Happy birthday, Larry. We love you!

Larry… It’s been a while since we’ve heard from you, and we’re hoping your birthday finds you happy, in good health and spending time with those you love. You’re very special to us here at UnrulyDude and we love you!

Beto, Denny and Jingle beat us to wishing Larry happy birthday, so we’re going to “cut and paste” their comments from our last post here:
FROM BETO: “Happy Birthday to you, Larry! Wishing you an excellent day and looking forward to hearing from you pretty soon. 🙂 Love and hugs, Beto.”
FROM DENNY: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LARRY !! Thinking good thoughts for you today and hoping you are still able to follow URD, even if it’s difficult for you to get around with your walker and hard for you to comment. You have a lot of guys out here who love you and think about you and yes, we worry about you. ALL THE BEST TO YOU, LARRY !!! XOXOXO”
FROM JINGLE: “Happy Birthday, Larry!! 😀 Hope you have a good one!! Best Wishes today!! And all Year!!”

18 comments to Happy birthday, Larry. We love you!

  • Denny

    Thank you for the “cut and paste”, David –
    YOU DA MAN !!!


  • Alexander

    Happy Birthday Larry🎂!
    Hope you’re feeling well. Hard to do in the midst of a pandemic.
    Lot’s of people look forward to hearing from you. Be well. Be cool(It is Summer).
    If you are feeling challenged, drop it at the door and say hi!

    A world of people you’ve never met is wishing you the best🎁🍷🎉.

  • Larrry

    The rteason I haven’t been commenting is that I have been off the air. Towards the end of May, I fell one morning getting up. My legs wouldnt hold me up and my knees buckled. It was a Friday morning and I spent the weekend in my recliner with friends and 911 picking me up. On Monday I still had no strength in my legs and the DR put me in a nursing home. (TO go to asisted living you have to ne able to walk.)

    I couldn’t access URD or anything gay with my computer because they contain nudity and what their WiFi cnsiders to be pornography.

    I was in the home for a month. Horrible!!!! Tiny little beds and noisy. People have the right to make all the noise thay want which means that I had no right to sleep. I bitched so Much that the last week they “found” aprivate room for me with a larger bed; I was one of the few people in theplsce with a functioning mind. Trust me you do not want to go to a nursing home!!!!

    I demansws to gohome before they wanted me to, but I canstand again. I now have a home health care outfit comein every morning to help me get up, bathe and get dreesedso that I don;t fall.

    While Iwasaway itook the opportunity to cancel Comcast/xfinity which had just raised my rates 37%. Had to wait w weekto get hooked up with new ISP. Just catching up with 54 emaails etc.

    81 today and feisty as ever. Thanks for remembering me and the great post. Forgive errors.

    • unrulyadmin

      Larry. GREAT hearing from you and glad you’re “feisty as ever.” Happy birthday, babe!

    • Roberto

      Nothing like home, right, Larry? Wishing you a healthy and comfortable year at your own place enjoying whatever you want at whatever time. Be well, be feisty, be happy, my friend. 🙂

      Love and hugs,

  • FredinMotul

    Delighted to hear directly from Larry!! Dang, this getting old is pretty rotten all around. So sorry to hear of your issues, but, now, at least you can catch up on some really good URD and SLEEP! Keep moving when you can. Happy Birthday and may you have many more happy trips around the Sun!!

    Great Post Men. Some fine looking youngsters here. Thanks…

  • Bobby b

    Delicious😜PHAT Dicked Sexy BoyToyz

  • Kent

    Happy Birthday, Larry!

  • ray

    Dear Larry, Happy Birthday to you! Best wishes for health and stability! I hope that you will feel better soon!

    Love and hugs

  • Bill S

    Happy Birthday Larry!

    Sorry about the nursing home experience — sounds awful… I’m glad that you are home now and ‘feisty as ever!”

    Love, Bill


  • Jingle

    Larry Lover, if need any help cutting and serving your Cake, you know I’ll help!! Of course, I’m gonna help myself to hunky, tattooed, Eastern European dude #17!! 🙂 haha

    • bw

      Sweet Jingle – that is Sven Basquiat from BelAmi – he’s a compact little dude, a big ole bottom and one of those athletes that for fun will run 10 or 15 miles, and more when he is training.

      • Jingle

        Oh, Good Grief!!

        Waaay back in the day, I was a Track star, but now I only run to the car… to go to the store… to buy more cigarettes!! 😆 hahaha

  • Larry

    Thamks everyone for the well wishes. Two lesbian friends brought me a weeks worth of cupcakes.

    Haven’t had time to study full post, but off the top I want to chow down on #10’s fat uncut one.

  • bw

    Oh man Larry – sorry to hear about the issues you were having, but, as Dorothy so famously said, “there’s no place like home” and I am happy for you.
    But since it’s also your special day – you’ve been a very good boy this past year to get such a post as this one. I share your admiration for NO 10, and his next door neighbor – helpfully labeled Joey Mills – has a fatty too. He is almost always a bottom, but when he tops that pointy head slips right in and the bottom thinks “that was easy” until the girthy part starts.
    Have a cupcake for us, enjoy your post, and take care of yourself…..Big hugs and love, BILL

  • Denny

    Larry, what a bummer your bad leg forced you to deal with the misery of messed up minds.

    Luckily, your feistiness got you out of that place – sooner rather than later.

    Good to hear you have the morning help you need at home and still have all the time you need to enjoy pretty boy porno pics.

    Take care, Larry, stay well, and above all – STAY FEISTY.

    We’ll be thinking about ya!!!

  • mahtinp

    Well Mr. Feisty as Ever,

    Happy Belated Birthday … it’s now become my life goal to open a queer friendly nursing home where you can watch as much porn as you want. Wishing you wellness and strength, and hoping that this post made your third leg stronger than your other two, which I know it did for me.

    Much Love

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