Happy birthday, dear Huck. Happy birthday to you!

Today is “Huck’s” birthday. He’s one of our Texas buds that we don’t hear from very often… but we know he checks in from time-to-time. We also know he likes “twink holes twink Soles – twink holes twink Soles.”
We’re thinking there must be some way to get Huck hooked up with our other Texas boy-buds “J.T. and Mike.” Maybe when they get completely healed up, they can get together with Huck and make his birthday really, REALLY happy.

15 comments to Happy birthday, dear Huck. Happy birthday to you!

  • Roberto

    Again, Happy Birthday, Huck!!! 🙂 Hope you had a productive day in the farm and a fun night in the company of a well-intentioned and devoted twink. 😉 Best wishes for Health, Love, Peace, Joy, Success, good crops and nice & hot boys!

    Why can I hear bw shout “Have mercy!” here… and could shout it myself?! ‘Cause this collection is like a perpetual snake charming session, if you know what I mean! Outstanding set of buttlicious fellas exhibiting themselves in utterly generous and mouth-watering poses! BTW, when you fill a birthday cake with Anthoni Hardie (#43), you bet I’ll gladly accept a slice. 🙂 WOOF!!!!

    And Happy Birthday to you, Larry!!! 🙂 We know you’re pure vitality and always know how to have fun, so enjoy your special day to the maximum! 🙂 July 11-12 should be declared URD’s Twinkfest! 🙂

    Love and hugs,

    • Bill S

      “July 11-12 should be declared URD’s Twinkfest!”

      I second the motion!! All in favor say “Aye!”

      Happy Birthday Huck!!!

      Happy Birthday Larry!!!

      …and Thank You! Mr. Chairman!


  • Jingle

    Happy Birthday, Huck!! Hope it’s a good one!! 🙂

    What a mouth-watering cake our hosts have prepared for you!! 🙂

    When the time cums to cut and serve it up, may I have #15?!?! Yummy!! 🙂

    Gotta go for now, but I’ll check in with the celebration again later!!…

    Again, best wishes to all my fellow July Birthday Boys!! 🙂

  • ray

    Happy Birthday, Huck! I hope you have a wonderful day with all you want to have!


  • Kent

    Happy Birthday Huck!
    This is such a luscious collection of Perfect Twink Butts, and they all know how to assume the position! Hard to pick favorites here, but #44 just has it all, followed closely by 7, 19, 23, and 30.
    Enjoy your day.

  • Jingle

    Back for just a Quick Peek…

    If there’s enough cake for seconds, I’ll take – and I do mean take – #20!#

  • Brad

    Here’s to you, Huck! Wishing you a very happy birthday… 🙂 Ben & David have selected some excellent examples of holes and soles for you (& us). I must applaud them…most are naked, H2T! 🙂

    Enjoy your day!

  • Tim from MO

    Happy Birthday Huck!! Hope it’s an awesome one, and may your coming year be your best one yet.
    I love your Birthday picture selections! Guys in one of my fav kind of poses! Awesome 😍

  • Jingle

    Back again!! 🙂

    #1 and Fleshjack fucker #14 have been photographed in the same setting!! As have Kent’s #44 and #45!!
    I think #2 takes the prize for the best over-the-shoulder come hither glance!! 🙂
    LOVE crazy hot #5’s beautiful sleeve tattoo!!
    #11 and #19 have distinctly defined perineums that are just begging for a Guiche!! Or two… 🙂
    Ooh, there’s some tasty Gingerbread, too!! Love #22’s pretty pecker and nice balls!!
    Hunky humpy big boy #24 is definitely too beefy and “mature” (I’m avoiding the word, “old” 🙂 ) to be considered a twink!! If I have room for thirds, he’s mine!!
    On a side note, in this digital download world we live in, it’s refreshing to see he boombox on the nightstand in #24!! I still have three of them in various rooms of my house!!
    #28 is crazy rockin’ hot!!
    Hey Beto, could I have a taste of your #43?!?! 🙂
    Holy shit!! #46’s arms, shoulders and back are fantastic!! Not unlike #24, maybe he should be on my plate??…

    Awesome!! Can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up for Larry!! 🙂

  • Huck

    Wow!! What an awesome bday surprise!! I know I haven’t commented much lately, but I thought “I wonder if they remembered my birthday,” and you guys sure did! Yall are amazing, really. It’s gonna take me some time to pick a fave (or 6 or 7) out of this collection, but I’ll have fun tryin to choose.. thanks again for the birthday wishes everyone!


    • Huck

      And best of luck to J.T. and Mike in the healing process.. I’ve been there before, it’s hard but Texas boys are strong and whenever yall are ready I’m always down to hang out with some cool guys

  • The New Flops Boy

    I recognize these Holes and Soles! Hope all is well, my loves!

    HB, Huck!

    XO FFB

  • BobbyB

    Me Be Addicted to Crack🍑Sweet Sexy Hairy Butt Crack💋Delicious

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