Happy birthday, dear Bill… Happy birthday to you!

It’s a very special day here on UnrulyDude. It’s our buddy “Bill’s” birthday and we’re taking this opportunity to wish him the best birthday ever. Bill, we couldn’t possibly tell you how important you are to URD… and our little Northland family. Thank you for your presence, your insights, your thoughtfulness and your love. We look forward to spending many more fun years with our “Kaslo Bill.”
We love you. xoxo David, Ben and the Northland gang

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  • ray

    Dear Bill, what could I say more than what has already been said in this post! Happy Birthday to you, enjoy your very special day and these wonderful pictures!

    Love and Hugs

  • Jingle

    Well, happy birthday!!

    Living here on the “Mighty Mississippi”, one sees all types of watercraft!! And not at all out-of-the-ordinary to see a little public nudity!! Half the fun of a day on the River is seeing some skin!! 🙂 haha

    Some of the nudity seen is totally innocent, like #21 – he’s just quickly changing out of his wetsuit!! And some is very deliberate and naughty, like crazy hot #1 – he’s intentionally exposing himself!! 😉
    Cool & Chill, crazy hot #2 found some nice calm water to lay back and relax!!
    #6 has impressive shoulders and back!!
    Oh, #7!! When you gotta go, you gotta go!! 🙂 haha For a another awesome view of our married friend, drop down to #48!!
    After you’ve thoroughly enjoyed fantastic chil-laxing #14, take a moment to admire the crystal-clear turquoise water!!
    Yeah, #16 take good care of your buddy!! Atta boy!!
    The dog in #17 just amps up the cuteness factor!! 🙂
    Can’t you just hear the guy in the canoe in #22 saying, “Dude… Why are you naked??”!! 🙂 haha
    Oh-ho, the hapless dudes in #24 have taken on waaay too much water!! They should just beach their canoe, turn it over, and see where the leak is!! Shoosh!!
    Well, fine #28 is just showing off!! (In more than ways than one!!) The Exuberance of Youth!! 🙂
    Most likely the senior member of this awesome group, fuzzy furry hunky humpy #29 looks very fetching in his bucket hat!!… And nothing else!! 🙂 haha (Great nipples!!)
    Aww… #31 is a doll!! You can really see the boy in the man!! 🙂 Handsome smiling face, great body, beautiful junk!! Dang!!
    Tall and lean, crazy hot #32 has an appropriately long lovely cock and low-hangers!! WOW!!
    Unruly nasty crazy hot #38 can stay just like that while I lean over and…
    Each in his own way; fantastic #39 and #46 are magnificent!! Dang!!
    All that the crazy rockin’ HOT dudes in #40 need is a double-headed dildo!! Holy Shit!!
    I wonder what – who?? – fantastic #44 is looking back at?!?!
    Getting back to impressive #46: The date stamp on that pic is, “JUL 24 2009”!! Eleven years ago!! Bet he looks at little more like wonderful #29 now!! 🙂

    As I paddled my way through this dee-lightful collection; I caught myself half-humming, half-singing, “Michael, Row Your Boat Ashore”!! Hallelujah!! 🙂 haha

    “River Rats” tend to be a fun-loving, affable, gregarious group!!… May I extend an especial welcum to #29, #31, #39, and #46 to tie up their boats at my dock?!?!

    BIG fun!!

    • Bill S

      This is a sweet post and, as always, I enjoy your comments! And you know me, I was first drawn to #16 LOL
      I haven’t enjoyed my “cake” yet (I plan to savor it!) but feel free to enjoy these paddle-buddies! A cake is for sharing!!!


  • Roberto

    Happy Birthday, Bill!!! Is this going to be an Unruly Saturday for you, as in the old times of URD? 😉 Best wishes for Health, Love, Joy, Success and many more adventurous trips as the one to Kaslo, which I think you’re repeating later this year, right? 😉 Whether at home, Kaslo or another place, just have fun! And you can start it right from this dazzling, super eye-pleasing outdoor collection. 😉

    Love, hugs and all the best,

    • Bill S

      Thanks for your kind words! Alas, the Canada/US border is closed. I did make new reservations in Kaslo for September 1 – 4 BUT that just may not happen either. They say that even after the border is open, Canada may require us to self-quarantine for 2 weeks. That just won’t work. NOTHING, I fear, is as it used to be! We just have to keep doing what we can! (-:


  • Denny

    Dear, dear Bill!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my fellow Gemini!! I hope your day will be followed by 364 more days that are just as happy!!

    Your birthday post is simply sizzlin’ !! Boy, do David and Ben know YOU or what!!!

    All these guys, naked in their kayaks!! You can fantasize how you are going to “69” with each and every one of them!! I would begin with #2, all sprawled out in such a sexy invitation!! After him, only you can decide! All I can say for sure is – “Betcha can’t eat just one”!!!

    Love you, Man!! All your comments here are so much fun!!

    Birthday hugs and kisses, Dear Bill!!!


  • bw

    To our dear friend and URD stalwart Bill – Happy Birthday! I hope it’s a great day and that you do whatever you damn well please – you deserve it.
    This is quite a collection – I’ve been on or in the water most of my life and honestly have seen very few naked lads – and if I did, it was them taking an innocent piss. My tastes have changed a little – I still like the pretty boy, gym rat toned and buff guys, but everyday dudes – like NO 46 seem to float my boat so to speak.
    Love, and a big remote hug, BILL

    • Bill S

      Whatever floats your boat! Thanks from one Bill to the other. I like your attitude about birthdays: when it’s your day, do whatever you want! Thanks for the “remote hug!”


  • Larry

    Happy birthday Bill. You are a pillar of the URD CCC. Thanks for inspiring a great post.

  • FredinMotul

    Wow! What a fantastic Birthday Post for Bill! Amazing shots for an amazing Guy! A very Happy Birthday, with many more to come. Thanks Men for the Post. Trust all is well with all of you!!

    • Bill S

      Thanks Fred! I got to wondering why you hadn’t given your birth-date to URD But then I saw that you DID, last year! HOW your birthday-post went under my radar last October 15, I’ll NEVER know!
      Won’t happen again! (-:

      I’m glad that you started checking in here at URD more than in the past. I look forward to your insights.


      • FredinMotul

        It has been a crazy year for us here. Guests in and out December, January and February, then early March, the first time Hubby and I have been back to the USA together since 2007 to attend our Son’s Wedding in SC, only to have it overshadowed by COVID 19. Got back here safe and sound to Self Isolate for weeks, and wait this mess out. Gone is the steady flow of neighbors and friends that used to keep this house busy and alive with conversations and learning. (We help anyone with English.) So, now, it is doing all our own maintenance on the house, Finishing up on all those Jobs we always wanted to get to. (Both of our Storage Rooms looked like bombs had gone off before, not now!) Finally seeing some down time here and there. Glad to be posting more regularly these days.

        Hope you had a Superior Birthday!! Be Well ALL!

  • Alexander

    Happy Birthday Bill,

    Hope yours is the happiest damn one in the Kootenays!!!🎂🎉🇨🇦
    Admiration. Best wishes. Always enjoy your remarks.


  • Kent

    Happy Birthday Bill. Have a great day, and enjoy this hot post.

  • Tim from MO

    My dearest Bill,
    Apologies for my day late Happy Birthday wishes to you, my friend!
    I hope you had a wonderful day. You are truly a special important part of Unrulydude! Always love reading your comments:-)
    Wow….David and Ben knocked a home run with this theme, and the awesome picture selections! Fantastic!
    I gotta say my mind instantly went where Jingle’s did regarding the two dudes in #40 sharing a double headed dildo between them. I’ve done that with a few other guys and it really gets me off every time I’ve gotten to do it 😈

    Best wished for a healthy, happy and fulfilled year to come.
    Love you!

    • Bill S

      TIM!!! (-: I was HOPING to talk to you!

      I dedicate THIS BIRTHDAY TO YOU!


      ‘nough said! Love you!!!


      sixty nine……………………………. WOW!

  • Bill S

    Buff & Ben,

    Thanks for remembering the “water-baby” in me this year of isolation. As I told Beto, I MAY get to go to Kaslo in September…. It’s easy to self-isolate because of the small population there, but it’s just not the same!

    If you see a yellow kayak and a waving idiot paddle by your cabins, be sure to say, “Hi Bill!” lolol

    Thanks for MY POST! Love you ALL!


    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Bill. Glad you like the pics. We hope your birthday was a great one – and that someday soon the World will get itself “righted” so you can make lots of trips to Kaslo. Thank you for being a very special friend. We love you. xoxo Ben and David

  • Denny

    Great news for Pride Month 2020 !!!

    U.S. Supreme Court rules, 6 to 3 – members of LGBTQ community can no longer be fired for their sexual orientation.

    Y-Y-Y-E-SSS !!!

  • mahtinp

    A quite late Happy Birthday to BillS. I *might* enjoy boating if it presented this much scenery.

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