We didn’t get these pics posted on Dub’s birthday, but I couldn’t bring myself to delete them.

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  • ray

    #9 is incredibly beautiful! Why would you delete this plethora of attractive men? I hope you had a good time at the Lake!


  • Jingle

    Fresh and green and ripe for the picking!! 🙂 Love that there’s a lot of outdoor pics, and there’s a lot of TJM, too!! 🙂

    I’m fantasizing about a wonderful, pig nasty, outdoor orgy in the Park!! The participants would be: Fuzzy furry hunky humpy #3 and #32!! Crazy hot pumpkin patch dude #11 and tall grass dude #19!! And slammin’ hot #29!! WHEW!!! Well, and me, of course!! 🙂
    FCCO #4 is scruffy hot!! And his dick is Perfection!!
    Hunky #8’s abs are insane!! And I dig his lovely foreskin, too!!
    Hell yeah I’d climb up on rockin’ hot SO/PO #13 or socks only #23 and go to town on their awesome three-piece sets!!
    Aww… SO/PO ginger #14 is super-cute and super-hot!! That’s the kind of Leprechaun we needed for St. Patrick’s Day!! 🙂 haha
    Pics #15, 31 and 35 aren’t in-your-face graphic, but we know what’s goin’ on, right?!?!
    Too bad public transit passenger, nasty crazy scary HOT #16’s face is blurred!! But hey, once my face was firmly planted in his crotch, I wouldn’t be able to see his face clearly then, either!! Dang!!
    #17 and #42 are the same awesome dude!! Nice to see that he completely lost his shorts, and apparently his inhibitions!! If he’d like to join the orgy…
    #24… Now that’s a lot of sequins!! 🙂 haha
    Modest stairway dude #25 is a total hunk!!
    Great VPL in #28!! And great POV of stoner #41!!
    #30 has a gorgeous cock, but he seems a little creepy to me!! He can just stay on the fringe and watch!! Eww…
    Oh my… College wrestler #33’s tight singlet doesn’t leave much too the imagination, does it?!?! WOW!!
    FCCO #34 is crazy rockin’ hot!! When he’s finished with his cig, he should get naked and join the orgy!!
    SO/PO #36 is a total Trophy Husband!! Classically handsome and hot, if he put on some trousers, you could take him anywhere!! 🙂 haha
    Modern day Narcissus #38 is B-E-Y-L!!
    #40!! Damn the torpedos!! Full speed ahead!!
    Gloryhole pic #43!! Oh… Hell… Yes!!
    Well, aren’t the pretty boys in #44 athletic?? 🙂 haha
    I don’t think bangin’ hot #47 is really sleeping, he’s playin’ possum!! Great junk and great tan-lines!!
    Nice that crazy hot #48 is shedding some light on the subject!! 🙂 haha If he would like to cum out to the Park…

    But ya know, we’d all have to come inside eventually… And I’d like to come inside to bangin’ hot SO/PO daddy #26!! Hot man, and his plump ringed junk is fantastic!! (Bet Brother Brad will agree with me!!)

    Awesome set, collection and post!! Thank you!!

  • Bill S

    My favorite color is green also. I like what I call “forest green” like #27’s jacket. In fact, I’ll make 27 my Dude of the Day!

    I too hope you had a good time at the lake! In fact, I think Jingle needs to fill us in on his “SPRING BREAK” TOO!!!! (-:


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