Happy Campers!

On Monday, our buddy (and Requester-in-Chief) “Bill S” commented, saying: “But then again maybe we should go camping before the snow flies. Yes I’m crazy — You made me that way!”
Well, the nights here are a bit cold for a camping trip – but David and I have been talking about organizing a “float trip/camping trip” down on the Elk River next Spring. I’ve done lots of canoeing but David has never been – so I’m thinking maybe we can get Ethan and Kevin and Keon and Ricky (and maybe a few more guys) together for an outing. Something to look forward to while we’re shoveling the drive and sidewalks this winter.

5 comments to Happy Campers!

  • Love Love Love the Happy Campers Post.

  • Jingle

    To tell you the truth, my idea of camping is staying at a hotel without Room Service!! 🙂 haha But this fun, sexy and hot post might change my opinion of roughing it!!

    Yeah, it would be fun to share a tent with cute and hot #1!!
    The bottoms in #5, 15/35 & 40 are all smokin’ hot hunks!!
    #7 can stay just like that while I service him!! Oh, stop frowning #29… you’re next!! 😉
    #23 & #31… same dude, Back & Front!! And he looks damn fine from either perspective!!
    OMG… both studs in #25 are insanely hot!!
    Oh, loves me some #28!!
    Damn, check out #38’s awesome boulder balls!!

    But my absolute favourite for Town or Country would have to be crazy hot #17!!

    Great post!!

  • tay

    A camping trip would be fun! At least with the guys in this post! Thanks!

  • Bill S

    Elk River … Idaho?

    Anyway, I’ll bring my kayak!!! (-:


  • The New Flops Boy

    Love CAMPY posts!

    XO FFB

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