Here you go, dude. It’s the “Ins and outs” of mens underwear!

We thought that if we were going to do a post on the “ins and outs of mens underwear,” we should do a little on-line research on the U.S. market. In 2019, the U.S. men’s underwear market was estimated to be around 4 billion dollars. It’s projected to grow to 6.2 billion by 2027. We read tons of surveys and studies and came up with the following best guess on the popularity of men’s underwear in the United States, by type:
Boxer Briefs: 4l.8%
Boxers: 21.8%
Briefs: 18.4%
Other: 18.0% (Includes jockstraps, g-strings, bikini briefs, trunks, long johns
and “going commando”).
Although we’re not easily shocked, we were surprised to read the results of a recent Tommy Johns survey of 2,000 men that indicated they wear their underwear “two or more days” before changing. An amazing 13% of respondents admit to wearing the same pair of underwear for a week or longer. (We won’t tell Dub. He’d be totally grossed-out).
Men’s underwear prices vary dramatically, of course. The most expensive we’ve run across is Versace’s Barocco Anomalies Brief at $150. per pair. On the other end of the price spectrum, Amazon offers a 9-pack of Fruit of the loom briefs for $15.98, or $1.78 per pair. David says $150. Versace briefs are God’s way of saying “You have too much money.” πŸ™‚ Each American male is believed to own 12 pairs of underwear, on average. (This number would be skewed by our friend Alex – who Cal swears owns not less than 100 pair).
So, that pretty well covers the “Ins and outs of men’s underwear.” The photos below may help to explain the item’s popularity.

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  • FredinMotul

    Quite the eye opener. Both the Post and the research. Dub would be grossed out? I am totally grossed out at the thought of week old underwear! Hey, I admit that I am an old guy and one day in a pair is sufficient, Thank you very much. I remember a survey about Bed linens as well where some folks said they only change their sheets Monthly?!?! Well, no thank you. Too many possibilities for unhygienic things. Maybe it is different if you are not sexually active at all, and wear PJ’s, but nope, not for me. Sunday morning without fail all linens in all bedrooms here are changed, whether slept in or not.

    Thanks men, to the great post and information. Al l remains well here in Rural Mexico, and I trust it is the same for all of the URD Family. Now, especially, stay safe, stay secure and be well all!!

  • Jingle

    The statistics you’ve shared with us are really quite fascinating!! πŸ™‚ Speaking for myself, if I slip on undies at all; they’re old-school, full-cut, bubble-back boxers!! In plaid, of course!! πŸ™‚ haha

    And I wear a pair of underwear one day!! ONE!! Yipes!!

    Fun, sex, naughty post!! 47 wonderful dudes – there’s a repeat visitor – and 96 amazing images to drool over!! πŸ™‚

    #1 is the first of several re-visitors from the “Dudes in undies (kind-of!)” post from December 18th, 2020!! And #37 is from the much more recent “pokin’ out” post!! Wonderful to see them all again!!… Especially the more revealing pics!! πŸ™‚ heehee
    Crazy hot #2 so faithfully re-created his own pose, I initially thought it was photo-shopped!! But the tilt of his head is different, so they are indeed two different shots!! (Bonus for his awesome pierced nipples!! πŸ™‚ )
    When #3 took his undies off, he put a necklace on!! And also, in the naked pic, there’s a towel hanging in the background!!
    Hunk Stud #4 is MAGNIFICENT!! Oh, to see him completely nude!! WHOA!!!!!
    Nice #5’s Tigger mug shows a delightful sense of whimsy!! πŸ™‚
    Love crazy hot #7’s thick uncut cock!! Oh my…
    I really wish hunky humpy #8 had pushed his underwear down just a bit more so we could his cockhead!! His equally muscular downstairs neighbour, #12 – seen again in #23 – also denies us a view of his glans!! πŸ™ But at least #12/23 compensates by letting us see his lovely impressive balls!! πŸ™‚
    #19 is quite beautiful!!
    Full-bushed #10 is a big tease!!
    Holy Shit!! If I had a monster cock like #15 or #16, I’d never put on pants!! How cruel of you to put them side-by-side!! WHEW!!!
    #18’s pics, and #39’s selfies, were taken in the same settings, but on different days!! #18 has a different hairstyle, and #39 has different discarded garments in the backround!!
    Besides other various and assorted charms and assets; #19, 28, 44, and 46’s uncut dicks, and #21’s cut cock, are awesome!! πŸ™‚
    Hirsute Hunk Stud #25 is every bit as MAJESTIC as #8!!!!! And his cock is PERFECTION!! Another WHOA!!!!!
    #26’s balls are just wonderful!! Como dos huevos!! πŸ™‚ haha
    Rough Trade #30 is crazy rockin’ hot!! I’d love to crawl up on him and go to town on everything between his wide open thighs!!
    Complete change of attitude between rockin’ hot #38’s pics!! Wish I was there to receive his load!!
    Rockin’ HOT #41 is unique in that the two images are in different settings!! Also, the “in” image is a pic taken of him, and the “out of” image is a selfie!! In any event; I much prefer him naked, rather than in the fetishy, why-even-bother, see through bikini!! Shoosh!! Gorgeous cock!! Is there anyone among the CCC that wouldn’t wanna suck that?!?!
    Hot & Handsome #42 is awesome!! Beautiful, intriguing ink!! (Wonder if he’d get his right nipple pierced for me?!?!
    Hot & Handsome, hunky, hairy #47 must be looking at URD!! πŸ™‚ God knows I often disrobe looking at a great post!!
    #42 and #47 have something in common: Gorgeous coks that need to be worshipped and serviced!! Fuck yeah!!

    But my favourite here is stunning #29!! Really look at him!!… He’s quite handsome!! Great body, off-the-hook ink, pierced nipples (I originally thought they were diagonally done, but it’s actually Curved Barbells in vertical piercings!!), really intriguing Sub-Dermal piercing below his navel, and pretty cock and balls!! I’d love to hang out with!! Publicly and privately!! We’d fuck like dogs!! Oh… Hell… Yes!!

    And if I needed a little break from him… I’d retreat to awesome Good Guy #44!! πŸ™‚

    Outstanding collection, set, and post!! I really appreciate that you went to the time and effort to compile this!! πŸ™‚

  • Jingle

    Well shit!! I meant to compare MONUMENTAL #25 to #4!! Doh!! Both #4 and #25 are show-stoppers!!

  • ray

    Thanks for the survey and the instructional pictures! πŸ˜‰ Very enlightening! I am going to study them now one by one…

  • ray

    Thanks for the survey and the instructional pictures! πŸ˜‰ Very enlightening! I am going to study them now one by one…

  • bw

    I simply can not imagine 1) wearing the same pair of underwear for a week – or even two days; or 2)paying $150 for a pair with a dead designers name on them. I’m pretty sure my entire drawer of drawers cost less than $150 – and I counted – I have exactly 11 pairs, so I’m close to the average.
    I really enjoy these kinds of posts with the goods covered up then revealed. Years ago a photographer in Europe would get dudes off the street – take a picture of them fully dressed, then the same pose but naked – not hard, just natural. It was fun to guess what they were packing.
    No 1 & NO 16 are the same dude- Jake Orion- a straight boy who makes a living doing stuff for us gay boys on Onlyfans. And NO 48 is Bravo Delta, who started as an amateur on XTube then did studio porn for Cockyboys. He’s right in my sweet spot – dark hair, furry and pretty blue eyes. BTW, he’s only 5’4″, so that big ole dick looks really huge on him.

  • Roberto

    #19, #22, or #36?! WOOF! It’s always hard here on URD… And my list of favorites grows more than their goodies out of their undies – e.g., real meal #5, total teaser #10, skinny bloody hot cuties #15, #17 and #24, hairy stud #35, Mr. charming beard #45… and you bet I can extend this…

    Thanks for such a teasing and thrilling collection of undies and goodies!

  • JDW

    I like Tommy John and #1

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