so different if we did not have you as a part of the little URD gang. I hope your day was was special and everything you wanted it to be, and the next year will be the same.
    I need to go to work after a week away, so I Will review these later, but NO 41 made me laugh – the dude driving the vintage Rolls or Bentley is getting a perfect view of this kids hairy crack – and he looks a bit startled.

    • Roberto

      Dear Bill, thank you for the best wishes and high praise! To me the conscience of a community should be the wisest voice in it, so the title suits you better. 😉 It just makes me happy that I can somehow contribute to the unique fun that URD has always been.

      While #41 is making you curious about his (hairy?) crack, I’m sure #4 will drive you crazy effortlessly. 😉

      Love and hugs,

    • Bill S

      Thank You So Much!
      To both bw & Beto!

      These are the best two consecutive comments ever put together on URD !
      As I see things, that is.


  • Brad

    Feliz aniversário, Beto! Desejando-lhe muita felicidade e boa saúde no próximo ano …
    🙂 (I hope my Portuguese is correct.)

    David and Ben have assembled some amazing men to celebrate you and your importance to URD… 🙂 Thank you for being a part of the URD “family.” We all are better for your thoughtful comments and excellent memory!

    Abraços e beijos

    • Roberto

      Brad, meu caro, muito obrigado pelos cumprimentos e votos de felicidade e saúde! Seu português está perfeito. 🙂

      Don’t be shy and have as many pieces of my birthday cake as you want. 😉 I thank you, all our URD mates and our dear hosts for making me feel at home and part of this outstanding family. 🙂

      Abraços e beijos para você também, amigão!

  • Jingle

    Totally off topic from both Beto and Tim’s Birthday Tributes; I’ve noticed a growing trend… Dudes wearing a Chest Harness!!

    Not just pornstars and models, but “real” guys, too!! Even here in my sleepy Iowa town!!

    Perhaps we should address this with a post?!?! 😜

  • Bill S

    Yes! Thanks for that post-request Jingle! And thanks for the information … I doubt that I’ll EVER see a guy dressed like that around here though. )-:

    Coincidentally I have just come up with an idea for a post too!

    “What’s the Story with these Cocksuckers?”

    Maybe you could just save to my birthday file, pics of guys sucking cock in unusual places or unexplainable circumstances, and so on. And then post all 48 on my birthday!

    Just a thought! (-:


  • mahtinp

    And the 2nd and 3rd Happy Birthday’s of 8/28 to Beto and Bella !!

    I hope both have had the sweetest of times of it, now excuse me where I bury my face in some of these furry men!

    • Roberto

      Thank you, dear Phil! Best wishes to you and Kyle! Leandro and I still enjoy the status of boyfriends despite all the years together. 🙂

      You have the perfect idea for the beauties here – have fun, my friend! 🙂

      Love and hugs,

  • Roberto

    Pic #1 is splendorous! The image of the erect guy is sheer beauty in itself, and having the sea in the background just makes it overwhelming! WOW!

    My advice to #2 would be the title of an old post: “Skip the trimmer, snap the pic”! 😀 Really cute and hot, with some beard and ink to entice me. His cock seems to be considerably darker than his skin, so I think he’d fit in Brad’s recent post suggestion.

    You all know I’m completely crazy for hairy dudes, but since my very first post suggestion I’ve mentioned that the contrast provided by a naturally smooth chest and furry pits and pubes (and legs too) also works really well for me, so that bush adds a lot to #3’s sex appeal, and who can resist his sensual, inviting look?

    I know I’m not the only one here willing to taste every piece of fur on #4’s butt, and then I’d just bury my tongue between those insanely hot buttcheeks – until he’s ready to take more.

    I’ll play with the kitten while #5 does what he needs and will join him in the shower when he’s ready. 😉

    Don’t even know where to start with #6! That’s a bush to get lost in! His face, beard, furry torso… oh, oneiric fella!

    Same for oneiric selfie #7! There’s not a single part of that body I don’t wanna taste voraciously! As far as my preferences are concerned, this is one of your best choices EVER!

    And here comes #8, another hairy butt waiting for me, in a perfect position – how not to devour him? Also love to see how bushy he is.

    Fuck pic #9 is bloody freaking screaming HOT!

    Hell, yeah, #10, let’s get down to business. 🙂 I’ll let his inked arm guide me between those fantastic furry legs and that irresistible escaping engorged cock!

    Can’t decide who’s more huggable in #11, but the taller cutie looks ready to engage in other pleasant activities. 😉

    Clearly you guys didn’t forget my enthusiasm for that very first hairy legs post back in August 2015: #12’s wet furry legs are a delight!

    Oh, well, why a dude with such a gorgeous body hair pattern would shave his pits?!? Sorry, it’s just nonharmonic to me. Aside from that, skinny cutie #13 is simply perfection.

    You guys are so sweet for including a butt selfie. 🙂 And I’d say #14 is a rather explicit one – showing his hole and hard cock! Yum, what a tasty naughty lad…

    If I were cocksucker #15, I’d take the opportunity to taste all that mass of fur on his partner’s taint, delight myself with his fuzzy balls and let my tongue climb his cock to the top, just to swallow it again afterwards.

    For selfie #16 showing the world his succulent manmeat is just the right decision!

    The fella lying on his stomach in #17 is so impossibly cute and buttlicious! And the expectation there is palpable! Freaking love this pic!

    I’ll be glad to give #18 a hand and more. 😛

    Aha, you guys also remembered how much I love cum. 🙂 And #19 is another dream – from his buzz cut to his creamy hairy body, which I want to lick so badly!

    No wonder Denny picked #20: he’s fully clothed and already has us all mesmerized! 😛

    #21 brings reminiscences of the tender sex (lovers) post, even though it’s not a sex pic. Anyway, the combination of physical and spiritual beauty there is outstanding to my eyes!

    Bad boy #22 is so crazy handsome and fuzzy everywhere, not to mention he must be a beast in bed! WOOF, you guys do want me to fantasize!

    Can you convince #23 to cut his hair? Maybe he could get a buzz cut, I wouldn’t mind it. 😀 His body is delicious!

    You gotta love a wet white shirt. 😛 Some of my best fucks have been in the shower, so you bet I’m holding nasty sexy #24 for some steaming hot action.

    What a nice cumshot by #25 – could be on or in any part of my body!

    Another tender scene in #26 – and in the woods! What can be more magical? Awesome, guys! 🙂

    I think bloody freaking hot hunk #27 has enough fur for a month-long birthday celebration indeed. 🙂

    In real life I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a hairy foot as in #28, and it’s one hot view!

    #29 is just asking for some stand-up sex right there – sweaty and wild is how I’m imagining it…

    Is there room for two in #30’s bath tub? Our hairy legs rubbing together under the hot water feels like such a neat start…

    Love the tuft on #31’s chest, and it’s all mouth-watering down there!

    #32 is really teasing me! The party starts on those pits and it won’t be over any time soon! I’m quite hypnotized by his marvelous junk…

    What charming unrulyboi #33 is up to? 😉 I’ve always loved the naturalness of many pics in the unruly posts. From the flag on his jacket can we infer he’s from Venezuela or Colombia?

    WHOA, #34 has me lost in his fuuuuur! That’s one of the widest and wildest treasure trails I’ve ever seen for sure! And on the route to his wood you face not a bush, but a forest! The adventure can’t get any better. 🙂

    #35 seems to be relaxed, except for one (not tiny) detail… 😛 Well, after I please him to exhaustion, he should relax. 😉

    Does stud #36 enjoy some shower sex too? Get clear to get dirty, or vice-versa. 😉

    Blazing hot Latin boy #37 knows the power he holds and is really enjoying himself!

    I can easily bust a nut to crazy hot #38 busting a nut. 😉

    #39, Tim’s favorite pic, is the epitome of BEYL! Would love to have this fella on the rocks with his legs spread taking my cock into that fuzzy ass while I bend over to kiss him and suck his bushy cock.

    Oh, my, #40 is outrageously handsome and hot!

    Like bw, I’m curious to know if super cute blond #41 keeps any hair on his butt, but in any case that driver is one lucky man.

    Thanks for the panoramic top-shelf view, #42! And yes, as they say here on URD, you can leave your socks on. 😉

    Maybe some won’t be fond of #43’s couch, but everyone will recognize what a great host he is and gladly take a seat.

    Pick a guy like #44 and you can’t go wrong with me – so absurdly my type!

    A hung skinny fella on a blue couch? Sounds like I don’t even need an invitation to join #45. 😀

    You know I love a good close-up like #46! How not to drool over a cock and bush popping out of jeans?! Super damn crazy sexy!

    Jingle’s handsome and beefy #47 also has a lot of meat down there and is offering a really nice view of his pits and pubes.

    A kewl sexy slim guy in sunglasses to finish? Hell, yeah! 🙂

    THANK YOU again, guys, for this SUPERB gift! You’re da best! 🙂
    Love and hugs,

  • Jingle

    Dear Beto, I know you had fun compiling this wonderful pic-by-pic analysis!! 🙂

    Early on, you generously assigned your hunky Big Boy, #47, to me… But I must say, even though he’s awesome, he’s not my favourite!!

    After a very thorough review of your and Tim’s very fine Tributes, my hands-down favourite cums from Tim’s collection!!… It’s bangin’ hot #7!! Dang!! A very close second would have to be your fuzzy furry hunky humpy #9!! Takin’ a dick like a Champ, and loving it!! (Here’s hoping his backside resembles your #27’s 😉 )

    So awesome to celebrate the birthdays of of two fine brothers/lovers/friends!! 🙂

  • Jingle

    To those members of the CCC, and all the URD clan, here in the US; a very Happy Labor Day!! 🙂

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