Happy Birthday, dear Kent. Happy Birthday to you!

With our best Birthday wishes to one of our best ever on-line friends. Sorry we’re so late in the day getting this posted, babe. Hope your birthday was the best ever. We love you!
David and Ben

13 comments to Happy Birthday, dear Kent. Happy Birthday to you!

  • ray

    Happy Birthday, Kent! Best wishes!

  • bw

    Dang Kent, you’ve been a good boy to get such an awesome post of boys, butts, socks and sneakers. Happy Birthday!
    One of these young lads I recognize – No 29 is a dude named Mike, and he and his partner Jay had tons of stuff on Tumblr before the purge. I think he has one of the best dicks on the internet, so I was happy to find their Twitter feed – it’s a work in process but you can see more of this lovely cock: twitter.com/mikeandjay1.

  • Jingle

    Happy Birthday, Kent!! 🙂 Best Wishes!!

    #17 and #32 would appear to be in the same setting… That gorgeous, deeply-tufted, tobacco brown leather divan is quite unmistakable!!
    I was stuck by #23’s enigmatic smile!! A young male “Mona Lisa”!!
    #35 has really cute… Ears!! 🙂
    I do believe slut #36 may be the senior member of the group!!
    Bespectacled #37 is quite obviously posed in an historic building!!
    Oh my!! If girth is your thing, go directly to #40’s meaty junk!!
    Although his computer is not in the pic, clearly #46 is checking out URD!! 🙂
    The mirror is used to great effect to give us a double view of #47!!

    Hey Kent Buddy, if you need a hand entertaining all your guests; I’d be happy to take crazy hot, pierced & tattooed, selfie #30 off your hands!! 🙂 haha

    Good Times!! 🙂

  • Roberto

    Again, Happy Birthday, Kent! Hope you had a wonderful Sunday, and best wishes for Health, Love, Success and all the good things you dream of! 🙂

    All the best,

  • Denny

    Happy Birthday Kent and best wishes for a great year ahead.

    Have yourself a great birthday bash with the friends David and Ben have sent your way!

  • Kent

    Thank you David and Ben, for the wonderful birthday treat and greeting! So many good things going on in this post – twinks, boi butts, smiles, sox, sneakers, uncut dicks, and boners to mention a few. And thanks to Ray, bw, Jingle, Roberto, and Denny for your birthday wishes as well. And all of you are welcome to join me savor all these treats!
    Love you all,

  • Bill S

    Happy Birthday Kent! Your birthday-month is more than half over! Sorry that I did not wish you a good one sooner but it’s never too late, right?! (-:


  • Kent

    Thank you, Bill. It’s never too late to get birthday greetings from friends.

  • Tim from MO

    Happy Belated Birthday, Kent! Best wishes for the year to come!

  • Kent

    Thank you, Tim. One of the nice things about celebrating a birthday all month long is that greetings are never belated. 🙂

  • Alexander

    Happy Birthday Month Kent!🎂
    Make it a great one.


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