Happy birthday, dear Jimmy… Happy birthday to you!

October 22nd is our buddy “Jimmy’s (Wonderboy’s) birthday. Jimmy has been with us here on UnrulyDude for a long, long time, and is one of the few dudes who’ve shared pics of themselves with us. For his birthday post, we’ve always done “Muddog” or pics of long-haired guys. Back in March, 2013 we did the only “LEATHERS” post we’ve ever done on URD. Jimmy commented on it, saying: “Seriously, this is one of the best blogs I’ve ever encountered. I don’t know how you do it, but you keep this blog unique and simply awesome! Keep up the good work.” Since Jimmy obviously likes “LEATHER,” we thought we’d tie his birthday in with Jingle’s request for “Leather harness” pics. Happy birthday, babe. We love you… and hope this is your best birthday ever – complete with good health and every happiness! xoxo David and Ben (BTW, we’d LOVE it if you sent us some more pics of yourself to post 🙂

Back on August 30th, our buddy “Jingle” commented, saying:
“I’ve noticed a growing trend… Dudes wearing a Chest Harness!! Not just pornstars and models, but “real” guys, too!! Even here in my sleepy Iowa town!! Perhaps we should address this with a post?!?! 😜” We thought that was a great idea, even though we know it won’t appeal to all our viewers. Unfortunately, we haven’t found many pics of “real” guys in harnesses, so most of these are professionals, or pornstars. Still some very HOT guys here!

13 comments to Happy birthday, dear Jimmy… Happy birthday to you!

  • Larry

    Happy Birthday, Jimmy and best wishes for many more. Thank you for inspiring this hot post. Leather is one of my fetishes as well.

  • Jingle

    A very Happy Birthday to you, Jimmy!! Best Wishes!! 😃

    This post is insanely HOT!! And you’re wickedly funny and clever to include the noble beast in pic #48!! 😄

    Only have a few minutes right now… But I’ll back again and again!!… 😝

  • Alexander

    Happy Birthday Jimmy,

    Hope it’s your best one yet! Leather dog is funny.


  • FredinMotul

    A very Happy Birthday Jimmy! May this trip around the sun be a wonderful one with many more to come!

    Excellent Post Men! Thanks!

  • Roberto

    Happy Birthday, Jimmy! Wishing you Health, Love, Success and a myriad of playful moments in the coming year. Being the unrulyboi we know you are, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your special day and these sexy boys in wonderful ways. 🙂

    And a Happy Anniversary to Alex & Cal on this Oct 21, as Bill had noted. May the joy in your lives keep multiplying and making your family and friends smile with you.

    Love and hugs,

  • ray

    Happy Birthday, Jimmy! May all your wishes come true!


  • bw

    Happy Birthday to perhaps the longest serving member of the URD gang – our sweet Jimmy. I hope you have as nice a birthday as I did last week and that the nest year is just as special. And I second the request for updated pics!
    I love the pupper in NO 48 – he (or she) looks so proud. But I think it’s harness is maybe on upside down – the ‘d’ ring should be on top.

  • Bill S

    Happy Birthday Wonderboy!

    Your most BEAUTIFUL COCK is imprinted on my brain and will always make my mouth water! Take good care of yourself! And PLEASE DO send URD some new pictures for us! (SLURP). (-:

    #4 looks like he is modeling some new gear for you as one of your gifts! I hope you enjoy it! LOL

    Best wishes to you and yours!


  • Denny

    Happy Birthday, Jimmy aka Wonderboy!! I hope you can find the time today to check out this sizzlin’ hot post put together just for you! My faves here, just pushing ALL my buttons, are #16, #32, and #34. Hope you have some fun playing with YOUR favorites!!


    Before another hour, minute or second goes by, I dearly want to wish Alex and Callum a very Happy 2nd Anniversary!!! It has been two years since you pledged your eternal love to one another, said your I do’s, and began your lives together in a whirlwind of never ending happiness.

    We all know it began long before that day you stood in your jeans, sneakers, white shirts and suspenders (“so your pants won’t fall down”) in the home of your dear friends.

    It happened of all places, in a laundry room, where you thought you were simply going to wash a bunch of dirty clothes. But a fire started. It burned in your loins like no fire ever did, and it spread to your hearts where it became impossible to extinguish.

    May that fire in your hearts burn forever. Love you guys!!!


  • Jingle

    Finally some time to kick back and really enjoy this outstanding collection of raw and raunchy hot fetish dudes!! To say they’re hot, handsome, and oozing with testosterone-fueled hyper-sexuality would be an understatement!! WOW!!

    Great, just great, and you had me from the git… hirsute #1, with his pierced nipples; and #2, with his Guiche; are both fucking fantastic!! WHEW!!! A real One-Two punch!!
    When I was in grade school, the Crossing Guards had hand-held STOP signs!! But they sure as hell never looked like Hunk Stud #7!! Damn!!
    Cocksucker #12 and bottom #34 have wisely added knee-pads to their gear!! 🙂 haha (I’m quite intrigued by the mysterious hand reaching up from the bottom of the frame!!)
    Lucky #13 is crazy hot!!
    When I clicked on #15, I thought he looked familiar… Then I realized, it’s #4!! Different hairstyle, and he’s trimmed his chest hair, but those washboard abs and that raven tattoo are unmistakable!!
    Loves me some bangin’ hot Big Boy #16!! Hell yeah!!
    Very Special Props to perhaps the only “real” dude in the group – crazy rockin’ hot selfie #20!!
    Chipper, smiling, Daddy #22 is off-the charts!! WHOA!!!! He’s phenomenal!! And his junk is just pretty!! 🙂
    The so-called artwork in #23 looks like it came out of a Beauty Parlour!! 🙂 haha
    #25 is just a another all-around hot guy!!
    Damn fine ass on #26!!
    #28 and #36 both have amazing thick uncut cocks and perfect sausage casing foreskins!!
    I wonder if #30’s spouse snapped that pic?!?!
    #37 is a really unflattering pic of my porn pup, Derek Parker!! 🙁 As far as I know, he has all his teeth!! A pox on the smelly rat bastard that fucked with this image!!
    Great fuck-faces on both the Top and the Bottom in #42!! And it would appear that our trashy, unruly friends are having their coupling in a public setting!!
    Isn’t it a bit too late for nipple-pierced Hunk Stud #43 to play it shy or modest?!?!
    Oh #45!!… Such a sweet face on such a naughty boy!! You just never know, do you?!?!
    I am a big fan of #46’s Coronet tattoo, and the sub-dermal piercings that provide jewels in the crown!! A lot of time, thought, and money went into that!!

    Now then, pick a favourite?!?! No way!! A want an orgy with ALL of them!!


    • Roberto

      Nice catch on #4/15, Jingle.

      #1 and your Mr. Perfect Foreskin #36… WOW, fantastic indeed. Would put #20 right up there, but I miss a bush on him… 😀 All the natural-looking fuzzy dudes are a feast for the eyes. And what could be more lovely than the loving bears in #33?

      Totally agree on #26, and #3 is another fucking nice cock teaser.

      Hugs and a great weekend to all,

  • Bill S

    Stephen Colbert says:

    “Trump is like…




    (and with any Luck)



  • Brad

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday, Jimmy! Wishing you all the best in the upcoming year… 🙂

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