Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Hey, guys. I’m doing this post on Thursday evening – and “pre-posting” it for Saturday. Hope the WordPress Gods co-operate. 🙂
David, Dub, the dogs and I will head to the lake Friday morning after the “closing ceremony” at school. Rick, Keon, Travon and Max are going down on Thursday and meeting Cal and Alex there to start planning renovations to the new cabin.
The week-end weather forecast for Table Rock is actually quite good. Saturday is supposed to be 90 degrees and sunny… Sunday warm with a few scattered thunderstorms… and Monday partly sunny and warm. We’ll take that! The entire gang will be there. Denise, Scott, Ty and Demien have condo reservations and the rest of us will pile into our cabins. Keon, Rick and Travon are planning to “rough it” in the new cabin even though they haven’t done any redecorating or anything yet. Dub, Austin and Travon are excited about wake boarding, which should be o.k. with a projected water temp of 75 degrees.
We hope all of you have healthy, happy, SAFE holiday weekends. Please join us in remembering the brave men and women who have sacrificed for our Country!
We’ll give you a full report when we get back home. xoxo Ben and David

7 comments to Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  • Jingle

    Early evening Saturday, and I thankfully have time to get after this awesome post!! 🙂

    Nobody is boating here, yet!! Not consistently warm enough; and the River is very high (6 feet over Flood Stage!!), choppy, muddy, and full of debris!! 🙁 Nobody with a nice boat goes out when it’s like this!!

    Fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot #4 can be seen again giving us a lovely dick slip in #9!! I guess when he took his shorts off, he took his neck chain off, too!! But his cap stayed firmly in place!! 🙂 haha
    LOVE #7’s perfect sausage casing foreskin!!
    Bucky, but nonetheless, HOT #8/11 will calm down once I have his dick in my mouth!! Dang!!
    Buzzed, smooth-chested, hunky #10 is crazy hot!! WOW!!
    Well, don’t bangin’ hot #14, #23, and #30 (Great balls!!) make fetching Bowsprints?!?! And bubble-butt #34 decorates the Stern nicely!!
    Oh #16, it’s a little too late to be modest now!! 🙂 haha
    #17 and #22 beautifully depict what I’d like to be doing!!
    With a schlong like #19’s, it’s small wonder he took his trunks off!! WHEW!!!
    #20’s ink is insane!!
    Yeah, I’d fuck slut #28!!
    Holy Shit!! Pic #38 is off-the-hook hot!! WHOA!!!!! And following it up with magnificent #39 is just cruel!! You gotta give us time to compose ourselves!!
    Scruff-faced #40 is really cute!! And what a lovely cock!!
    Along with his other highly evident charms, #45’s smile is so engaging!! 🙂
    #47 is crazy hot!!

    Alrighty then, you don’t really expect me to choose between the oh-so-similar #4/9 and #8/11, do you?!?! I simply must have them both!!

    This post is great!! And not just some porn fantasy… There’s always lots of random nudity, and sometimes sex, on the River!! Just part of the “River Rat” mentality and mind-set!! 🙂

  • ray

    I wish you a happy and successfull weekend!


  • Denny

    Jingle Babydoll! Your lewd, salacious commentary is MOST tittilating! And I LOVE it! This is one sizzlin post.

    For some reasons that cute couple in # 21 make me think of Ty & Damien.

    Happy Memorial Day -remember our vets!

  • Bill S

    Happy Memorial Day – remember our vests! Oh my! I’m such a goof! But, THAT’S what I thought you had written, Denny! I thought you were advising Ben to make sure they wore their life-jackets!!!


    …and I’m sure that Ben would have said, “Dub will make sure of that!” (-;

    Anyway I will be checking out this post again and again for sure! I am a water-baby after all (no matter how old I get to be!).


  • Bill S

    Match Game!

    20 & 45 —

    Both sit-on-top kayaks!! (I’ve never had one; I prefer a COCK pit).

    So Jingle, you want 20? I’ll take 45?!

    Let’s paddle!!!


  • bw

    I hope everyone had a nice holiday – I was at the cabin doing some much deferred maintenance -and it was hotter than hell. Even at 3000 feet it was still in the high 80’s with no breeze – just miserable to work outside. But I got stuff done and did not get hurt so that’s a good thing as Martha would say.
    I think my favorite was NO 21 – no dick showing but these lads are beautiful and sexy.

  • Jingle

    #35… Drunken shenanigans on a pontoon party boat?!?!… or a (crazy hot!!) top contemplating his next conquest?!?!

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