Happy birthday, dear Bill. Happy birthday to you!

It’s October 18th and it’s our friend Bill’s (bw’s) birthday. Happy birthday, babe. You’re one of UnrulyDuds’s anchors… the guy we depend on to identify the porn pups in our posts, point out things we’d otherwise miss (like multiple door locks), and guide us (and cheer us on) as we raise our kids in a crazy world. We hope your special day brings you good health, good friends, happiness and maybe (?) even a new furry friend to keep you company. Thank you for all you do for URD – and for being our friend. We love you. David, Ben and the Table Rock gang

When we thought about bw’s birthday post, we thought about what he likes most. Ummm… let’s see… hairy boys, fat willies, fuzzy butt cracks, Asian lads, pretty eyes and porn pups are among the mix. So we’ve tried to include some of each in this post. We hope we’ve checked quite a few of the boxes.
We want to mention that today is also Chance’s birthday. He’s a great kid we all love. Alex said they asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said “fish tacos!” That got a big laugh, but we’re all planning to get together tomorrow evening for his 9th birthday party. There’ll be presents and singing to go along with fish tacos, birthday cake and hand crank ice cream.
Happy birthday Bill and Chance!!

13 comments to Happy birthday, dear Bill. Happy birthday to you!

  • Roberto

    Happy Birthday, Bill! Hope you can enjoy your special day in every way you want, and may the coming year bring you Health, Love, Joy, Success and all you’re wishing for!

    You always enlighten and entertain us with your knowledge and sense of humor, and I’m sure you’ll do it again while savoring the slices of your birthday cake. 😉

    Happy Birthday and best wishes to Chance too!

    Love, hugs and all the best,

  • Jingle

    My dear bw, Best Wishes for a Happy Birthday!! 🙂

    On to your Tribute…

  • Jingle

    Wonderful Tribute to a wonderful Man!! 🙂

    #2 could be captioned, “Splendour In The Grass”!! 🙂
    No bw post would be complete without his “Sweet Baboo”, Jimmy Fanz – #6!! 🙂
    Great POV in #10!!
    Oh-ho, LOVE those sturdy, unabashed, Rugby players in #18!! Dang!!
    #24!! Oh my…
    How chipper and cheerful cutie-patootie #26 is!! 🙂
    After you’ve thoroughly enjoyed SO/PO #28; check out that fine, handsome, tobacco brown leather furniture!! The chest of drawers ain’t bad, either!! 😉 haha
    #33 must be fixin’ to settle in with URD!!…
    #41… wine AND cock!! How lovely!! 🙂
    In #47, I’m not sure what lemons and jeans have to do with each other… but hey, if Life hands you lemons, make lemonade!! 🙂 haha

    I may be rushing things a bit, but I spied the slice of cake I’d like to have!! Why yes, it’s hunky Little Mr. Muffet, sitting on his Tuffet, #40!! Damn, he looks tasty!!

    And if we get to seconds… may I have adorable #44?!?! I’ll tweak those pierced nipples, before I drop to my knees, tugging his pants down as I go!! Dang!!

    Again I say, wonderful!!

  • Bill S

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y B I L L ! ! ! — from the other Bill (-;

    And from one worrier to another, I hope that your birthday brings you continued health and happiness for the year to come and for many years thereafter!

    I was thinking of you when I got my Shingles shots. Have you done that yet? It gave me some peace of mind, one less thing to worry about! LOL

    I am thinking that I will get the Moderna booster next month too. That will make SIX shots in the arm for me in 2021. I got the 65+ Flu shot last week….

    So this evening, have a SHOT of your favorite beverage, hell make it a DOUBLE!


  • Denny

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Bill, fondly known here as our very own “bw”! Best wishes for all things bright and beautiful, today and all year thru!

    I definitely echo the sentiments of our hosts in hailing you as one of our URD anchors on SO many topics.

    Do not ever feel for even a moment that you are boring us with your font of fascinating info in the world of porn! You know good stuff and I love that you share it!

    You have a delicious and many layered “cake” here from David and Ben. I got the twitches in my britches for #23 and I am in lust with #45!

    Love you, bw!!! Be well!!!

  • ray

    Happy Birthday, Bill! Best wishes for the next year! And big thanks for your always educational comments!

    Love and hugs

  • Larry

    Happy birthday, Bill

    I agree with everyone on the value of your comments.

    Enjoyed your post with lots of boys I liked. My fav is # 29.

  • bw

    I’ve purposefully waited all day for this – I have an icy vodka martini in a fancy glass and intend to check out these lads in depth. I appreciate the kind words – but my life would be so much less interesting and special if it was not for URD and the gang. I love and respect you all and appreciate each of you. And I knew Chance was special since we share a birthday.
    Thanks again to everyone – great big hugs. BILL
    PS – I am now only 2 months from full social security benefits – I used to think 66 was old, now I know age is what you let it do to you.

  • Alexander

    Hqppy Birthday Bill,
    You truly are the King of Comments. Love them, Learn a lot from each one.
    Since you are one of the anchors of URD, you must have a triple fantastic year ahead.
    Be well. Be Happy.🎉😷

  • FredinMotul

    Happy Birthday Bill!! The guys have you covered well! Enjoy the Post and enjoy your day!! My Celebration continues on today!! Trust yours will be as long lived!!

    Opps! My Son just came in the Livingroom off the Office. Gotta GO!

  • bw

    Now some comments on these lads: Jingle, your No 44 is my current favorite porn pup- Calvin Banks, a furry blonde with huge blue eyes, a big dick and big bouncy balls – and he’s a shooter for extra credit. And of course Jimmy Fanz with the cute smile and furry crack is an all favorite. Happy NO 26 is Dacotah Red (There are several spellings of his name) who is a cute ginger, with a fat willy and versatile – and a rarity in porn, he is 6’6″ tall – most pornies tend to be on the shorter side. Sweet faced NO 33 has quite a package for a youngster. And excellent views of NOs. 10 & 48 to admire their furry attributes. And No 35 is Tommy Deluca – still looks like a kid but is well into his 30’s and has been around with his big ole pecker for years.
    I could go on and on, but suffice it to say I enjoyed my post – thanks again to everyone at URD for their kind good wishes and to David & Ben for putting together a splendid post.

  • Kent

    Happy Birthday, Bill. Celebrate your day as you open these 48 delicious ‘packages’.

  • Bobby b


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