Happy birthday, dear Fred. Happy birthday to you!

One of the joys of doing URD is getting to do birthday posts for special friends. Babe, we love you and wish you a happy day, good health and every happiness in the years to come.
When we think of Fred, it’s never “just Fred” – it’s “Fred and Chuck.” You guys obviously have a wonderful relationship… one that Ben and I think of as our guide to how to be a happy gay couple. Thank you for that!
We’ve never before done a “birthday post” with a “lovers” or “bromance” theme, but we thought it just fit the bill here. Of course, we’ve tossed in a few “Diego Sans” pics – just because 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE! XOXO

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  • Roberto

    Happy Birthday, dear Fred! I guess I was a bit too fast and sent you birthday wishes in the previous post, just some minutes before your fantastic tribute appeared on the front page. Have all the fun you deserve on your special dau and my best wishes for Health, Love and many more memorable moments beside your hubby, son, beloved pets and friends in the coming year.

    Love and hugs,

    • FredinMotul

      Thank you Beto. I do trust this next year will be even better than this last. I mean there have been some great parts, but come on now! I am here for BETTER!!

      Thanks Again!!

  • Denny

    Happy Birthday Fred!

    Hope this year brings you many happy times together with the love of your life down there in Mexico.

    It is always such a pleasure to hear from you!

    Be well, gentlemen!

    • FredinMotul

      We are currently smiling at one another in a Carb Coma from our delicious homemade pizzas we cooked today. Life is good and so was this post!! It is nice for two old guys to just be happy here. Thanks for the continued wishes!!

  • Alexander

    Feliz Cumpleanos Fred!

    May your pinata be full, family present, and lives full of happiness.
    Be well, Be good to each other.


    • FredinMotul

      Better than a Pinata was my full Baker’s Stone Pizza Oven producing delicious Pizza Margareta until we were full! Family by phone and video now that the Internet is working again. Not exactly the same, but very safe!! Happiness? Got that! Us two old guys are very, very happy and safe here. Thanks for the wishes!

  • ray

    Dear Fred Happy Birthday to you! When I think you can still go to the sea like some of the guys in this post, I get sort of jelous!


    • FredinMotul

      It truly is nice to be able to hop in the car and drive to the beach with little or no traffic in under 30 minutes. Now, I will say, sighting beautiful men is not as easy here as it was before for us in Puerto Escondido. There, it was walk to the beach and watch the 20 something Surfers until you had your fill. Here, the beach is not as dramatic, and maybe 2 guys in 10 are worth a second look. All in all, really nice, and I always appreciate it!! Come on down!!

  • Bill S


    I was getting worried this morning when your Birthday Post wasn’t here. I now know why I missed your day last year: I had a major project for my contractor to complete and it wasn’t going well, my sister’s birthday is on the sixteenth, my annual medical exam was on your birthday and frankly I was just feeling overwhelmed! But that was then and this is now! My annual exam is tomorrow and then I will be done for another year. And I REALLY hope that next year will be BETTER!

    I am sure that you will enjoy this very sweet tribute to you and yours!!! I know that I do! (-:

    Be well and stay well.

    Love you! Bill


    • FredinMotul

      Wow, do I ever hear you on contractors. Last year, ours was finishing my Laboratory for my Reptiles, fish and stuff. This week, we had a select crew of 2 working on thinning trees that have grown too thick in only a few years, HOWEVER. We told them all NO work at all today. Gate stayed closed after our morning 5 KM walk in the neighborhood. It was wonderful and quiet here. Just us and the pets. Thinking good thoughts for your exam tomorrow and Yes to another good year. Got to get better, Right?

      Thanks again.

      • Bill S

        So happy to report that my M.D. visit went well. Until the test results come back all we can say is everything looks good. As soon as I drove into town after that, I checked my mail and I got my ballot! Then I VOTED! Thanks to my State, I vote by mail (like all of us must!). There are plenty of drop boxes too (which are being guarded this year by plain clothes security officers! How SAD is THAT!? Geeez………..

        I VOTED!


        LOVE THIS POST, Fred!!!


  • bw

    Happy Birthday to our URD brother Fred! I hope you had a wonderful day – but I’m sure Chuck will make sure of that. And I hope the up coming year is happy and healthy – and maybe more normal.
    I kept thinking NO 44 looked familiar, and finally remembered – the cutie on the left is Matt Hyland who was a regular on Showguys when they were streaming live sex shows from NYC (before they moved to Wilton Manors). HE wasn’t real tall but made up for it with a beautiful big dick and lots of nice fur. And his friend is Damon Demarco who did a few Showguys and rattled around in porn with his beautiful blonde boyfriend (with the beer can cock). But back in the day I had a major crush on Matt Hyland. And NO 41 (on the left) is Diego Sans – I think the best looking dude in gay porn. Nice post – brought back pleasant memories.

  • FredinMotul

    Well Men! I am So Very Glad that the TELMEX Guys got here yesterday and fixed my Internet and Landline which has been OUT since the first storm October 2! Until yesterday PM Hubby and I had to climb a ladder to the roof and sit up there for clear Cell Signal!! Not Ideal for me at 67 today and he at 76! Glad we can do it though.

    What a glorious post Men. Thanks for all of them. I now can take my time and enjoy each one. From what I see, as always, you have chosen well. Thank You!!

    It was a fabulous Birthday here. We took a Carb Holiday and made and ate delicious Pizza Margareta. the real deal with flour, yeast and fresh ingredients. It was Awesome from my dear Chef Chuck! No one but us here and that is fine. Our son will call later, and I will talk also by phone to others. All very safe and sound.

    Thanks again Men, and as always, looking forward to what you guys post NEXT!!

  • FredinMotul

    Good call on Matt Hyland. What a fantastic man he is. Of course, Beloved Diego! So very awesome! Funny story. Take a look again at #4. The smaller gent has a Grouper, and the taller one has a Hog Fish in Pink. (Both amazing fish to eat BTW!) Anyway, that picture has been around a few years, and when it first came out, I said to myself, something is Very Familiar about that picture. Recently, I was looking through my Photo Albums and sure enough, I found almost the identical shot, but with clothes on from and old college buddy. It is not him, or his pal, but it is so close, I had to crop out the lower parts and check with him to be sure. No, but damn close. Then I really was thinking I had found a picture of his ever so handsome late 20’s Son. Full time Diver and part time Bouncer. No, but nice thought. Gotta love being out at sea!! Thanks again bw. Yes, Chuck made my Birthday very special. At 67 and 76, we are loving life and making the best of it we can!!

  • Jingle

    Friend Fred, belated Best Wishes for a Happy Birthday!! And a Great Year ahead!! 😃

    I’ve really enjoyed reading all your well wishes, and your replies!! All sorts of useful information!! 😄

    If there’s one couple here I could interlope with, it’s surely #42!! Damn!!

    Love to you, and to Chuck!! John

  • Tim from MO

    Happy Belated Birthday! Love the photo selection URD put together for your Birthday.
    May the coming year be of happiness and good health to you…

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