Happy birthday, dear Fred… Happy birthday to you!

Here’s a special “happy birthday” wish for our good friend, Fred – way down in Mexico. Fred… we know you’re having a wonderful birthday with Chuck, Eric and Tammy there to celebrate with you. You’re a dear friend and we wish you good health and every happiness on your birthday… and in the coming years. We love you. David, Ben and the Table Rock gang

When we were thinking about pics for Fred’s birthday post, the bright, happy colors we associate with Mexico came to mind. We’ve included guys in blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, turquoise and yellow in this post. We hope these pretty colors add a special bit of happiness on Fred’s birthday!

17 comments to Happy birthday, dear Fred… Happy birthday to you!

  • FredinMotul

    Ha Ha! (Or Ja Ja! as they say here!) I thought I would check in one more time before I went to bed and here it is!! The Cherry on the top of my already fantastic day. Thanks Men!! This is awesome, and very correct the colors are eye popping as are the wonderful men in and out of their clothes for us all!! We have been being Tourists for the last two days getting some in before the Weekend, where we hide out here in the house to avoid the crowds. We are all tired, happy and Well Fed. I am not feeling 68 years old with all the fun we are having. I hope I do not pay a price later!! Thanks again Men and may you all be well and safe!!

  • Denny

    Feliz cumpleanos, Fred! May the good times continue for you and your main man down in your corner of Mexico!

    If we can think of this sizzling hot🔥 post as your birthday cake, I would be very happy with a piece of #19. 😛

    May you and all your family stay well!

  • Roberto

    Happy Birthday again and more best wishes to you, Fred! I’m sure you’ll be coming back to enjoy your birthday cake – even our dear Tommy Defendi (#3) joined your party. 😉 Love the color spectrum idea – another nifty original touch by David & Ben. #16 is such a peculiar pic, and of course I’m quick to notice phenomenal fellas like #2 and #34.

    Glad to know you’re having such a great time there!
    Love, hugs and all the best,

  • ray

    Happy Birthday, Fred! May all your wishes come true!

    Love and hugs

  • Jingle

    Friend Fred, Happy Birthday to you!!

    This colourful collection is indeed wonderful!!

    When the time comes to divvy it up, may I have #14?!?!…

  • Tim from MO

    Happy Birthday Dear Fred, Happy Birthday to You!!
    Hope you have a fantastic one, Best Wishes for the next year to come!
    Love you…Tim

  • Bill S


    I always enjoy your comments from The Yucatan!!!

    When you divide your cake, I’m intrigued about what #17 is reading. It must be good!!! LOL

    Keep on feeling younger than you are! Stay well and enjoy!


  • bw

    I wished Fred a happy birthday yesterday, so today I can comment today on his fine collection of lads. The bight happy colors post was an inspired choice – and resulted in all sorts of hot dudes. Any post that has Diego Sans in it twice is going to be good (Nos 29 & 36). No 6 got my attention – he’s very attractive, but concentrating on getting his camera right so the picture is totally natural – check out those hairy arms and nice peter. Boring porn history – NO 41 is Corey Summers, who I thought was going to be a huge star – he did some work for the big studios then disappeared – I guess he made enough cash or hopefully found a nice boy so he quit – he has that cheeky smile, nice sold dick, fur in all the right places and was totally versatile.
    Fred, continue your family weekend and have more fun.

  • Alexander Hamilton

    Happy Birthday Fred🎉🎂🎉,
    Make it a great birthday month.
    Thanks too for the creation of Fred Potpourri.

  • mahtinp

    Happy Birthday Fred! Now to enjoy this vibrant post!

  • Larry

    Happy birthday Fred. I was to slow to pick on the theme of the post, but the colors do stand out,

    When you are done with them you may send 13 and 15 ny way. Those hard ones need attention.

    • Jingle

      Larry Lover, did you notice that your #13 has already spent a thick creamy load on his aubergine t-shirt?? Oh well, at that age, I’m sure he’d be up to give you a load of your own!! 🙂

  • FredinMotul

    Thanks to you all for the lovely Birthday Wishes!! Still difficult to get a “Really Good Look” at my lovely post as just about every time I do, somebody needs something, or I need to be in the Kitchen cooking something. (OMG! Such a Cheat Week we are having!!) It is wonderful having the two of them here, but there are a few things in my everyday life that I do not intend to share with them! :)! This post is one of those things indeed. So many great guys! I do believe #6 is calling me directly. All incredible. Thanks again, and I do promise to have more time here soon. THANKS!!

  • Jingle

    Shoosh!! October has been quite busy – bordering on hectic – for me!! But it’s all good!! 🙂 Nice to spend some lazy Sunday quality time with some really good strong French Roast, and Friend Fred’s festive, colourful Birthday Tribute!! 🙂

    In #1, isn’t that a professional-grade video camera on the shelf?!?! Hmmm…
    Whenever I see a workman in orange coveralls, it definitely conjures up images like #3 and #43!!
    Scruffy hot #4 is really rather cute!! And his pretty dick is sooo suckable!!
    Bangin’ hot selfie #7 is awesome!! Love his nipples pooking through his tank!!
    SO/PO, Good Guy, park denizen #8; over-the-shoulder #30; and deliberate dick-slip #38… Oh yeah!! 🙂
    Small wonder that #10 is admiring his pretty 3-piece set!! God knows I am!! 🙂 haha
    Larry Lover’s #15 is crazy hot!!
    Slut selfie #18 is too pretty for his own good!! WHEW!!!
    HOT parking lot exhibitionist #24 is a return visitor!! I well remember his Gucci belt!! Among other things!! 😉 heehee
    Ripped #26!! WOW!!
    I accept, with pleasure, rockin’ hot slut #31’s invitation!! Random thought: Wouldn’t #7 and #31 make an insanely hot couple?!?! YOWZA!!!!
    While someone occupies #37, I’m gonna make off with that fabulous French Baroque, marble-topped table!! 🙂 haha
    May I suggest that Larry Lover add #42 to his team?!?! (Especially since I intend to kidnap crazy hot #15!! 🙂 heehee)
    I’d definitely jump through a hoop for stunning #44!! Damn!!
    OK, #47 is the pic that has me running off in several directions!! First, is the crazy HOT – though sadly faceless – slut!! But then, check out the gorgeous tile-work!! (Well done indoor pool area, perhaps??) And the gorgeous, high-end, wrought iron chaise – complete with leatherette cushions and fluffy snow white bath sheet towels!! You can smell the money!!

    Sooo… my knee-jerk pick was crazy hot Red Riding Hood(ie) #14!! And I stand by him!! But once we add purloined #15, our day – and night – is set!! 🙂 haha heehee

    Well, it’s about time to turn on Sports Center for the pre-game programming!! Big game today… Packers at Bears!! GO BEARS!!

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