Today is Bill S’s birthday, and we want to to wish him every happiness for today, the coming year and forever. Bill, you’ve been a friend to URD from the beginning and we love having you as a part of our “family.” Since the idea of “pics that tell a story” was originally yours, we thought a bunch of “story” pics would be a good way to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”! Thank you for being a part of the URD family, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

As you’ve probably noticed, there are 49 pics in today’s post. That’s because we originally weren’t going to include pic #49 (it’s obviously faked). We finally decided to include it as an “extra” because we think it’s cute… even if it is “photoshopped.”


  • Kent

    Happy Birthday, Bill. Story pics is a great idea and it’s fun to imagine just what the story is in some of these, as in 4, 9, and 28. Enjoy your day!

  • Tim from MO

    Birthday Wishes to you Bill, hope you have a great one! πŸŽ‚
    I enjoyed looking through these pics….and imagining all the stories behind them 😈

    • Bill S

      Thank you Tim! I was hoping to hear from you — I will never get over the FANTASTIC “Titles” comments** for my birthday post that you wrote last year! That was ABOVE AND BEYOND!!! You are THE GREATEST! (Love your blog too!).

      For you newbies— Check out the “STORIES” tag at right and find 6/13/2015: IT IS A DOOZIE! (-:


  • Jingle


    Dear Bill, my excellent friend, hope you have a good day, and a great year!! Best Wishes, I love you!! John

    No quick look on a smartphone will be enough… I’ll be back later to thoroughly enjoy these and let my imagination run wild…

    One pic did really jump out at me… #10!! Very reminiscent of yesterday’s #28, although this is a different, but nonetheless HOT, uncut dude!!

    Gotta jet, have a super day!! Especially you, Bill!! 😘

    • Bill S

      I LOVE YOU BACK, Jingle! Thank you for the warm wishes!!!

      And, as usual, I look forward to your “after work” comments too!!!!! REALLY.


  • Denny

    Happy Birthday dear Bill – and Happy Year, from one Gemini to another!

    Love and hugs to you Man!


  • Jingle

    Oh, regarding #49: I don’t think it’s fake or photo-shopped at all… On the contrary, it’s probably the most “real” pic here!! The trashy unruly exhibitionist bator is no doubt fubar’ed, and just doesn’t give a shit who’s watching/photographing/recording him!!

    • Bill S

      Friend Jingle, Thank you for your birthday wishes! But you are wrong about #49 —It is a fake —- BUT WHAT A FAKE! SO WELL DONE!
      Look at how it goes through the colors (or lack thereof). There is an artist of PHOTOSHOP at work here. Those people in the background are at some OTHER event! But, as I said, this is TRUELY TALENTED (trick) photography.

      Love you BROTHER!


      • Jingle

        Oh babe, I think you’re wrong!! But given that it’s your special day, and in the interest of “family” harmony, let’s just call it a draw, and agree to disagree!! πŸ™‚

        Love you, my excellent friend/brother/lover!! πŸ™‚

        Hey, do you want me send you a pic of my Full Moon, “Cold-hearted Orb” tattoo??

  • Roberto

    Happy Birthday, Bill!!! Wishing you Health, Love, Peace and Joy, on your day and always β€” each day giving you a special story to celebrate!! πŸ™‚

    You know there’s nothing like your wit and ideas for posts, so please keep delighting us with them! πŸ™‚ Now enjoy your gift, dear friend, ’cause I’m sure it’ll make your imagination run wild! πŸ˜‰

    All the best, Bill!!
    Love and hugs,

  • ray

    Dear Bill, Happy Birthday to you, may all your wishes come true!

    your friend Ray

    • Bill S

      THANK YOU RAY! From one who has also been there from “the beginning” (at least on THIS blog)— your birthday wish to me means more than you can know!!!


  • Alex

    Happy Birthday Bill,

    May this next year in your adventures be a great one!


    • Bill S

      Are YOU OUR ALEX??!!! If so say Hi to Callum and all the F A M I L Y for ME!
      You are a wonderful human being. Thank you for the special Birthday wishes!!!


  • bw

    From one William to another – Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day and that the next year in your life will be happy, healthy and prosperous.
    I also hope your hear the doorbell ring and the three lads in NO 33 are there to grant your every wish – well, at least the wishes involving three hot, hung and horny young men.

    • Bill S

      Sincere thanks for your wishes, BILL —- And #33 certainly got my attention. I call it “What buds do!” (In my DREAMS!)



  • Larry

    Happy birthday Bill!

    Since I have been doing less clicking on the net, my right shoulder is feeling better. I also have been teaching myself to use my left hand which is slow going, so it took me awhile to go through this post. But it was fun!

    I would love to hear a story about # 4. Also, what is #5 waiting for?

    How can the guys in # 12, # 29 and # 46 ignore what is right in front of them?

    • bw

      Your left hand to run the mouse or to do other things whilst looking at dirty pictures on the internet?

    • Bill S

      Thank You Larry! I am glad you’re feeling better. There is really no story for #4. That is a band performing on stage. THEY DO THAT! N A K E D ! ! ! (Although I have never been there at the time. Dammit!!! And as for #29 — He’s not ignoring the other guy … They are the hosts of MY PARTY and it’s really getting off to a SLOW start!


      • Larry

        I am still fascinated by # 4. Who are these guys and where do they get away with this? The Red Hot Chili Peppers used to wear socks on their cocks, but these dudes are totally naked.

  • Brad

    Wishing you a wonderful birthday, Bill! I join the others in wishing you the very best today and in the year ahead! I always enjoy reading your comments, since we often like the same pics, and thanks for suggesting the “story pics” theme. It’s fun to imagine the possible backstories… πŸ˜‰

    David and Ben have put together a fantastic set of pics that certainly have great stories behind them. Here are my top picks: 4, 7, 10, 21, 24, 27, 34, 42, and 49. It’s difficult to pick a Pic of the Day, but I am very curious to know why mummification is occurring in #34? Don’t cover that wonderful man fur… πŸ˜‰

    Have a great day, Bill!

  • Bill S

    THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!! I REALLY MEAN IT! We ARE f a m i l y!!!! And I don’t know what could have been a better WISH FOR ME than to have this page posted!! THANK YOU, David & Ben for this (and for ALL that you do!).


  • Bill S

    Some further thoughts….

    #9 “Time for a fill-up!”

    #13 “Nice try buddy!” (FOOL)

    #24 & #25 are both checking out the wildlife. “Back to nature Baby!”

    And my personal favorite today has got to be #42 —– the college rowing crew doing there pre-qualifiers’ stretches! GO FAST OR GO HOME!

    Thanks again everybody! LOVE YOU!


  • Bill S

    Oh … and as for #48… That’s the card my parents sent to me on my birthday years ago. I wonder what THAT means!? LOL


    • Jingle

      Oh honey, we’ve ALL gotten that card from someone at one time or another!! Maybe not from parents, though… haha

      I’ve also seen it with the “odd” sheep colourized pink!! πŸ™‚

  • Jingle

    What fun!! Like The Bible, each pic open to interpretation!!

    I’m guessing alcohol played a factor in a lot of these!! And the usual tales of exhibitionism, voyeurism, temptation & seduction, risk-taking, and dare-taking…

    What a fresh new take on Beer Pong in #1!! πŸ™‚ haha
    Larry Lover, my thoughts exactly on #5; and #12, 29 and 46!!
    #7 puts me in mind of a real personal story… One night, my best friend-with-benefits Rick and I thought it would be a hoot to answer the door for a pizza delivery buck naked… (We were drunk!! πŸ™‚ ) To our chagrin, the delivery person was a chick!! And she was NOT amused!! Oops!!
    I’d blow #8’s bugle!! haha Be sure to check out his homoerotic artwork behind him!!
    #11 and #13 are just bad accidents lookin’ for a place to happen!! Jabronis!!
    Pic #16 is really quite sweet, romantic and innocent!! But it does beg the question: Do Polaroid Instamatic cameras still exist?? Where the hell would you find film??
    The dude in the foreground of #17 is clearly waiting, at a respectable distance, to get his dick publicly sucked!!
    Promise me #18, and I’ll have my fat tattooed white ass in the Park every day!!
    #20 is actually kinda funny to me… That poor unsuspecting, and quite disinterested, busboy just happened to stumble upon the dude snapping a naughty selfie!! Hurry up dude, “Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning To Work”!! πŸ™‚ haha
    #21 is pretty simple… A photographer setting up a shoot… The dude on the left does seem quite taken by the other model’s dick!! πŸ™‚ If it’s as nice as I suspect it is, can you blame him??
    #23… A Raiders fan should be grovelling at his buddy’s feet!! Pffft!!
    #24 is B-E-Y-L!!
    I wonder how many traffic accidents the amorous couple in #25 caused?!?! (Love the top’s fine ass and big balls!!)
    Now #26 is my idea of a Party Bus!! πŸ™‚
    #27 is awesome!! Bored and horny college kid checkin’ out a little porn on his laptop… On the school’s WI-FI, no doubt!! πŸ™‚ haha And check out what he’s lookin’ at!!
    Not into the fetish in #34 at all!! Like Brother Brad, I think it’s a total shame to cover that up!! Hey Brad, whatta ya say we intervene?? I’ll bring the blunt-nose bandage shears!! (Oh, and under other circumstances, I’d be totally in lust for the wrapper!! Dang!!)
    #36 is pretty cut and dry… A couple of truckers taking leaks!! No real mystery there!! Nice of Big Red to show us his hairy ass!! πŸ™‚ haha
    Do you suppose that #38 is the aftermath of a gang-bang?? The naked dude looks hot in his torn and tattered underwear!! And his tattoos look vaguely familiar… Have we seen him before?? Beto??
    The dude chi-laxing on the chaise in #43 is very nice!! But check out the other, half-seen guy… Love the shadow-line his pretty dick is casting on his thigh!!
    I wonder if the dude in the shower in #47 is aware of how appreciatively he’s being watched??

    Awesome post for an awesome man!! Love you, Bill

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