Happy Memorial Day!

After a morning out on the lake swimming, skiing and wake boarding, we came back for a quick lunch before resuming “The Great Table Rock Horseshoe Pitching Contest.” It’s a two-day, double-elimination, round-robin affair with “seniors” and “juniors” divisions. Surprisingly, Keon is leading the seniors division – and somewhat less surprisingly Austin leads the juniors with Dub in hot pursuit.
We’ll have a big outdoor dinner in Rick and Keon’s rock garden this evening with BBQ ribs, burgers, hot dogs and, of course hand-crank ice cream. There’ll be some very tired kids tonight πŸ™‚
We hope Memorial Day finds you safe, healthy and having fun – as we remember the sacrifices made for all of us by the brave men and women of our armed services.

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  • Denny

    This post is an unexpected and very pleasant surprise!! With the good weather you’re having, the whole gang finally all together and the boats in the water, I didn’t think you would have the time for one!

    You sure are having an action-packed day!! I’m going to guess it’s not only the kids who will be very tired tonight. Be sure to let us know the results of the horseshoe contest – the junior division AND the senior one also!!!

    There is a lot of Larry material in this post – I hope he has the chance to check it out.

    Me, I’m gonna be thinking sweet and dirty thoughts about #1 !


    • Denny

      #6!!! How the hell did I miss THAT big butch badass!!! From his very hairy chest, continuing to that sexy treasure trail, and on down to those massive, muscled legs!! Woo-hoo!!! And I think I’m REALLY gonna like what he’s eye-balling himself, down there between the stars and the stripes!! And you KNOW he’s gotta have a beautiful fuzzy ass!! DUDE of the DAY = Numberrr SIX !!!

    • Larry

      Let’s hear it for men in and out of uniform. I would like to see # 20 in his Air Force blues.

  • ray

    By pure chance, the first picture I clicked on was #8, and – wow, what a marvellous creature! That doesn’t mean I don’t like the “rest”! It is a pity that speedos have long been given up in favor of boardshorts with boxers underneath.
    I have to do a little research to understand what this contest is.
    Have a pleasant Memorial Day everyone! We should never forget about the innocent victims of conscription and war!

  • Jingle

    Rained off and on here yesterday!! πŸ™ Spent the day quietly, mostly indoors!! πŸ™

    Great collection of patriotic dudes!!

    Denny Dearheart’s #1 is beautiful!!
    In – or should I say, out?? – of tan-toned camo, bator #2 can be seen again in #34!! And in/out of grey-toned camo, in the same setting, we have #40!! (Nice balls!!)
    Fucking pics #3 and #17, and 69 pic #12, are all screamin’ HOT!!
    Judging by all his Trophies and Medals, cute selfie #4 must have excelled at some sport!! πŸ™‚
    No matter what he was wearing, ray’s #8 would be crazy rockin’ hot!! Liebster ray, did you look at #16?!?!
    Butt selfie #11 is awesome!! Great shoulders and back, and fine rump ass!!
    Cocksucking pics #15 and #42 remind me of… ME!! πŸ™‚ haha “Entertaining” some Rough Trade!!
    I’m intrigued by the extra hand on the left side of the frame in pic #19!!
    For me, pic #21 is actually pretty funny!! Someone went to great pains to obscure the License Plate!! Damn!! πŸ™
    Junior Hunk Stud #22 is crazy hot!! WOW!!
    Scruffy crazy hot #23 has an insane physique under that great t-shirt!! Another WOW!!
    I like how #24 is saluting Old Glory!! πŸ™‚
    Pic #25 is outstanding!! LOVE the crazy hot seated dude’s facial expression!! I’m sure it wasn’t long before he replaced his hand with his mouth!! πŸ˜‰ WHEW!!!
    If you dig hot bator #28, bounce down to #48, to see him busting his nut!! Nice!!
    Pic #33 is the most poignant, powerful image presented here!!
    The series of #35-36-37-38 is fantastic!! And the solo dude in #43 is the cute, crazy hot cocksucker!!
    Crazy rockin’ hot #39 is Matthew Camp!!
    OK, take a real good look at the hot dude kissing the bottom in 3-way #41!! It’s #27B from the superb “Who Would You Do?” post!!!!!
    Ahh… #46 is a wonderful iconic image that makes the rounds on the Internet every year between Memorial Day and Labor Day!! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait til my Impatiens are that big and lush!! πŸ™‚

    Awesome!! Glad I have a big comfy car… I’m gonna pick up #5, #9, and #44; and we’re going over to #47’s house!! See how he’s anxiously awaiting our arrival?!?! πŸ™‚

    Wonderful!! Thanks so much!!

  • ray

    Liebster Jingle, yes, I did notice the cute canary bird, and the speedos are perfect on him!

  • Bill S

    I found myself obsessed with #4 — It’s that Valley Forge Military Academy Selfie! We had one of those a long time ago, here on URD. I think it was a different hunk in that picture. I wonder if one of our amazing sleuths can find that picture for me? Beto?

    All the cock sucking is GREAT! And, yes I am sure that #25 is a cock sucking scene in just a few more moments! LOL


  • bw

    It looks like everyone had a good holiday – particularly the gang at the lake. I mentioned one time that two houses is more than twice the work – so I replaced a few bad pieces of cedar siding, touched up paint and other chores, but decided to have a pro (who actually knows what they are doing) come replace the gutters. The cabin is just over 20 years old and it’s starting to need work.
    No 16, the blonde with the nice body, is Alam Wernick – his happy hole has never met a dick it did not like. And Matthew Camp (No 39) has come back to porn in a big way – and among other things, he has beautiful blue eyes that make me happy.

    • Jingle

      Dear bw, as I understand it; Matthew Camp’s so-called “legimate” acting career never panned out… So he’s throwing his big pretty cock around!! πŸ˜„ 😝 haha

  • FredinMotul

    Trust you all had an Excellent Memorial Day. Ours was quiet and normal. No guests, no confusion, Nice Music and just us and the pets. Fine by me!! Be Well All!

    Wonderful Post Men. Patriotic and Sexy at the same time. Thanks

    • Bill S

      The weather here was perfect (for me). It rained all afternoon, so “social distancing” was easy! (-; I have an all-weather flag, so that was out, and I hunkered down, by myself. So again, it was perfect! Oh and 65 degrees F. (perfect! lolol).


      • FredinMotul

        Excellent Bill!
        Our weather has improved. Still Sunny, but Rain showers in the PM that bring the temperatures down to High 80’s low 90’s F. A big improvement over the Convection Oven temperatures, Wind and 107Β°F!

        I spent today rearranging our Furniture to accommodate Social Distancing while seated. Looks pretty good. I am going to post it on Instagram tomorrow.

        Everyone Stay Safe and Be Well!!!

  • Jingle

    Liebster ray, I sent you a wonderful pic of a fine young man with Speedos!! Hope you got it!!

  • ray

    Liebster Jingle, I will immediately check my account(which I don’t do regularly, as I use it seldom, so please don’t think I’m not interested if I don’t answer right away)!


  • mahtinp

    AS I just now see this, I’m not feeling too patriotic about our country at this moment, but I’ll say this: Wrapping yourself in the flag isn’t what makes you patriotic… Your unruly family IS. Your big, gay, interracial, interabled, ethnically diverse, polyglot fucking family who’ve come together and made your own places in the world where you won’t let anyone fuck with what you’re doing. THAT’S what it means to be an American!

    Love Y’all

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