Happy birthday, dear Brad… Happy birthday to you!

It goes without saying that Brad is one of UnrulyDude’s dearest friends – and a loyal and important CCC member. Babe, we love you – hope this is your best birthday ever – and wish you good health and every happiness in the coming year! xoxo David and Ben

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  • Roberto

    Feliz Aniversário, Brad!!! Hope you had a spectacular birthday in the company of your hubby and Yaris, and may your coming year be filled with Health, Love, Joy, Success, and tons of stimulating moments, for your body, mind and soul. 😉 Muita luz e felicidade pra você sempre, amigão – você merece tudo de bom! 🙂

    E, claro, tem um monte de caras tesudos esperando por você aqui – aproveite! 😉

    Forte abraço, com carinho e amizade,

    • Brad


      Thank you very much for your birthday wish and good times for the coming year. It means a lot coming from you, my friend… 🙂

      Enviando abraços e beijos para você!

  • FredinMotul

    Here’s to many more happy, healthy trips around the Sun for you and yours! The men have sent you some fine shots! Enjoy them and enjoy your day!! Be Well!

  • Alexander

    Happy Birthday Bradster…🎂

    Hope your natal day is the best. I am an advocate of celebrating birthday month.
    May the next 30-days bring you everything you want and more.


    • Brad

      My hubby also is an advocate for celebrating birthdays for a month. He has plans to celebrate all week. I don’t mind at all… 🙂

      Thanks again, Alexander!

  • ray

    Happy Birthday, dear Brad! My best wishes for you, and enjoy your special day!

    Love and hugs

  • Tim from MO

    Happy Birthday Brad!
    Best Wishes for a fantastic upcoming year, and may it be filled with good health, happiness, and fulfillment.

    Love you!

  • Jingle


    Best Wishes to you always!!

    Great Tribute!! When the time cums to cut the cake, I’ve got my eye on more than a few pieces!! 🙂 haha But you, of course, get dibs!! 🙂

    Love you, my friend!! John

    Happy Autumnal Equinox, everybody!! Appropriately fresh and crisp here this morning!! 🙂

    • Brad

      Jingle, my brother from another mother, thank you for your best wishes! There are some sexy guys in this collection… 🙂 Mild to wild…just like me (& you… 😉 ) As you know, I will always share my treasures with you! (I have found it’s always more fun when you share… 😉 )

      Love you too, my brother/lover/friend!

  • Bill S

    I hope that this marks the first two days of the best year of your life!

    SO FAR, that is!

    Health and happiness — my toast to you and your Hubby (Yes! and YARIS too).

    Love you!


    • Brad

      Thanks, Bill! So far, my week has been wonderful, and I don’t see it changing for awhile… 😉 My two most favorite things are my hubby and Yaris. They make life great! Thanks for remembering… 🙂

  • bw

    It’s Brad’s birthday and we get the presents! Happy Birthday Brad – and I wish you all the best. We love you – you are a huge part of the little URD gang. BTW, are you a Bradford or a Bradley?
    Take a look at the dude in the background on NO 8 – is it a funny angle oris his his dick about as thick as his arm?

    • Jingle

      Good catch on that one, bw!! And that dude is completely flaccid!! Can you just imagine how big and thick it’s gonna be when he gets a boner?!?! 😮 WHEW!!!

    • Brad


      First, I am a Bradley. My initials are BSB, and my dad told me that he named me so that I would get asked the obvious question: What it stood for. I really doubt his story as I know my mom would not let him do it for that reason alone. However, people say that I can BS with the best of them…haha

      Thanks for the birthday wish and for pointing out the well-endowed guy in #8! 😉


  • Denny


    Wishing you health, happiness and love – all year through. With the love of your life by your side, and little Yaris too – you can’t miss!!!

    The best part of celebrating your birthday here on URD is a sure fire guarantee that we will have PLENTY of H2T!!! Enjoy them all, and we will too!!!

    Lots of love and warm birthday hugs,


    • Brad

      You got that right, Denny! Ben and David outdid themselves once again with this post! They found photos of H2T men that appeal to my various interests from books to tattoos… 🙂 They are two great hosts! 🙂

      Life is good for me, and I can’t ask for anything better than a caring, loving hubby and a cute tuxedo cat!

      Thanks for the birthday wish and please enjoy the men with me!

  • Larry

    Happy Birthday, Brad. I always enjoy your comments and observations on URD.


    • Brad

      Thank you, Larry! URD is a special place, and I am happy to be a part of it… 🙂 Although our tastes in men differ, I find more twinks are appealing to me. Maybe, your comments are “rubbing off” on me… 😉


  • Kent

    Brad, Happy Birthday. Make it a month-long celebration of everything that makes you happy.


  • Jingle

    Good catch on that one, bw!! And that dude is completely flaccid!! Can you just imagine how big and thick it’s gonna be when he gets a boner?!?! 😮 WHEW!!!

  • Brad

    David and Ben,

    This set of pics encompasses my varied interests while highlighting my passion–H2T men. Thank you for a fabulous birthday tribute from the wild (#14 & 27) to mild (#17 & 48). You two have given me (and the others) a smorgasbord of eye candy to enjoy, and that’s what makes this website one of the best blogs around. It’s truly a community, maybe even a family!

    You remember what each of our likes are and find pics to fit. One of my first requests was for men and books. Most other bloggers would have forgotten this, but not you two. This shows dedication and love for your followers, and I know I speak for most when I say “thank you and we love you!”

    Thanks again for a great birthday post and for making URD a community for us all!

    Love and hugs,

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Brad. Glad you like the post and happy that it was a good birthday for you. We feel honored that you guys comment on URD and let us get to “know you.” You and the other CCC members make this a blog worth doing, and we love you for that. xoxo David and Ben

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