Here you go, dude. “Beards ‘n bones ‘n smiles.”!

Commenting on Saturday’s “Beards and bones” post, our buddy “Jingle” said:
“And given that the vast majority of these amazing, engaging guys are smiling; may I suggest β€œSmiles” as an additional tag?!?!”
And that got us thinking about a “Beards ‘n bones ‘n SMILES” post. After all we’ve been through in the past year we could all use a little cheering up… and a bunch of bearded, happy, smiling, boned-up dudes seems like it might just be the ticket πŸ™‚

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  • ray

    It is a pleasure to open this site in the morning and find oneself starting the day with these smiling men! I wonder if they are all porn stars, I recognize some of them, but don’t know their names in art.
    Thank you and a good week for everyone! Rapid progress in health, Bill!

  • Jingle

    πŸ™ƒ Holy Cow!! GRAND SLAM HOMERUN!! πŸ™‚ Knocked clean outta the Park!!

    My eyes naturally went first to #15 – yesterday’s #14 – but he’s just a hint of the delights here!!

    I’ll be grinning under my mask all day at work!! Can’t wait to get home this afternoon!!…

  • Bill S

    I like #35 and I think I’ve seen him before. But I like that his face doesn’t match his body. I mean if you saw him in a suit, would you think he had a body like THAT!?

    I could see him giving a lecture in Economics or something. But if I ever saw him naked, I’d never hear a word he was saying!


    P.S., bw, I’ll know you are feeling better when you start telling us the porn-stars names again. Be strong! Get well!!!

  • Denny

    WOW!!! I think today is MY birthday, with all these happy hairy smilin’ dudes looking me in the face!!

    My TOP favorites are #8, #20, #22, #26, #38 and #48. Out of these guys, #26 is my Dude of the Day!!

    Great suggestion, Jingle Babydoll, and David and Ben – thanks for the fabulous follow-up!!!

    Off topic, but VERY important to note – Ken Jennings’ first day on the job as Guest Host on Jeopardy was last night. He was AMAZING!!! He was SUPERB!!! It’s like he had been shadowing Alex Trebek for months!! He will be on for several weeks, followed by Katie Couric and others as yet not named.

    The person they select to be permanent host won’t begin until next season, and they are saying it won’t be Ken Jennings. But unless someone really sensational appears somewhere along the way, if Ken Jennings continues the way he was last night, I vote for – Ken Jennings!!!

  • FredinMotul

    Gracious Men! What a lovely surprise this morning! Excellent post with lots of yummy guys to see. Thanks! Brings a smile to my face and dispels the chill in the air we are experiencing today! Thanks again. Trusting all is well with you all!!

  • Jingle

    I really thought it would be difficult to surpass the previous post, but you managed to do it!! With apparent ease, and in a damn short amount of time!! WHEW!!!

    Just outstanding!! And you had me from the git!!… #1 has a cute face, cute ears, an endearing smile, a great body, and awesome junk!! WOW!!
    And there’s the wonderful, deeply-tufted, brown leather Divan from the previous post’s #2; in today’s #2 and #31!! That must be in some porn studio’s office?!?!
    I accept butch bitch slut #4’s invitation!! And the juxtaposition of the hunky dude and the lovely floral bedding is delightful!! πŸ™‚
    Who’s gonna share #5 and #28’s cocks with me?!?! God knows there’s enough dick there for two guys to worship together!! YOWZA!!!!
    Aww…. #6 is a d-o-l-l, doll!!
    The caption under #7’s thumbnail, “Hairy gay hunk”, is spot on!!
    The reclaimed stacked wood accent wall behind hot #8 is great!!
    Yes #9, two thumbs-up!! πŸ™‚
    Dang, Big Boy #10, throw that nasty Fleshlight in the trash; and let me take over!! Shoosh!!
    #11 a “BEAST”?!?! Nah… not a chance!!
    #12, and his very similar looking downstairs neighbour #16, are really exceptional!! As are #19, 32, 40, and 46!!
    Lucky #13 is indeed, “Blessed”!! As are we to see him in all his glory!! πŸ™‚ haha
    #17 is really fantastic!! Along with super hirsute, PA’ed, #44; they are the two “real” guys in the superb collection!!
    Smooth Ginger #18 is truly wonderful!! But I hate, with a passion, Adirondack chairs!! I find them patently uncomfortable, and they take up waaay too much space!! Pffftt!!
    Yipes!! The precarious stacks of books in #23 distracted me – momentarily – from the dude’s cute face, great body, and beautiful cock!!
    My heavily tattooed brothers, #25 and #47, would look sketchy and edgy if they were scowling!! But their engaging smiles make them look much more approachable!! BTW, #44’s motto tattoo translates to, “Caught in your Dreams”!! Indeed!! Oh, and check out how #25’s balls are draping down his thigh… he must have some low-hangers!! πŸ˜‰
    Special Props to #26 for his pierced nipples!! πŸ™‚
    My jaw dropped when I clicked on #27!!!!! WHOA!!!!!
    I loved Bill S’s assessment of HOT Daddy #35!! You can’t un-see something, once you’ve seen it!! And once you’ve seen someone naked, you can always picture them naked, no matter what they’re wearing!! πŸ™‚
    Loves me some great guy-next-door #38!! πŸ™‚
    Like the previous post’s #46; today’s #39 is wicked-cute, wicked-hot, and wicked naughty!!
    Let’s re-visit #40… he’s a father!! Check out the footprint tattoo on his right side!! (And speaking from experience, I can tell you that getting tattooed over your ribs hurts like hell!! That tattoo was a Labour of Love!!)
    #43’s novel stance breaks the mold from the other guys!! I would lick, suck, and nuzzle him from the tip of his dick to the the top of his fine rump ass crack!! Mmmm…
    Aww… #45 has the cutest ears ever!! πŸ™‚ Among many other charms!! haha
    And a further note on #46: If he’s willing to get his other nipple pierced, and similarly jeweled, I’ll pay for it!! πŸ™‚ haha

    Now then, pick a favourite??… Nope, not gonna do it!! I wouldn’t want to slight the other 47 dudes!! And I don’t want to do that!! What I do want to do is blow them all!! ALL of them!! EACH and EVERY one!! With all that natural Protein and Collagen, my complexion would be dewy for weeks!! πŸ™‚ hahahaha

    Fan-fucking-tastic!! THANK YOU!!!!!

    • Roberto

      #1 (Pierce Clooney) was featured in the series post of September 10, 2015: . I guess the fact that I picked him back then says how much I agree with your assessment. πŸ™‚

      But here, just like in the previous post, I don’t think I can pick just one. Buzz-cut, inked and fuzzy #6 was an instant hit on me, and I’m craving every blessing I can’t get from #13. Would be happy to add #39 and #41 as well – and I still feel I could easily stretch the list. πŸ˜›

      Thanks for the suggestion, Jingle, and thanks for another marvelous execution, guys!

      • Roberto

        Well, it should be ‘every blessing I *can* get from #13’. Even though it’s fantasy, it shouldn’t be in the negative form. πŸ˜› And please let me know if you find out the name of that blessed dude.

  • Stuardo Gomez

    A great post to follow up the last one, all very tasty.
    I like the natural cuteness of #2, #31 and #48.
    #5 is Chris Pratt photoshopped which is a pity as I don’t think he is hairy?

  • mahtinp

    This was a cheering up post of some fantastic guys! IT almost doesn’t matter what the guy looks like, a great smile makes a man attractive.

    Time for the newer post,
    Be Well

  • Roberto

    I’ve come across this crazy hot porndude named Dante Colle and I was almost sure I had seen him on URD recently. And here he is as #32, with his distinct Jake Gyllenhaal look and pec tattoo. While he usually trims his pits and pubes, he seems happy to keep all his ass fur – and yes, it’s freaking delicious. Love his beard too.


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