Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey, Guys. We’re having a houseful of people here for Thanksgiving and won’t be posting tomorrow. Our guests will include all four of Dub’s (living) grandparents, my (younger) sister and her fiancé, Keon, Rick, Alex, Craig, Matt and maybe a few more. We’re doing the turkey, stuffing and a smoked brisket – and everyone who is coming is bringing something. Dub is concerned because we don’t know what everyone is bringing. He said, “What if they all bring pie?” I said, “Then, I guess we’ll have turkey, dressing, brisket and a whole bunch of pie.” I’m sure it’ll work out and doubt if anyone will discuss politics.
The blog will be back on Friday with Keon and Rick promising a fun “Friends Friday” post.
We hope you guys all have a happy, safe and healthy Thanksgiving – and join us in being truly thankful for our many blessings.
Love you,
Ben, David and the crew.

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