Happy birthday, Dub!

On February 22nd, our buddy “ray” commented: “And, by the way, a post with guys and their pets would be very welcome!”
Since it’s Dub’s birthday – and he’s our official “dog whisperer”, we decided a bunch of puppies would be perfect. Thanks for the suggestion, ray. We really appreciate it.
xoxo Ben and David

It doesn’t seem possible, but Dub is 9 years old today. Jim and Carol will be bringing carrot cake and hand-crank ice cream to school this afternoon and we’ll all celebrate with him.
Dub has been planning – and working on – this years garden and we’ve never seen him more excited. He tells us there’ll be cauliflower, brussel sprouts and asparagus – in addition to corn, potatoes, tomatoes and bell peppers. The soil has been turned and leveled – seeds are planted in peat pots – and he and Chad have it all mapped out on the computer.
Dub’s life hasn’t been the easiest. He’s lost both his father and mother – and, because of covid, hasn’t seen his “pop-pops and other grandparents” in months. Despite everything, he’s happy and cheerful and the kind of person everyone instinctively wants to follow. He and Buzz are a JOY, and David and I are happy to be sharing life’s journey with them.
Happy birthday, bud. We love you!

18 comments to Happy birthday, Dub!

  • ray

    Happy Birthday to Dub, the very extraordinary boy! David and Ben,you are lucky to have him after the tragic events!

    This post is a gem! Every picture makes me smile! I am really unable to chose an absolute favorite among these friendly, goodlooking guys and their companions (maybe two categories of favorites would be appropriate here), but I find #11 especially cute – both looking at the phone with interest!

    Again best wishes for Dub and thank you for this wonderful post!


  • Jingle

    Best Wishes!!

    This collection is bittersweet for me!! Delightful images, but they make me miss my Fritz!! 🙂 ☹

    • ray

      Liebster Jingle, I understand you very well!

      Love and hugs

    • Roberto

      I totally understand you, Jingle, as I think of Cléo every day. Love always apreads, though, and I have new furry sisters at my parents’: Jade and Luna. After Cléo passed away last September, my mother said she wasn’t going to have another dog because it was so painful to say goodbye and memories just abound everywhere there. However, her friend’s Shih Tzu had puppies and, long story short, my mother couldn’t help but adopt two of them. They’ve been a joy there just as Cléo will always be.

      This post overflows with cuteness… and beauty as well. Perhaps I was particularly quick to notice dudes #7, #35, #40 and #48. 😉

      Thanks for the suggestion, Ray, and thanks for another overwhelming execution, Ben!

    • Denny

      I’m Here, Babydoll, feeling your sadness and your pain and wishing I could do more than letting you know I support you 110 % in your heartache.

      Love and warm brotherly hugs,


  • Roberto

    Happy Birthday to Dub!!!

    He’s been through a lot indeed, Ben, but having you and David as daddies and being in such a loving, caring and stimulating environment has showed him the best side of life. Best wishes for Health, Love, Joy, Success and lots of Fun in the coming year, and may he continue to develop as the exceptionally bright and kind-hearted young man he is.

    Love and hugs,

  • Denny

    Happy Birthday to Dub!!!

    I just wish he knew he has a whole battalion of ardent admirers out here!

    Hearing ANY news about Dub just warms my heart, makes me smile and makes me very proud of him.

    I’ll be back later when I have more time to spend admiring ALL these pics.

    My faves are #38, #42, and #48 and probably quite a few more when I can spend more time with this delightful post.

    God Bless Dub!! 🎂 🎉 🎁

  • bw

    No 45 is Max Emerson, a social media entrepreneur, and that is their dog with the great name – Sargent Pupper, but they call him Sarge. He’s a big dog now. It’s also him in NO.4 with his handsome partner Andres in the background. No 37 is Helmut Huxley from BelAmi – he’s one of the big boys – tall and long and thick.
    There is a message in this post – dogs love you and don’t care about your looks, who you sleep with, or political views – they are totally tolerant. We should all try that.

  • Bill S

    Dub is amazing! And I’m sure you will have a great celebration.

    I was taking a trip down memory lane and, I think this would be an appropriate time to share.

    Go to the balls tag and scroll through the posts to “Green Eggs and Ham” post. It’s mostly about the comments! And Dub was ALMOST 4 and reading. Yes, reading!!! (-:


  • Kent

    Happy birthday to Dub. Hard to believe he’s 9 years old. Thanks for sharing your journey with him, with us.

  • FredinMotul

    I too can hardly believe that Dub is now 9 Years Old!! Getting closer to being a Teenager!! Awesome for you all Men. May the Celebration be Excellent. Sure wish I had Carrot Cake and Hand Cranked Ice Cream. My Keto substitutes are great and have me down 85 Pounds since we started, but I am afraid I would really make a pig of myself with a real Carrot Cake and Ice Cream!!

    Have a wonderful Celebration. Garden sounds grand! He is, as always a fine Young Man with his eyes on the Future! Be Well All!

  • Alexander


    Happy birthday Dub. The boy who brings happiness to many people’s lives.
    I’m convinced in an alternate timeline Dub was the inspiration for Harry Potter. Fred, congrats on your progress. Major success.

  • mahtinp

    Wishing the happiest of birthdays to your amazing young man!

    We are so blessed to have shared in your journey with him from a far here on URD, and though we are his virtual cheering section, he inspires us more than he will ever know. I’m sure his nurturing tendency is instinct that only grew unconsciously through the hardship of his earliest years. Though not without much help, how many 9 year olds can say they’ve built a family, a community, and an oasis from many of the vicissitudes of the world. Love, like Dub’s plants, can grow anywhere with the right nurturing, and all of you take that energy into everything.
    Much Love, and Happy Birthday Dub,

  • Tim from MO

    Best of Birthday Wishes to Dub! 9 yrs old?! Time certainly passes so swiftly.
    We’ll ‘turn around twice’ and find him working on his Driving Permit / Driving License!

    Great post of Dudes with their ‘Best Friends’

  • Jingle

    So, I finally grew a set, and made it all the way through the photo-set!!…

    Is it wrong that I’m jealous of the fur baby in #8?!?! 🙂 haha

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