Happy birthday, dear Bill… Happy birthday to you!

Hey, Bill. This isn’t the post we originally planned for your birthday. We’d planned a “story” post… but then, on Sunday, you commented, saying: “…I am such a water baby, especially at this time of year!” So — we thought we’d shift gears and do a “water” post for our “birthday water baby.” Hope you enjoy the pics, babe, and we hope tomorrow will be your healthiest, happiest (and wettest) birthday ever. Thanks for being one of our dearest friends for a long, long time. WE LOVE YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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  • Jingle

    My excellent friend, Best Wishes to you on your Birthday!! 😀 Love to you, today!! And always, John

    When it’s time to cut the cake, May I have a big slice of #8?!?!

    • Bill S

      Thanks for the wishes my friend. (-: You can START enjoying your slice of the cake anytime!!!

      I have chosen my ONE piece already! He’s #29 — HE GETS IT! I SO want to be there (with him).


  • ray

    Happy Birthday, Bill! My best wishes for you! I hope you will enjoy youray special day in the place you like best!

  • ray

    Happy Birthday, Bill! My best wishes for you! I hope you will enjoy your special day in the place you like best!

  • ray

    Oh well…(not to use a really strong expression)

  • Roberto

    Happy Birthday, dear Bill!!! You’re a star that’s been illuminating URD with joy, wit and creative ideas since day one, and I must look like the guys from the smile posts after reading your remarks – not nearly as pretty, of course, but at least smiley. 🙂 Best wishes for Health, Love, Success and tons of fun and joyful moments – maybe another holiday in Kaslo is on the horizon? 😉

    Enjoy your special day, my friend, and the wet wild gift from the guys! 😉
    Love and big hugs,

  • Bill S

    Thankyou Beto, I appreciate the love and big hugs a lot!!!

    And yes! I am excited about my upcoming adventure in the Kaslo BC area! I’ll be there for almost 2 weeks starting on the 3rd of July!!! I decided to leave the Country for Independence Day! LOL


  • Denny

    Happy -Happy -Happy Birthday Bill!!!

    “You are truly a pillar of the community here at URD. You are an easy-going, humorous, imaginative, and very lovable kind of guy>”

    Those are the words I used in your birthday greeting last year, dear man, and I repeat them here, happily and proudly, because the world needs to hear them again. And AGAIN!! What would we do without you!!!

    David and Ben didn’t completely omit a story pic for you here – WHAT in hell are those two hot ass dudes doing in #13???

    I think what you should be doing on your birthday is like #14!! Or, at least like #6!!

    And you should be doing all that, AND MORE, with #26. Oh! My!! GAWD!!!!!

    Happy Birthday again to my Gemini buddy!! Love y-o-o-o-u-u-u!!!



    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Denny. What’s not to understand about pic #13? It’s obviously Chad and Raef “hangin’ out” at Table Rock. Raef is having a beer while he’s waiting for Chad to find out if the fish are biting today. Seems pretty straight-forward to us. 🙂

  • Larry

    Happy birthday, Bill, and best wishes for many more.
    This post leaves me wet and not with water!

  • FredinMotul

    A very Happy Birthday Bill! May this next trip around the Sun bring you as much fun as this post!! Be Well!

  • Kent

    Happy Birthday, Bill. May you have lots of good, clean, wet fun. 🙂

  • Alexander

    Happy Birthday Bill,

    Make it a great one! Kaslo BC in the summertime sounds like a blast.


  • Jingle

    Time for seconds?!?!…

    I’ll take – and I do mean TAKE – fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot #12, Please & Thank You!! 😋

  • bw

    I always feel redundant when I follow Denny – he always says what I’m thinking. So I’ll just add my best wishes for your birthday and I hope the day is special and fun – go do whatever you damn well please!
    Some of these are posed, and many are porn pups, but I really like the ones that are just dudes being silly and letting it all hang out (and thanks to digital cameras and phones and the internet we get to see it). The furry butts on NO 8 & 11 sort of got me riled up, and I have to mention No 14 – two of my favorite porn lads – Dale Cooper and Colby Keller, quite a few years ago.

  • Bill S

    “Go do whatever you damn well please!” In my book, THAT’s what birthdays are for!!! (-: Thanks for being here, bw — a day without THE 2 Bills is like a day without sunshine! (-:


  • Bill S

    Dear David and Ben and the whole Northland Gang,

    Thankyou for the birthday posts and for all that you do! You make me feel like part of your family and that URD is my “home away from home.” You are all really special to me.

    Of course now I really want to see a “STORY” post! LOL (-;


  • Brad

    Happy Belated Birthday, Bill S! Hope you had a great day… 🙂 David and Ben sure found some dandy hunks for you… 😉 Here are my favorites: #3, 4, 8, 10, 11, 12, 18, 26, and 45.

    As you can see most are naked H2T, but my Dude of the Day is “show-off” #45! His furry body is a definite turn-on for me. He is cuddling material… 😉

    A fantastic post to celebrate an outstanding member of the URD family!

    • Jingle

      Oh Brad, speaking from past personal experience, I can tell you that a day-time pool-side orgy, in broad daylight, is fan-fucking-tastic!! The group you’ve assembled would be PERFECT for that sort of activity!! 😉

      Can we extend an invitation to #17?!?!… (Not really our type… but that DICK!!!!!) And #21,22, 23, 35, and 41?!?! The more the merrier!! 🙂

      I really do think the “CUM AT ME BRO.” has been photo-shopped in on insanely bangin’ hot #18’s chopped-up camo t-shirt!! But, who cares?!?! It, and those compression trunks, will be quickly discarded once he arrives!! 😉

      • Brad

        Hey Brother Jingle!

        I definitely agree that #17 should get an invite. Hopefully, we can convince him to let his chest hair grow a bit… 😉 I agree that “Cum at Me Bro” looks kind of out place on the shirt, but if you closely, the “O” follows the contour of the shirt. I don’t think photo-shop can do that. In any case, it would be on him very long with me around. I want to see what tatts he has… 😉

  • Tim from MO

    In another part of the world, it is customary to send birthday wishes a day after the person’s birthday.
    I don’t know where, but apparently I’m from there! 🤦🏻‍♂️

    I hope you had a wonderful day, Bill. May your next year be filled with good health, and

    I don’t know where you go swimming at, but wouldn’t it be fantastic if all the dudes in your Birthday pictures showed up for a pool party?!
    Love you Bro!

  • Bill S

    Thankyou Brad and Thankyou Tim! I’s still June, so you’re not late! (-:

    And a very happy Father’s Day to all you DADS of the Northland and everywhere!


    • Brad

      My hubby often says that my birthday should last all September, but I don’t know about the entire month, may be just a week! 😉 Apparently, my hubby and you think alike…

      I also want to wish all the dads in the Northland bunch a very happy Father’s Day! Enjoy the day, guys! Kids grow fast, so make those memories now that will last a lifetime!

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