Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Dub. Happy birthday to you!

David and I really like Rick’s “Friends Friday” post with the artwork of Matthew Conway. We think his renderings of straight guys showing off their bodies for the world to see are awesome. That got me thinking about guys and selfies and how much I like looking at them – straight, gay, or whatever. Here are a few I think are especially hot.

Dub’s birthday party yesterday was pretty much perfect. To start with, he brought in the mail and had 22 cards. He was thrilled. It took him almost an hour to open and read each one… and carefully save each card and envelope. Angie called and talked with him for a long time and that was really special.
Keon, Rick and Alex got here early to help get everything set up – and people started arriving a little after four. Everyone was here. Dub’s grandparents and my sister (and her boyfriend) and Erik, Mark and Pam, plus Austin, Ty and Damien- and Mr. Martinez. Christian and Shelby plus Craig, Matt, Caleb and Kerry got here about 4:30 and, finally, Spence arrived just in time for salad and pizza. Dub and the pups were crazy excited and everyone was drinking wine and singing happy birthday and celebrating Dub’s special day. The individual (make your own) pizzas and salads were a big hit and it was just a big, happy party. We had talked with Dub (and all his guests) in advance… and decided since he has so many toys and things, we’d do a “toys for tots” birthday party. So, everyone brought gifts – and Dub took off the gift wrapping, but saved the toy packaging – and we put each toy in a big paper recycling bag. We ended up with two huge bags of toys-for-tots – and Dub was just beaming. It’s a good head-start on this years’ campaign of sharing.
Around 6:30, the party started breaking up – and Dub, Erik and Austin were off with Ty and Damien for their big movie night in the new media room.
When the crowd was gone, it was just David and me… Keon, Rick, Alex and Spence. So we sat around talking for a while and then Keon said, “I think it’s time for some tequila shots.” So, we brought out the tequila, salt and lemon wedges and all got ready to “Lick, Sip and Suck.” But… that’s a story for another day 🙂

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  • Roberto

    Again, Happy Birthday to Dub!! Glad to hear everything went so well at his party!

    Too much to enjoy here and I don’t have much time! For another pic of #8, go back to the nekid/not post of January 15 (#19 there). He’s dream material to me, but he looks even better with his full bush. 😀 So… should I go with #33? That’s tough competition! Hum, the latter really looks deliciously naughty… 😛

    #9 and #24 are two other favorites!

    Captain America (#28) has got some heavy meat!

    #32 is a new shot of our “sassy but bangable brat” — as nasty bloody hot as always!

    #7 and #35 really fit my idea of hung skinny fellas! So cute and crazy hot!

    Jingle, I guess I’m imagining too much, but could #31 here be #31 in your recent plaid post?

    OK, gotta go! Fantastic post, Ben & David!!

    • Bill S

      I’m quite sure that #31 in the Plaid post is not #31 here. There is a difference in the strong jaw lines, I think. I know that I have seen “my” #31 on URD before and I think that I picked him before too! Must be in a Selfie post, and some time I will go searching the tag!!! I mean just look at THAT PACKAGE!!!
      drool……. XOXO

  • ray

    Happy Birthday to Dub! Your parties sure sound like fun…I am curious if the story is to be continued…
    #2 has very convincing arguments in his favor, and #6 and 18 are perfect!


  • Denny

    No-o-o!! B-E-N! You quit the story just as you were getting to the BEST part!! Wa-a-a!! 🙂 Wha’ happened after you all sucked on lemon wedges…????

    I’m also curious to know – Matt and Craig, arriving without gal pals? Are they…A- just roomies? B- friends with benefits? as in C- fuck buds? Or D- Haven’t got a clue and they’re not talking?

    And what was Dub’s reaction to his rabbit trap/raised flower bed?

    What a great idea to make the party a Toys for Tots event!! I’m sure the best gift Dub could ever have gotten was 22 cards AND envelopes!!

    ********** ********** ********** **********

    What I enjoy most in these hot pics is that they are all selfies, and therefore most likely to be amateurs (I love amateurs!) who take great care of themselves and are proud to show off the results.

    Three of my faves are all in a row here – #8, #9, and #10.

    Love the big nips on #8. I wonder what that single, very simple tattoo on his chest represents. Any clue, Jingle?

    #9 – WHAT a BEAUT!! And you just know he’s got a fuzzy furry ass too!

    #10 – Great bod, tho’ I’m not a fan of THAT many tattoos when the guy is so beautifully hair. BUT, look what he’s got in his pants!! All is forgiven, Dude!! 🙂

    Beto!! #9…#10…we BOTH have such good taste in our men!! 🙂

    I also like #14, who is just about perfect in my book. The rugged face with the devilish grin, the beard that he wears so well, the body hair, culminating in his bush that looks like maybe it has seen a comb, to spread it out to full advantage.. And then we’ve got those muscular thighs to squeeze around your neck while you suck on that ample cock. woof!!

    Okay, Ben – Puleeeze don’t keep us waiting TOO long for The REST of the story/stories!!!

    Great post, Dude! Thank you!!

    • Denny

      I was able to refresh my memory about Kerry, thru a tag from Jan 2015. But I don’t remember Caleb & there is no tag. Did they both work for Craig the summer that Ben was working for him? Anybody remember? They didn’t want to stay after the crowd left? Help me,Beto! 😐

  • Bill S

    22 Cards! EYOW! If Dub likes Denny’s idea, he’ll need more than one shoe box!! LOL

    This post proves what I was saying on “Friend’s Friday.” Most selfie takers think that they are exceptional. I think #31 truly is!!! And he’s FCCO no less. (-:

    I’m very glad (but not surprised) that Dub had such a good party!

    And I’m anxious to hear about the “after party” too!


  • Jingle

    As a general statement, I love selfies!! And this outstanding group is indeed “especially hot”!! As I joyfully made my way through it, it quickly became apparent that there could be two other tag-lines besides the two you provided… “Amazing Torsos”, and “Monster Cocks”, as there’s an abounding number of both!! Shoosh!!

    Someone should really tell lean and lanky cutie #1 to polish his mirror first!! haha
    #2 and #5!!… WHOA!!!!! The stuff that dreams and fantasies are made of!!
    And #6 is stunning!! On a par with #2 and #5, oh that he had slipped off those crisp white Calvin Klein boxer-briefs!! Holy Hell!!
    Good catch on #8, Beto!! Don’t you just love his rosy nipples??
    LOVE bangin’ hot #9’s luxurious fur!! And #10’s, and the far less modest #22’s intricate ink!!
    Not unlike Beto’s #33, impish #11 looks naughty and mischievous!! 🙂 heehee
    Unruly FCCO #12 (Love his sausage casing foreskin!!) took his selfie in a hospital or clinic restroom!! See the red “nurse call” cord??
    Dang, I wish big bundle #13 woulda pulled those briefs down before he snapped the pic!!
    Aww… big boy #14 is TJM!! As are neighbours #42 and #43!! Hell Yeah!!
    #16’s cheerful smile just makes him all the more engaging!! 🙂
    #17, 18 and 46 all have amazing abs!! (Among other multiple charms!!) WOW!!
    Smirky #20 is soo cute… And soo hot!!
    Soldier #21 is a total hunk stud!! And #47 is rockin’ hot!! I know how I could honour their service!! 😉
    We’ve seen lovely #23 before!! (Who could forget that Moroccan tile??) Nice plaid shirt hanging on a hook!! haha And #26 is a return vivsitor, as well!! That “Daddy’s Lil Monster” t-shirt is a hoot!!
    Special Mention to chipper scruffy hot #24 for his tattooed dick!! 🙂
    Super-smooth #27 is nasty crazy scary hot!! And on a side note, I love his ultra sleek bathroom!!
    Beto is right about Captain America #28’s prodigious, super-heroic cock!! WHEW!!!
    Bubble butt #29 is, to use Destiny’s Child’s word, “bootylicious”!! 🙂 haha
    Oh #30, if you’re gonna take your Wedding Ring off, at least get it out of the picture!! Jeez…
    Beto baby, not 100% sure about #31; but the resemblance, and pic-taking technique, is sure similar!!
    Muscle-bound, rockin’ hot #34 is in the perfect position for a good ass-eating!!
    #38 is obviously in the locker-room of his gym!! Most gyms have signs posted, “No Cameras or Cell Phones Allowed!!” Thank God no-one pays any attention to them!! haha
    College jock #39’s cock is gorgeous!!
    Married #40 and dressing room occupant #41… Holy Shit!!
    Tense #44’s tightly knit brow concerns me!! He needs someone on his pretty pecker to relax him!! 😉

    #45 is Magnificent!! From his flowing golden tresses, to his handsome face, to his great body, to his fantastic beautiful cock & balls!! I just wanna crawl up between his spread legs and worship him til he rewards me with a mouthful of creamy cum!!

    But #45 would just be a pleasant interlude til I got back home to my favourite… Bangin’ crazy hot #25!! Anchors aweigh, my boy, indeed!! 🙂

    Good to hear the birthday celebrations went so well!!

  • Jingle

    Oh gosh, it would appear that ray, Denny, Bill S and I were all looking at the post and compiling our comments at the same time!! haha And there sure are a LOT of common notables!! Great minds do think alike!! 🙂

    Denny Dearheart, it especially cracks me up that we both mentioned #8’s lovely nips!! You take one, and I’ll take the other… And then we can meet up on his awesome uncut cock and really give him the royal treatment!! Sound good to you?? As for his tat, who knows??…

  • Anthony

    Happy birthday to Dub! 😀

    Now then, on to the naughty stuff >:)

    #4 is a hot man. I like how scruffy he is from the neck up and smoooooth from the neck down.
    Then we have #9 in all his deliciously hairy self. I wonder just how fuzzy his crotch is…
    #10 is a beauty. Now I’m not a huge fan of tattoos but this man is so fine I am blind to the tattoos AND it looks like he has a nice piece of meat in his undies.
    #25 pushes so many of my buttons. He’s attractive, he’s not super muscle-y, and he is rocking that light hair/dark hair style. I just want to eat him up.
    And my god #29 has a BUTT. What a magnificent ass that man has.

    Love the pics Ben. Glad to hear you all had a great time.

  • bw

    I’ll be back a bit later for a closer look – but No 40 – lord have mercy – I just don’t know what you would do with that monster.
    Knowing we have a prurient interest about Spence and Alex, it seems cruel to stop the story so abruptly. And I want to hear about the rabbit trap as well – I bet Dub was thrilled (and when the rabbits eat his vegetables he may be ready to do a few of them in – they were smarter than me and ate all my lettuce so I gave up).

  • bw

    Who knew Farrah Fawcett had such a nice thick dick ( No. 45)?
    I’m so happy to hear that Dub had a successful party and happy birthday. The big hearted little dude deserves it.

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