Happy birthday, dear Phil. Happy birthday to you!

Back on February 6th, our buddy “Phil” sent us an e-mail with the subject “Birthday.” Unfortunately, the Juno Gods decided to put it in our “spam” folder and we didn’t see it until this morning. We only check the “spam” folder about once or twice a month and we’re just lucky Ben caught it. Here’s the e-mail:
“Sounds like you’ve all had a wonderful Super Bowl weekend. My birthday happens to be on February 2nd, but I now realize, I never told you when my birthday was to add it to the pool of birthday posts (not that I would ever expect anything). I continue to enjoy whatever unruly things you have to share. I wish you health, warmth, and an early spring. Happy Groundhog Day,
Phil and Kyle”
Phil, we’re sorry your birthday post is so late, but Ben has added you to our “birthdays calendar” and next year we’ll try to do a post for you in a more timely manner.
Phil and Kyle have been remodeling and redecorating their home for a long time and have been kind enough to share pics from time-to-time. Since they’ve undoubtedly had lots of “humpy” workmen around during the remodel, we thought a post of working dudes would be appropriate.
Phil, we hope you had a wonderful birthday. You and Kyle are dear friends and we always enjoy hearing from you and getting news about your son. You’re kind of role models for us! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear friend!

9 comments to Happy birthday, dear Phil. Happy birthday to you!

  • Thank You Gents!
    I look up to you all more than you shall ever realize, and shall always smile at the strange blessing that is family and parenting advice from a “porn blog”. Ironically, today was my sister’s 16th birthday, so there was no lack of celebration here.

    On the subject of remodeling … I wish I’d had a hunk like #19 around to help, but we’ve done all the work ourselves with the help of my dad.

    Many thanks to all the unruly family.


  • ray

    Happy belated birthday, Phil! Happy days in your home!

  • bw

    Happy Birthday a little late Phil – if I was closer I’d come help you finish the remodel. I’ve remodeled one house and at one point I promised God if he let me finish it I would never, never do it again. And I haven’t.
    Of course I’m liking NO 24 too – working on that mini-split AC system sure has him excited. And look at the furry butt on No 48 – gracious!
    The error message earlier today about a database problem said something about a fatal error – and “atomic writing” who knew URD had something to do with atomic anything!

  • Jingle

    Happy Birthday, Phil!! Great present here for you, and the rest of us, to savour!! 🙂

    Awesome post!! The porn pics are great!! The stuff that Dreams and Fantasies are made of… But it’s the “real” guys that really appeal to me!! 🙂

    #1 had better pull his shorts up!! Or he’s gonna burn his buns, and ruin his wonderful tan-line!! 🙂
    I’ve been seriously thinking about re-doing my Kitchen ceiling!! I wonder if hunk stud #2 is for hire?!?! WOW!! And ya know, dry-walling and mudding a ceiling is a two-man job… Better bring in bangin’ hot #42 to help him!!
    Scruffy hot #3 has the most beautiful, suckable penis!! And #37 put me in mind of something Samantha Jones once said, “Long… Pink… Perfect!! It’s dickilicious!!” WHEW!!!
    #17 just scares the hell outta me!! There’s an unfortunate accident looking for a place to happen!! Yikes!!
    Um… Where’s hunky #21’s junk?!?!
    Even without benefit of seeing his face; I’d like to bury my tongue – then my dick – in #25’s amazing ass!!… And play with his awesome low-hangers and lovely nipple(s)!!
    Special Mention and props to #27 for his scrotal piercing!! 🙂 Just 11 to go to catch up to me!! 🙂 haha
    Fantastic #28 looks like he’s ready to do some serious drilling!! 🙂 haha His buddy had better keep a watch on him!! 🙂 haha
    #29 is another wonderful Paul Freeman image!! (Given any thought to a Paul Freeman post?!?! 🙂 )
    #31 looks a LOT like the dude that does yard work for me!!!!! I’ll never forget the day he asked me, Mr. Spr****, do you mind if I take my shirt off??”!! I replied, “Oh no, Tyler, I don’t mind!! And… call me, John!!” 😉 heehee
    Hunk Studs #36, 46, and 47 are all MAGNIFICENT!!!!!
    Rockin’ hot #43’s torso is insane!! And his undies are adorable!! 🙂 haha
    And yes bw, that is quite the tush bush on #48!! 🙂

    But my Dream Crew would have to be heavily tattooed, fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot #12, #13, and oh my yes… #40!!!!! Damn!!

    OUTSTANDING!! A million THANK YOU-s!!

    p.s. Trying out a new format?!?! If it’s up for a vote, I say, “Nay”!!

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, babe. Not trying out a new format. There’ll still be 4 across. Have to change the layout on every post and forgot to do it on this one. Our bad 🙂

  • ray

    The site is on and off, what’s the matter? If it were gone, we would not know at all what happened.

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