Happy daddies’ day, daddies!

About seven this morning, David and I woke with Dub jumping in our bed yelling, “Happy daddies day… Happy daddies day!” The dogs were barking like crazy, of course… and when we finally got our eyes open, Dub shoved a gift bag in each of our hands, saying “Open ’em… open ’em!” So we did. Each gift bag had a home-made Fathers’ day card signed by Dub (we later found out Ms Pam had helped the kids make cards last week at day care). After we’d read our cards, we opened our gifts and each found a “World’s best dad” tee shirt – mine red and David’s blue. We slipped them on and Dub was just beaming. We hugged and kissed him and told him how much we liked the shirts. He said “Unca Keon and I ordered ’em on the computer – and Unca Keon used his credit card… but I gave him ten dollars of my own money to pay for ’em. He’s gonna give the money to the bank, so he’ll be even.”
I plan to wear my shirt until it’s totally worn out – then I’ll save what’s left forever. I’m gonna try my best to be exactly what it says – and I’m sure David will do the same.
While I’m thinking about it, this is a good time to wish Denny and Fred and the other members of our URD family who are daddies a happy Fathers’ Day. We love you guys!

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  • Jingle

    What a sweet and lovely story!! 🙂

    As for the the post… Holy Shit!! EACH and EVERY pic a delight!!

    I must confess an especial fondness for magnificent #17, bangin’ hot selfie #22,
    and crazy hot daddy bottom #30!! (Notice the latter’s penis tattoo??)

    But if I could have me just one… Aw, you know it’s big bundle #36!! 🙂

    Awesome post!! And no less than I expected!!

  • FredinMotul

    Thanks guys! Great Father’s Day story. Yes, I/ We do have a few of our own. Enjoy this and every other day you have with him, cause before you know it, he will be going on to his own life and then you only get visits and phone calls. Hey, this is life and I would not have it any other way!!!

  • Larry

    Great story and great post. I love`to see the intergenerational pairings. I also like to se the younger guys on top sometimes.

    Happy Father’s Day to all.

  • Denny

    Of all the sites I visit around the blogosphere, nothing is more genuinely heartwarming than URD’s – Dub Stories and Updates!!

    When Dub comes crashing through your bedroom door at the crack of dawn on special days, you know memories are going to be made! When your tee shirts are worn out to nothing but a few disintegrating threads, will there be a place for them in the “Good things…Fun Things” Book? 😉

    One thing that truly cracks me up about Dub is his utter and complete honesty – like where the tees came from and what they cost and don’t worry cuz he paid for them etc. etc. etc – you gotta love it!!

    Another thing that is totally amazing is that Dub is able to keep all this stuff a secret from you guys until the time of the big reveal. How does a 4 year old DO that??!! lol

    What great friends you have in Keon and Rick!! Keon probably ordered those shirts momths ago!!.

    Thank you, David and Ben for your Father’s Day wishes – much appreciated!!

    I want to say I hope YOU had a great “FIRST” Father’s day – but I already know you DID!!



  • Bill S

    What a great kid! (-:


  • bw

    I knew Miss Pam would make sure that cards were made, but Little Dub conscripting Keon to help is just priceless – this little dude is smart and has a huge heart. Thanks for sharing a sweet story.
    I normally tend towards the young guys, but if NO 43 wants to come drink beer on the porch of my cabin, he is certainly welcome.

  • ray

    What a touching moment this must have been! And the mature gentlemen are hot!

    Happy Father’s Day to all!

  • Kent

    It’s always heart-warming to hear about the love the three of you share! Each of you is so special.

    Great post, and it’s nice to see that the Daddy isn’t always the Alpha.


  • Brad

    What a fantastic story! I knew Dub would have surprise for you two! Kids know when they are loved and wanted, and return these feelings in amazing ways… 🙂 I agree with Denny is story belongs in the “Good Things, Fun Things” book!

    As for the photos…Very appropriate for Father’s Day. These daddies caught my eye: 2 (“son” is bad either!), 13, 32, 36, 37, 43, and 48 with my Dude of the Day honor going to the hot businessman, #48!

    Thanks again for sharing the Dub story and for the daddy pics, David and Ben!

  • Roberto

    I’m sure Dub was not the only one beaming that morning! 🙂 And maybe daddies Ben & David will also be wearing their new shirts on occasions such as #5? 😉

    I wish I were the one rimming boy #10 or getting fucked by daddy #25!!

    Boy #14’s foot seems to be doing its job, and once daddy is fully aroused I bet he’ll fuck the shit out of his boy!

    Couple #20 is incredibly good-looking!!

    I know it’s a daddies post, but I’ve got to point out boys #15 and #29 — so damn fucking appealing!!

    Superb eroticism in #21!!

    Couple #38 is possibly my favorite: both are bloody freaking hot and look kinky!

    Pic #46 is so hot and lovely at the same time — notice how happy they are!!

    Not easy to choose among the hot daddies in the solo pics… but I think it’s #37 for me!! He looks so deliciously provocative dressed like that… Yeah, I wanna get to his bed so badly! 😀

    Great post, Ben & David!! Very happy that everything went so well on your first Father’s Day as daddies!! 🙂

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