Hey, bitch. Slip me some tongue.

We had something happen tonight that has us thinking. We’d had dinner and Dub’s bath – and read to him and he was in bed… so Ben and I thought we’d watch a movie. We looked through our videos and decided on “The Bird Cage.” We were snuggled in front of the fireplace… just beginning to watch it when Dub came and curled between us on the couch. I said, “I thought you were in bed, bud.” He just sat there snuggling and said, “Watch with you?” So, he did for a while… before he ended up asleep between us. Eventually, Ben carried him to his bed and we watched the rest of the movie. We talked about it a bit afterwards. Ben said, “Maybe we shouldn’t have let him watch it.” I said, “I don’t know. I doubt if seeing Nathan Lane and Robin Williams in a movie set in South Beach will scar him, or anything. It isn’t exactly hard core porn.” Ben said, “Still…”
So, I don’t think it’s a problem, and I suspect about the worst thing that will happen is Dub may go around singing “We are fam-i-ly,” but it’s something we’ll be thinking about.

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  • Denny

    Just here for a peek to see what’s new. Then I must get my ass in bed. Just wanted to put in my two cents worth. You’re seeking our opinions, right? I don’t ever want to sound like I’m trying to tell you what to do, because you guys definitely have a handle on “the big picture”, when Dub will start putting 2 and 2 together, and you will have to have “The Talk”. That is some years away, even with Dub being as perceptive as he is.

    I agree with you guys – I don’t think the video was a problem. Dub was tired. He probably didn’t have his glasses on, and all he probably wanted was some daddy snuggle time. He probably had no clue what was on the screen.

    Another thing, if I may. You, David and Ben, are as butch, macho and masculine as they come. Dub will never, ever EVER relate ANYTHING in “The Bird Cage” to YOU!!

    My Dave and I are pretty much like you guys, as in, if I didn’t tell you, you would never know we were gay, until I told you, or we brought you to our home.

    I debated about when I should tell my daughter. She loved my Dave from the day she met him, but I just kept putting it off. Then the problem solved itself.

    She was 13, and in the 8th grade. One weekend, at our apartment, she proudly pulled out a paper she had researched herself, written, and gotten an “A+” on.

    This was in 1990. The paper was about AIDS and its spread in the gay community through the 80’s. She knew about bathhouses, unprotected anonymous sex, the whole thing.

    I casually mentioned, as I was praising her for her good work, that her Dad and Dave were gay and how glad we were that neither one of us had ever had the disease. Her response: “I kinda figured.” End of story. Happy Ending.

    Peace Out. 🙂


    • ray

      I think you are right, Denny, inasmuch as I remember “The Bird Cage” to be a very “feminine” movie – would Dub ever think of his dads in such a context? I doubt it, and most probably the film was not very interesting for him, either, so I don’t see big problems. But I might be naive.
      Which is the most beautiful tongue of them all? #3 is a very special one, to be sure, but tongue apart, #31 is so cute and looks like a fun guy!

    • Denny

      BTW, how did we do on yesterday’s post on which pics were posted by whom?

  • Jingle

    Great collection!! Sometimes funny, sometimes sexy; but true to URD, always hot!!

    Our crazy hot lead-off man #1 is welcome to use his tongue on any part of me he’d like to!!
    #21!! Right from the fountain, and not a drop wasted!! Oh yeah!!
    If rockin’ hot #35 wants to lick a cast-iron pipe, I guess that’s his own concern… 😆 I wanna lick, nuzzle, suck his amazing beautiful cock!!

    Will check back later…

  • Roberto

    It’s a comedy and humor works with stereotypes — it’s not anyone’s reality here. But eventually Dub will notice that some guys act and talk differently from his dads and will ask you something about it. Not to worry, I guess. 🙂 And he falling asleep between you two on the couch must have been a really cute picture. 🙂

    I totally echo Jingle’s words about selfie #1! And #35 must be licked from H2T!

    Hey, #2, I can lick my elbow and can reach your pits much better than you! Just let me get there with my tongue to replicate #12, #24, #39 (damn lucky licker!) and #41 (yay, rubbing their raging cocks together!) — I’ll just do it more effusively! 😀 By the way, four pit-licking pics in a post must be a new record! What a TREAT!! Thanks, David & Ben!!

    #19, #21, #45 and #48 remind me to tell you how much I appreciate all the breeding and cum eating in the videos on the new blog! Woohoo!

    From the amazing kisses in #5 and #37 to the degustation of all those succulent junks, asses and pits, this post is a marvelous tribute to the versatility of the tongue!

    Rocking hot selfie #29 doesn’t look too excited, but I can help him with that!

    #28 or #36? Can’t decide between such outrageously delicious invitations! Oh, my!

    Fuzzy sucker #26 is the cutest and likely my favorite, but he’s kinda busy, hehe, so I’’ll go for a guy who’s just sticking his tongue out to the camera: selfie #43! So real and so tempting — yeah, I wanna find out how well he uses that tongue and what else he’s got to offer!

    Again, marvelous post! You know I love some tongue action!

    • unrulyadmin

      Hey, Beto. Glad you’re enjoying the videos over on URD-Tumblr. We’re just getting it started, but we think there’s some good stuff there 🙂

  • Larry

    Agree with all. He probably didn’t know what it was about. And if he did, so what?

  • FredinMotul

    Watching the Birdcage, and many other PG Gay films certainly did not negatively effect our Straight Boy son. We opted for a little secrecy as possible. Exposure is important. As others have mentioned, you guys seem to be pretty “Straight Acting” and as long as he models on you, you are good to go. That said, our son has a great gay sensibility and is quite comfortable in any situation. Very important.

    Super post guys, as always. A great way to start my day. Thanks!

  • bw

    I can never hear “We are Family” without thinking about the final scene in the movie – and I just laugh out loud. And the scene where Nathan Lane thinks he needs to learn how to walk and act more butch -like John Wayne – is a comic classic for all time.
    I am totally sure that Dub failed to really make a connection between the couple in this movie and you two. And if he did so what – as smart and perceptive as he is, he will see that you two are not like Nathan (Albert) and Hank Azeria (Agador).
    BTW,if you guys are not remembering to check the Tumblr page you should be – it’s awesome. And it should be subtitled “Vids to make your dick sore” LOL.

  • bw

    I forgot – about No 3 – I don’t know if he licks pussy or eats ass, but with a tongue like that I bet he’s a popular lad.

  • Brad

    Love this collection and the diversity of guys and their tongues… 😉 There are no naked, H2T pics, but there 3 pics that stand out for me: 2, 18, and 27.

    I will let Beto “attack” #2’s pits, while I suck on the guy’s tongue… 😉

    I will be happy to help #18 clean himself…of course, I will use my tongue on his furry abs!

    Love the contrast in #27 and would join these two in a minute to lick that chocolate dick along side the ginger! (I am sure Rick and Keon have replicated this many times… 😉 ) This pic is my Dude(s) of the Day!

    Regarding the “Birdcage,” I agree that watching will not be “bad” for Dub. As others have pointed out, he was sleepy and was not really watching. But, I don’t see it as a big problem, if Dub did “pick up” on some things in the movie. I am sure he will ask questions, if he has some. Use this time as a teachable moment. Answer his questions in terms in he can understand, which you undoubtedly have done countless times already.

    We adults often worry about kids “connecting the dots” like we do. Often times, they are thinking in very different ways and are surprised by our we “connect the dots.” 😉

    A great set, guys! Thanks for posting them… 🙂

  • Jingle

    Back for my Second Look…

    Hey Beto!! Could #7 and #10 possibly be the same dude as #28?? Check out the chin fuzz, and more notably, the distinctive heavy hoop earrings!! (On a personal note, I wear a very similar pair of hoops!! Bought them in London many years ago, I only very rarely take them out!!)
    LOVE the VPL when a dude free-balls in sweats, as seen in selfie #17!!
    Dammit Brad, you beat me to bangin’ hot #18!! 🙂
    #22 is rockin’ hot!! I’d like to my tongue on his nipples first!! Then work my way down…
    Super-cute, and damn lucky, #23, 26, 27, 33 and 40 are putting their tongues to good use!!
    Liebster ray, I couldn’t agree with you more about cute, hot and fun looking #31!! I’m quite sure he could live up to his grinning devil tattoo!! 🙂
    May I have a turn with blazin’ hot #36??
    Regarding #39, Beto said, “damn lucky licker”!! To be balls-out honest, I see it the other way around… Lickers #39, 41, 45 and 47 are all seriously bangin’ crazy hot!!

    But if you really want me to pick just one… It’s gotta be insanely hot dressing room selfie #11!! WOW!!

    OK, gotta jet!! But I’ll check back in later…

    Awesome post!!

    • Roberto

      Bro, if #7, #10 and #28 are the same… it’s already the surprise of the year for me! 😀 It can’t be, they look so different!


  • Brad

    Are you And Ben in any of the pictures?

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