Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving day and Holiday weekend. We’re having a huge crowd for Thanksgiving tomorrow… just seemed like we invited everyone, and everyones’ coming. It may get a bit crowded, but it’ll be fun. Ben even convinced me to use paper plates this year… it’s a first for us, but with the big group, I’m sure it’ll be fine.
Hope you all have a SAFE and HAPPY holiday!
David and Ben

3 comments to Happy Thanksgiving!

  • ray

    Happy Thanksgiving to my american brothers! David and Ben, with your family and circle of friends growing ever bigger, you will soon need to rent a hotel…


  • Tim from MO

    David & Ben,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you guys, too! Even though we have never met, you have made me feel like I’m part of your extended family through your blog. I’m thankful for you guys, and for you taking the time to share about your lives together.
    I hope you, and all your friends in KC have a Wonderful Day!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all your blog followers, too!

    Love you guys XO

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