Happy Gay Uncles Day!

We really appreciate this “heads-up” comment from earlier today: “Gay Uncles day August 14th! Alex”
Who knew? Neither Ben nor I had ever heard of “National Gay Uncles Day” – but after Alex’ comment, we did an on-line search and apparently we’re the only people who didn’t know about it?
Anyway, we think it’s a GREAT idea – and want to give a special shout-out to all you Gay Uncles out there in our URD family – and to Keon and Rick – Dub’s (and our) personal favorite “GUNCLES.”

3 comments to Happy Gay Uncles Day!

  • Larry

    I never heard of it either, so you aren’t alone. I keep telling Keon and Rick what great friends they are and how lucky all three of you are to have them in your lives,

  • Denny

    I don’t think we need to feel bad that none of us ever heard of Gay Uncle’s Day.

    From my Google search, it appears that Sunday August 14, 2016, is (was) the first ever Gay Uncles Day. The founder is an Australian bobsledder, one Simon Dunn.

    Hey more power to him!!

    Happy Gay Uncles Day, Rick and Keon!!!

    ( “Guncles” sounds like some sort of contagious disease. LOL )

  • Steve

    Neither I nor my fiance had heard of it either but since we’re both uncles to three great kids I think we’ll be adding the day to our calendar …

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