Head-on junk!

Back on May 21, 2013 (before Ben, Dub and tons of other important stuff) I did a post titled “Head-on junk.” The idea came from our buddy, Anthony. Here’s what he said way back then: “How about a post of guys with their junk pointing to the camera? You know as if you’re the one on the floor looking at it.”
At the time, I responded, saying: “Well… I also love the idea… I mean, what’s better than being on your knees and lookin’ at a dude’s junk before you dive in for a good old suck session?”
So, this is a new edition of an old post idea that I especially enjoyed. You can find the original post by clicking on the “HEAD-ON” tag on the right side of the page.

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  • Denny

    As I worked my way intently through this magnificent post, I realized I could NEVER pick just one.

    Maybe it’s the angle, which makes each one of these guys look generously endowed, but I gotta tell ya – there isn’t one here I wouldn’t enjoy doing, or being done by! Blow job or playing top OR bottom – bring ’em ON!!

    So my decision in this fantasy of mine, would be to set myself up in some cozy little cottage somewhere, with a California king-size bed and an endless supply of clean sheets, then give each one of them a note, with the date when they should come ring my bell.

    With carry out orders lined up, a well stocked bar, and a massive supply of funny cigarettes and brownies, all I would have to do for the next six weeks would be to listen for the doorbell.

    The first 5 in line to ring my chimes would be #2, #3, #13, #15, with his cute little hairdo, and #25.

    David, you outdid yourself with this post!! Thank you, Man!!!



  • Jingle

    WOW!! Talk about “in your face”!! This is the kind of head-on collision I’d welcome, not avoid!!

    46 great guys (#16 is repeated as #28, and #33 and #44 are the same dude!!) with 46 awesome cocks, ready for the sucking!! Damn, my mouth is watering!!

    I really wouldn’t turn any of ’em down… #3 and #40, with their PAs, do get to move to the “head” of the line, though!! 🙂


  • bw

    I was rolling thru this post admiring the young men until I got to NO 48 and got stuck – A nice looking kid in specs, with a nice average dick, but that black fur on his belly and legs, and running down into his crack really got my attention. And NO 1 with the grumpy face is pretty.
    This proves that there are lots of handsome lads out there with nice peckers willing to share them with us thru the magic of the internet.

  • Bill S

    I stopped at #23 and thought, “I know this guy!” But from where? Then it occurs to me that he was in another post, perhaps “FCCO SELFIES.” But then I think #45 and others could be a “BOTTOM SHELF SELFIE.”
    And this made me wonder if all BOTTOM SHELF SELFIES are also HEAD-ON —-

    Now I’ll have to go check those tags too! I guess you can tell, I am enjoying this post!!! (~:


    • Bill S

      I went to the post under the tag “Bottom Selfie” and sure enough, they are all “HEAD-ON!”

      And now it occurs to me that if I click on the tag, “STORIES” the first post will be my birthday post. What an honor!!! But I’m hoping that honor doesn’t last too long! I’m always ready for a Story Post!!!

      I’ve got stuff to do! Why can’t I spend all day on URD? Hell, I am retired! I don’t know how you, David & Ben, can find the time to do what you do!!!

      I love URD — but you already knew that! XOXO

      • Bill S

        So I checked and there is already a STORY post that comes up before my birthday post. SEE you guys are BUSY!!! (~: OK I’m really late now!!!


      • Roberto

        Bill, both ideas, head-on and bottom selfie, came from Anthony, so there’s your pattern. 😉

        I’ve also wondered how David & Ben can do a post with 48 pics EVERY DAY — among other qualities of theirs, I hugely admire their discipline!


        • unrulyadmin

          Thanks, Beto. It does require discipline. We’ve talked about it quite a bit. It’s a LOT —but we’ll try to continue doing it as long as we feel we’re maintaining the quality of the posts – and the guys in our URD family enjoy having a place to get together and be part of whatever it is we are.

          • Roberto

            Guys, as far as quality of the posts and appreciation/enthusiasm of the viewers are concerned, your motivation to keep posting should be sky high. 😉 I just hope you enjoy doing the posts as much as we enjoy looking at, drooling over, scrutinizing and busting a nut to them. 😉 And of course there’s this incredibly friendly, receptive, fun environment that you simply don’t find anywhere else. You defined URD as a family, and as family members we’ll always be with you, even if we don’t meet every single day. Just remember: we love you, admire you and support you!! 🙂


  • Roberto

    I know the perspective makes the cocks look bigger, but… is #36’s real? And is his left pit shaved?! Hell, with all that gorgeous fur on his torso, why would he do that?! 🙁

    As we’re taking a stroll down memory lane, I can share this without boring everyone to death: one year ago (WHOA post of July 6, 2015 — yeah, Jingle’s birthday!) I saw unrulyboi Anthoni Hardie, one of my all-time favorites on URD, for the first time, and that was exactly in pic #18 here!! 🙂 He’s oneiric, and I bet tasting his cock with that precum leads to an epiphany!! 😛

    OK, I picked Anthoni in a post inspired by our Anthony, hehe, but, just like my friends, I’m drooling over each and every pic!! #1 and #48 grabbed my attention as much as they grabbed bw’s, and I agree with Denny on #15’s sexiness (despite a bad decision there), but I have too many options to interfere with my friends’ choices, so the ones I’d especially like to invite to join Anthoni and me are #7, #9, #10, #27, #31 and #33/44!

    Thanks to Anthony for the idea and thank you, David, for another perspective masterpiece!!

    • bw

      No. 36 is all out of whack – I am sure it’s been photoshopped – which is just dumb, cause I’m sure his dick is perfect without “enhancement”.

  • Brad

    Wow! What a fun post! 🙂 As I was looking at each pic, I saw something I knew, but these photos really drove it home for me. Like faces, penises are similar, but have slight differences that make each unique… 😉

    These guys are my top picks: 3, 7, 10, 13, 20, 21, and 40. Like Jingle, #3 and 40 get a special nod from me, but all are very attractive. With all of this in mind, I am selecting #40 as my Dude of the Day. (I am more than happy to share him with you, Jingle… 😉 )

    I second Denny’s comment that David outdid himself on this collection! Thanks for sharing… 🙂

  • Anthony

    Oh my what a fantastic post!

    It’s IMPOSSIBLE to just choose one guy so I’m not even going to try it. They can all line up and take their well deserved turn 😀

    Awesome post Ben and David. It sucks I don’t have the time I once did to REALLY enjoy each post you guys make. So many pics so little time 🙁

    Hope every member here is having a great summer (or winter)!

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