Happy birthday, dear Bill. Happy birthday to you!

URD has no better friend than our buddy, “Bill” (aka “bw”). Bill, you’re our ship’s rudder – the guy whose comments enlighten us, entertain us and keep us honest. We hope your birthday is your best ever… filled with good health, pretty boys, great friends and every happiness. We’ve been secretly hoping you you’d find a new “furry friend” for your birthday… but with or without a four-legged companion, we hope your day is blessed and joy-filled. xoxo David, Ben, and the gang.

11 comments to Happy birthday, dear Bill. Happy birthday to you!

  • ray

    Dear Bill, Happy Birtday to you! May all your wishes come true! I always love your educational comments! Hope your special day will be great!

    Love and Hugs

  • Roberto

    Happy Birthday, dear Bill! Enjoy your special day and let me send you my best wishes for Health, Love, Success and a plethora of joyful moments in the coming year. If your comments were a book, I think Porn with Wisdom would be a neat title – thank you for that special combo over a number of years now. 😉 Who’s the ‘conscience’ here now? 😉

    Delightful pits and pubes on your Asian dudes. At a really quick glance, I couldn’t help but stop at #34. Enjoy!

    Love, hugs and all the best, my friend!

  • Jingle

    Dear friend/brother/lover bw, Best Wishes to you!! So, your birthday fell on a Saturday?!?!… Any Saturday Night Shenanigans to mark the day?!?! 🙂 haha

    It would appear that for your Birthday; our wonderful URD hosts prepared a scrumptious, lavish “Asian Buffet” for you!! 🙂 Hope you don’t mind me jumping the gun, and getting into your tasty Oriental Treats?!?!…..

    The show-stopper delight came early in the post!! #6!! WHOA!!!! Gimme some of that for an Appetizer!!
    Hmmm… definitely want some of #8, 11, 12, selfie 18, 22, 25, 26, and 41!!
    #10 looks like a spicy hot badass!! WHEW!!!
    Hunky humpy #16 looks phenomenal!! (I’m curious about the Smart Anti-Bacterial wipes… shower cleaner, or body cleanser?!?!)
    Somebody better get to #29 quickly!!
    #30’s see-through shirt doesn’t leave much to the imagination!! 😉
    Hunk #32!! WOW!!
    SO/PO #33, with that thick uncut dick, looks damn fine!!
    Oh-ho, I’ll certainly try what fantastic #34 and #39 are offering up!!
    I’ve seen lean & sinewy pool boy #35 with Michael Phelps’ face (badly) photo-shopped in!! Nice to see to whom that insane physique really belongs to!!
    Oh boy, crazy rockin’ hot #37 is definitely the Party & Play boy in the group!! May I have him packed to go for later?!?! 🙂 heehee
    It’ll be a while in the American Mid-West before we’re dining al fresco, but when the time cums, I’ll be having some #40!!
    Mmmm… a cup of Darjeeling Tea, and #42’s sweet Honey Balls will make a lovely dessert!! 🙂
    Aww… rockin’ hot selfie #47 is super-cute!! I’ll nibble on his cute ears… and then his wonderful mushroom head!! 🙂
    Off topic note on #48: Who the hell ever thought those wall tiles, and floor tiles, would go together?!?! Shoosh!!

    As for my Main Course?!?!… Definitely a generous combo platter of hearty #16 and #32!!!!! That would certainly satisfy my appetite!! 🙂 Yummy!!


  • Bill S

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER BILL —- I hope you have a good year ahead! Keep your positive attitude and I’m absolutely positive that your future will be bright!
    I like Beto’s title for your “book.”
    I’ll be thinking of you when the snow flies around me! You are “Bill” of the Southeast and I am “Bill” of the Northwest! And I enjoy meeting with you in the Middle, i.e., at URD!!!

    Have a Great Day and a Good year! Enjoy!!!


  • Tim from MO

    bw BILL, Happy Birthday!!!
    Hugs, Kisses, and Best Wishes!!!
    Hope you have a healthy, blessed day, and a wonderful, throbbing, leaking hard on looking at all of these Beautiful Asian Boys.
    My gawd what a fantastic post!

    Would you please share lucky #13 with me? I would love feeling that cum rope shooting down my throat.

    Love you!

  • bw

    I’ve been anxiously waiting for this for two days – I went to Asheville to visit friends and celebrate one of their birthdays, and just got back. Anyway – it was the most perfect fall weekend – long sleeve shirt and shorts weather. We went to several breweries (strictly to test the quality) and played with lots of pups – Asheville has hippies, old people and everyone has a dog and takes them with them.
    Thanks again for this very special post and for the kind comments – I was not exaggerating to say I was anxious to get home to see this. URD is a very special place – one I’m honored to be a part of. Now I’m going to go unpack, wash some stuff and about 5:00 make a nice gin martini and study every one of these lads. I’ll pick my favorites – you fellas can pick over what’s left! Thanks, big hugs, and I love you guys…..BILL

  • Denny

    Hey you, Bill of the Southeast!! Happy Birthday, Man!!! I hope your special day is as happy as the 2 days preceding it when you got to celebrate with special friends!!

    You have some pretty special friends here, too – especially our hosts, David and Ben, who have rustled up this most scrumptious post of hot guys who are calling out your name to come play with them!!

    YOU, dear man, are pretty special here yourself. I SO much enjoy your comments here, especially when you get into the who’s who and the What’s what of the gay porn world. It is fascinating!! And, I love the way you have helped some of the Table Rock Gang with your knowledge of construction and reconstruction of their homes down there around The Lake. Fascinating too!!!

    You go fix yourself that martini (it’s gotta be 5 o’clock SOMEwhere), and enjoy all these beautiful specimens of manhood. And, if there are none left over after you’re done, that’s OK too – cuz IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!

    Love you, Bill!!! XOXOXO

  • bw

    It was nice to see NO 7 – a Japanese gay porn model (Koh Masaki) who cheerfully admitted he was gay, had a long term partner, gave interviews and otherwise did not hide in a society that encourages you to keep things like this to yourself. Plus for a Japanese dude he had a big dick, and as you can see he was a massive shooter – distance and volume. Sadly he died from complications from a burst appendix – he was trying to find a surgeon who would use a scope so he would not have a scar, but it took too long and he died from sepsis – I think he was 27. A beautiful young man, gone way too soon.
    To prove I am not simply a size queen (just an elderly old queen as of midnight) I’m picking cutie pie NO 25 – if I was only interested in size NO 41 would do nicely.
    Thanks again for this wonderful post – I’ll be returning to it often.

  • FredinMotul

    Another Libra Birthday! And all your presents look devine Bill. May this year be fantastic for you! (And better than this last!) They guys did you proud. Great Post. Was the Naked Guy out on the Square in Asheville. I grew up not an hour from there and even in the 70’s that place was awesome!! Glad you got to have FUN!! Again, Happy Birthday.

  • Alexander

    Happy Birthday Bill,

    Sorry I’m a couple days late. I’m calling on you to invoke Birthday month protocols. Have your best birthday all month long!!!


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