Happy birthday dear Phil, Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday, Phil. We hope this finds you and Kyle ready for a big celebration. Your insightful comments are a very important part of UnrulyDude and we always appreciate them. Happy birthday, dude… we love you!

17 comments to Happy birthday dear Phil, Happy birthday to you!

  • Roberto

    Happy Birthday, Phil, and best wishes for Health, Love, Success and tons of exciting and memorable moments in the coming year! Hope you’re having a tremendous day, and I’m sure it’ll just get better with Kyle. 🙂

    Enjoy your gift here – I’ll be back later to check out these Asian and college dudes in more detail. 😉

    Love and hugs,

  • unrulyadmin

    Hey, Beto. Do you know what the tattoo on #39’s belly says? It’s making us crazy… in a good way 🙂

  • FredinMotul

    A very Happy Birthday Phil! I trust you and Kyle had a marvelous day and took careful time to examine your presents above. May this next trip around the sun be glorious for you and yours!

    No time to become lazy, lax or complacent! Everybody do their level best to stay safe now, so we all will have many, many more Happy Birthdays and superb Birthday Posts like this one. Thanks Men, and best to all from Mexico. (Cold, rainy, dark Mexico today! Weird for January. 2020 hangover I’m guessing.)

  • mahtinp

    Thank you all for this wonderful post, that I have yet to thoroughly enjoy. We will get to adequately celebrate my birthday this weekend when I’m done with a 6 out of 7 day stretch at the hospital. There’s way too many hotties here for me to digest at one time.

    Much Love,
    ps: my birthday post doesn’t need to be an excuse for an Asian post, though I guess this just became a thing, and I don’t mind it.

  • Alexander

    Happy Birthday Phil!

    Best of birthdays to my favorite groundhog. Enjoy your comments.
    May this birthday bring only good things. Be healthy, be well, be fun🎉🎂🍷


  • ray

    Happy Birthday, Phil! I hope you are and will remain fine!


  • bw

    Happy Birthday Phil – hope you feel better soon so you can properly celebrate. I share your sentiments about Asian lads BTW.

    Lots of love and big hugs, BILL

  • Bill S

    Happy Birthday to our favorite front-line worker! Be safe. You are already a hero!!!


    • mahtinp

      Thanks Bill,
      That one means a lot to me … I lost a friend who was a patient to CoVid after he fought it for 2 1/2 weeks, he passed on my birthday, but I got to give him a hug in my full PPE before we admitted him to the ICU … I just pray for persistence for people in the next few weeks and months until more people in my circle get their vaccines.

  • Denny

    Happy Birthday, Phil! Best wishes for many good times throughout the coming year!
    Hope you enjoy this post – I certainly have!

  • Larry

    Happy birthday Phil. Your post is a gift to all of us who like college age guys. Thanks

    • mahtinp

      And as a “college age guy” quite a gift to me too. As long as I still look 22, the fact that I’m 31 means nothing except that I have 10 years of experience in my field.

  • Tim from MO

    I’m a day late! Happy Birthday Phil….best wishes for a great year to come!

    Love the picture group put together for you…lots to look over and enjoy.
    Seeing #29’s massive piece swinging between his legs….explains why he wears that ‘SUPERMAN’ logo cap! 😜

    Love you!

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