Happy birthday, dear Jimmy. Happy birthday to you!

One of our best on-line friends is Jimmy a.k.a. “Wonderboy,” and Sunday is his birthday. He’s constantly with us “in spirit,” although he doesn’t comment all that ofter. Jimmy is one of just a few guys who’ve sent us pics of himself to post (see the WONDERBOY tag on the right side of the page). Jimmy, you’re a very special part of URD… and we hope this will be your happiest birthday ever. We love you, babe!

16 comments to Happy birthday, dear Jimmy. Happy birthday to you!

  • ray

    Happy Birthday to you, Jimmy! Enjoy your day and your post!

  • Jingle

    Happy Birthday, Jimmy!! Hope you’re having a great weekend celebration!! 🙂

    GREAT collection of big-boned Muddogs here for you!! And #25 sure depicts what I’d like to do to quite a few of them!! (With your permission, of course!! 🙂 )

    Went back to look at the pics of your own fine cock… “Wonderboy”, indeed!! Nice!!

    I gotta go for now, but I’ll be back to rejoin the celebration!!…

    Again, Best Wishes to you, Jimmy!! 🙂

  • Bill S

    Wishing you a very happy birthday WONDERBOY!

    This post is a FINE GIFT! Look at that Muddog in #34…. but don’t forget the background! Ain’t that great?!

    #25 depicts what I am SURE happens to you ALL the time! But especially on your birthday!! If that were you, I’d be on my knees!!!

    Selfie #22 is MY Dude of the Day, and I’ll be on my knees for him, when you say it’s OK! (-:

    Have a great BIRTHDAY! XOXO

    • Jingle

      My excellent friend: Regarding #34, I’m assuming you’re referring to the cute kitty, and not the cozy, quaint and charming interior space?!?! 🙂

  • Jingle

    Just a Quick Peek on my coffee break…

    While #5 looks quite fetching in his chopped up t-shirt; judging from the bruising and edema, and by how gently he’s supporting his sore and swollen cock, I’d say he went a little overboard yesterday with his Penis Pump!!

  • Tim from MO

    Happy Birthday, Jimmy! Hope you have a Fantastic Day!

  • Roberto

    Happy Birthday, Jimmy!!! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday, and best wishes for Health, Love, Peace and Success! 🙂

    I think #3 here is #20 in bw’s birthday post, and we’ve probably seen at least a couple of other pics of him. Instant favorite! 😉 But #5 is pretty irresistible too — I didn’t notice his cock is sore, Jingle, it just looks beautiful, haha, as every other part of his. That marvelous pit alone can provide a lot of fun and pleasure…

    In this post I hope it’s not a heresy to say that #1 has got the perfect hair. 😉 And he’s smoking hot!

    Jimmy, all the best to you! Have fun!

  • Scott Kriedeman

    happy birthday!

  • Jingle

    Beto, meu amante, I do believe you’re right about Jimmy’s #3 being bw’s #20!! Good catch, babe!! 🙂

    And while we’re on the subject of repeat visitors: Jimmy’s #11 and #26 are the same dude!! And there’s a different pic of hot #4, and his beautiful dick, in the “FCCO Muddog” post of September 11th!! (#38, there!!) Liked him then, like him even more here!! 🙂

  • Jingle

    The Birthday Tribute posts for both bw and Wonderboy were FANTASTIC!! GREAT posts for GREAT guys!! 🙂

    Makes me wonder what you’ll do next?!?! 🙂 haha

  • bw

    Happy Birthday Jimmy! Us October babies are the lucky recipients of great posts on URD. I could not help but notice that a lot of these lads share a certain large “asset” with you.
    Jingle’s No 4 has one of the prettiest dicks you’ll ever see – it’s just a beauty.

  • Roberto

    Oh, I missed this other short-haired fella amongst the ‘muddogs’: #35!! What a bloody perfect cutie!!

  • You have given me a lot to love here!
    And I am sorry I don’t comment as often as I should.
    But that doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE YOU!

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