…hear no evil !

On Saturday, our best-bud, Jingle commented, saying:
“Anthony mentioned (among other things) #47’s ears!! I’m still thinking a post focused on ears (pierced or not) could be fun…”
Well… We’ve done “hands” and “nips” and “toes” and “eyes” and “lips” and “dicks” and “balls” and “assholes” and just about everything else… why not “ears”?
So, here you go, babe… a little auditory journey that we hope will get all your “senses” singing.

24 comments to …hear no evil !

  • Jingle

    Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!! Nothing is impossible for you guys!! 🙂

    From rockin’ hot #1 to super-cute #48, a pure delight!! 🙂

    One quick gander will not be sufficient… But a few jumped off the page…

    Can you imagine cuddling with human teddy bear #19 on a cold Winter’s night?? Oh to see more of him!!
    How hot is the pic of bw’s sweet baboo Jimmy Fanz?? (#21)
    #22… Holy Shit!! Dude could have NO ears, and who the hell would care??
    The 69ing couple in #36 is fucking fantastic!!

    But my knee-jerk, cock-twitch, favourite is bangin’ hot #18!! WOW!! (Which is not say there aren’t other earlobes, and more, I’d like to nuzzle!! 🙂 )

    Amazing post!! Great guys, awesome ears, some beautiful & interesting jewelry…

    You guys rock!! URD rules!! 🙂

  • Jingle

    Oh, and don’t think for even one second I’m not fantasizing about a raunchy freak-nasty PnP session with nasty crazy scary HOT #40 and #43!!!!!

  • Larry

    Ears or no, I am in for the young stuff 9, 12 and 20 and am jealous of the older guy fucking hot # 26.

    BTW. Welcome back Denny. I am sure your trip was stressful, but you are welcome and loved by the URD CCC.

    • Roberto

      Larry, how was your visit to the doctor last Friday?


      • Larry

        Thank you for asking. I kind of felt bad about posting my personal problems here, but you guys are so kind. I have damage to my right eye. He showed me a scan of it and it is about a fourth blocked. In addition to the cataract I have glaucoma and an astigmatism. I am using drops and waiting another 30 days for it to settle down and then may have more laser surgery and may get reading glasses. My vision is better. When I went to a play in Chicago a few weeks ago I was able to see facial expressions on the actors. Today I am not tearing as much as I was. It is part of getting old. I have made remarks about being “older”, and I am sure I am the oldest guy on here. I am 75. Since my father lived to be 92 and my mother to 101, I think I am just a kid. I still travel and will be taking my annual trip to New York City in January and plan to go to Alaska in September. My favorite saying is “there may be frost on the roof, but there is fire in the furnace”. Now let’s get back to ogling hot men. (And if I win the lottery, I am flying to Brazil to suck your big uncut cock.)

        • ray

          Larry, I wish you will recover completely soon!

          As to ears, I’ve never paid much attention to them, but this isn’t even necessary given the lot of seductive guys in this post who have a lot more to offer!

          Thank you, guys and love and hugs to all!


        • Denny

          Larry I’m sorry for your eye problems and hope your eye doctor can pull you through. We are rooting for you.

          All I can say Larry is, YOU are the MAN!! You are the poster child for the saying “You’re as young as you feel” and I’m guessing you feel about 28 and a half years old.!! 😉 😉

          Rock on!!


          • Larry

            Well I don’t feel 28, but I don’t think I am “old”. When my father got a pacemaker at 88, I was waiting with my mother and the doctor came in to report on the procedure. I knew him, but he had never associated me with my father, so he said, “what are you doing here?” I told him it was my father and the doctor said just two words: “good genes”. That’s part of it. The other part is a good attitude. I worked with seniors and when I turned 60, my 80 year olds just laughed at me. I still get hard and get off. Not as often as I used to, but I still enjoy the big O.

        • Roberto

          Larry, you should never feel bad for telling us about yourself and your life. We wanna know how you’re doing and how your eye treatment is going.

          As you didn’t say anything over the weekend, I was afraid the news from the doctor were not that great, but, looking on the bright side, you did say your vision is better, which is awesome! Now I really hope everything goes smoothly and you get the best results from the treatment! 🙂

          You know, things are relative, not absolute, and age is much more about attitude than numbers, just like you said yourself. It’s clear to me that you feel great and know how to enjoy life, and that’s what matters. You’re a fantastic example for all of us!

          I’m honored by your enthusiasm for my uncut Latin cock! You don’t mind the bush and hairy balls, right? 😛 Perhaps a preview is welcome? LOL

          Hugs and all the best,

          • Roberto

            Gosh: “the news from the doctor was…”

          • Larry

            I have always had friends younger than I am. The trouble with people my age is all they talk about is their doctor appointments, their meds and their failing body parts. I am afraid I did it with you and feel bad about it. I went to Europe for seven weeks two years ago. I may slow down someday but not now. Since I don’t go back to the doc for another month I promise to stop talking about myself and just comment on David and Ben’s awesome blog.

            Preview? Of course. Send D and B a pic they can post. If you’ve got it flaunt it!!

          • unrulyadmin

            Hey, Larry… We think you’re an inspiration to everyone who follows this blog – regardless of age. We all hope that when we’re your age, we’re as young-at-heart as you!

          • Brad

            I would like to see a preview too! 😉 (Love uncut cocks, especially Latin ones… 😉 )

          • Roberto

            Do you guys still use that buffboi e-mail?


          • unrulyadmin

            Hey, babe,
            We quit using the buffboi e-mail because of all the junk and spam it was receiving. We’re setting up a new e-mail now, and will let everyone know the address as soon as it’s ready.

    • Denny

      Thank you for the welcome back, Larry and thanks again for your kind words. We are a tight little group, aren’t we!!

  • Roberto

    As Jingle said, “awesome ears” and a lot more to admire — and even go crazy about!

    The moment I saw the post, I noticed #17’s furry pits, and then it was hard to take my eyes off them… When I finally did, I noticed the great number of inked dudes — lovely! Vadim Black (#3) is one of them, and obviously such a head-to-toe beauty is welcome back anytime!

    It’s the same rocking hot dude in #8, 25, 28, 41 and 47!

    I share Jingle’s enthusiasm for #22 (beautiful everywhere) and #40 (crazy hot indeed)!

    #29, 32, 44 — oh, yeah!

    #37’s sculptural junk and gorgeous hole — oh, boy! I wanna dive my tongue onto the former and into the latter!

    I do love such different dudes as #14 and 16! WOW! And real dude #30 is also so tempting, but again I’ll be true to the post theme (it’s been a helpful criterion…) and pick totally delicious #45!

    Amazing post!

    P.S.: You guys want one more body part for 2016? Eyebrows! I think thick ones like Colin Farrell’s are quite masculine and sexy, so a good standard to start with (love #30’s and others’ here).

  • Denny

    I have to agree with Ray here – I never really give much thought to a guy’s ears.

    But I did have a fuck buddy relationship in years gone by, with a blond cutie, who didn’t feel the foreplay was done until I licked his ears until they were sloppy wet, and still he wanted more. Sometimes, he almost came before the main event, just with my ear /tongue action.

    My Dude of the Day has GOT to be #16. The face, the beard, the hairy chest, I drool to imagine all of the rest. That last line is poetry (lol) and so is he!!!

    Jingle, I’m with you on #19. Dayum!! He is super hairy but that only means he’s got buckets full of testosterone to spare! Count me in!!!

    Hugs to all of you guys, and thanks to David and Ben for another hot post full of beautiful men.



  • Brad

    This post reminds me of the saying, “Parts is parts.” And, I like these man parts… 😉

    My top picks include: 2, 5, 13, 16, 21, 28, and 35. I concur with Denny on his selection of #16…He definitely is a hunk! One of Beto’s choices (#28) has some wonderful ink and a cute, crooked smile…this tells me he has a “naughty” streak him… 😉

    Thanks to Anthony for the great idea and to David and Ben for the excellent pics!

    • Roberto

      Brad, the post idea actually came from Jingle after a comment by Anthony.

      I was absolutely sure #13 would make your selection! 😉

      You see the dude with the deer tattoo on his chest? He appears in pics #8, 25, 41 and 47, but it’s also him in #28 — he just hadn’t done that tattoo yet.


      • Brad

        My bad…once again…yes, I gave credit to Anthony for Jingle’s suggestion…Hopefully, Jingle will not be too upset with me… 🙂

        I did see the multiples of the “dear” guy…It’s great work, but I just don’t like the tattoo on his chest…(I would not want to cuddle and see it every time… 😉 )


  • Anthony

    So many cuties in here! 😀

    #1 and #7 are the hot boys next door (or in my case the boy from the next state over haha)
    #8 looks like he’s a big softie at heart. I wouldn’t mind cuddling with him all night.
    #10 looks like he can give it to you rough and then cuddle with you after you’re done.
    #11 is perfect! I just want to lick his arms 😀
    I’m with Beto, Brad, and Denny with #16. I like how his gaze draws you in.
    #17 looks like the guy down the street who you’d see with his pants sagging down showing his nice butt to everyone.

    Great job Ben and David! Have a fantastic Christmas and a fantastic wedding day!!!

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