Happy birthday, dear Bill… Happy birthday to you!

Bill. You’re one of our best buds and we wish you good health, love, happiness and a lifetime of wonderful Kaslo moments and memories. Happy birthday, babe. We love you!
David, Ben and the Table Rock gang.

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  • ray

    Dear Bill, Happy Birthday to you! My best wishes for everything you wish for! Maybe you will be able to spend some time in Kaslo this summer!

    Love and hugs

  • Jingle

    Hey Bill, Happy Birthday!! Best Wishes!! 🙂

    My friend, you better look after #13!! His cock is sooo achingly, stand up hard; and his balls are sooo drawn up and taut; he needs some relief and release!! WHEW!!!

    OK, I’m going to bed!! It ain’t empty!! 😉

  • Roberto

    Happy Birthday, Bill! Wishing you plenty of Health, Love, Happiness and kayak adventures in the coming year! Enjoy your special day – and all that’s coming after it!

    Love and hugs,

  • Denny

    Dearest Bill – H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y !!!!!

    I’m sure there isn’t a soul in this world who ever had the pleasure of meeting you, who isn’t wishing you good health and happiness, and naughty pleasures, today and EVERY day the whole year through! It is YOUR day!!

    MY fondest hope for you today is that the Canada U.S. border will be opening back up SOON, so that you can load up your kayak and head to Kaslo Land and paddle happily all up and down that river!!!

    Meanwhile, you gotta get busy on this post, Dude! Oh my soul!!! The fun begins with #1, and the hits just keep on a-comin’ !!!

    I am SO doggone happy this best of all blogs has brought us together- I will be thinking about you all day!!!

    L-❤-V-E, 💗 💖


  • bw

    Happy Birthday to a friend who shares my name! I hope the day is full of relaxation, fun and that you do whatever you damn well want to.
    Since Denny has already snarfed up slightly furry cutie No 1, I’ll move on (the story of my life LOL). NO 4 – playing the flute naked is one thing, but why is he standing on bricks? As for NO 7 – if I had a fattie like that in my shorts I have a smirk on my face too. Jingle’s NO 13 was, back in the Tumblr days, Mikey the nudist. No 33 is a relatively new porn pup known as Dacotah Red – a cute ginger with a fat dick and the unusual (for porn) size – he’s 6’6″ tall. And I don’t think NO 47 thought this through – he’s a TKE and it would be easy to figure out who he is. And lastly – look at the girth on the kid on the right in NO 48.
    This is a fine post for our our deserving friend Bill!

  • bw

    This has nothing to do with Bill’s birthday but the news broke today – about sweet faced David Archuleta, who was the dreaded runner up on American Idol. He’s admitted he’s gay but asexual, and if you read his long Instagram posts it will make you want to cry. He loves his church and does not want to run afoul of their views, so he makes himself miserable by being essentially nothing. God I hope he falls in love with some kind, sweet kid and they go on the journey together – and if they have to leave the Mormon faith, they can do it together.

    • mahtinp

      As the resident former Mormons of unrulydude, we’ve always known David was gay. It’s terribly tricky for those in Utah, ingrained in the faith and the culture there, to come out and live authentically, especially for someone like him who is famously Mormon.
      On the contrary, Kyle and I wouldn’t have survived our first year of our relationship without the love and support of people in the church, so like anything, it’s very local.

  • Kent

    Happy Birthday, Bill. Have fun on your special day.

  • Tim from MO

    Happy Birthday Wishes to you, Bill!
    May your day be blessed and the next year to come a great one for you!
    Love you XO

  • FredinMotul

    Hey Bill!

    Very Happy Birthday to you!! The Guys have given you a grand post with lots of the Great Outdoors and several Great Indoors too. Hope your day goes as you hope it will!!

    A thought on #42. Interesting way to hit higher notes!! Awesome Fun!! Thanks Guys and again, Happy Birthday Bill!!

  • Alexander

    Dear Bill,

    Happiest of birthdays to you! With the pandemic fading…I’m looking forward to some first-hand stories from the great white north. Please make it a safe trip to Kaslo.

  • Jingle

    Birthday Boy Bill S, is it time to “cut the cake”??…

    I spied the slice I want at the git!!… Crazy rockin’ hot #43!! Hot Damn!! (And I’d do him even without the admonition on his t-shirt!!) 😄

  • Bill S

    Thanks top David & Ben for the best wishes and for this fabulous post! I don’t think there’s ever been a “Bill S potpourri” here or anywhere else before — EVER! I am honored! I think my favorite picture is the two Unruly Dudes, enjoying their time, boating on the lake! (#37)

    Thanks so much to all my friends for your best wishes for me on my birthday-day! A lot of you have mentioned Kaslo — I had to decide last May to cancel my reservations once again. It wasn’t fair of me to keep Canadians from getting to go to Cabin #6 while the border may or may not open soon for us Americans. Plus it was driving me crazy waiting and wondering! I’m hoping to be happy and healthy enough for a great trip North in 2022…

    I’m happy to report that I turned 70 years old yesterday and that I will NEVER be too old to be a fellow UNRULY DUDE!!! (-:

    Love you all. With heartfelt THANKS!

    Bill XOXO

    • Jingle

      Sweet!! I didn’t know that this was such an important “Milestone Birthday”!! Good for you!! 😀

      Like your pick!! I don’t think those Speedos stayed on long!! And think about it, there’s at least one other person on the boat… the person who took the pic!! Let’s assume it’s a dude, and he joined the fun!! 😛

    • Alexander

      Unrulydude forever!!!
      Kudos on the milestone b-day. Remember 70 is the new 40.
      Old Kaslo stories are great if you want to spill the tea.

  • mahtinp

    What a wonderful kinky collection of unrulydudes for Bill’s milestone birthday. I hope you celebrated it well.

    Much Love,

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