“Howdy. How you doin’?”

We’re continuing our series of “colors” posts with some dudes in (and out of) “Orange”. None of our on-line friends mentioned orange as a favorite color, but it’s definitely one of Alex’ favs. He says it’s his Latin heritage that causes him to like bright colors like orange, yellow and turquoise. Actually, he looks good in anything he’s in (or out of)!

Ben, Chad and I are still at the Lake with the kids and dogs and it’s WONDERFUL. Ty and Damien insisted we turn their cabin into a schoolhouse… so that’s what we’ve done. The kids love it. They get up in the morning, get dressed, have breakfast then and head over to “school”. Chad is serving at Ben’s “teaching assistant” and having fun with it. He says he’s learning a whole bunch of stuff himself 🙂
The whole gang was here last weekend for Dub’s and my birthday celebration. We had hand-crank ice cream and strawberry cake, and lots of fun.
We were just starting dinner Friday evening when Bella walked into the room and said “Attention everyone. Matty has something he wants to say.” Then Matty walked in and said “Howdy. How you doin’?” The kids totally cracked up and everyone was laughing. Hearing him speak – not only in English but with a redneck twang was hysterical.
We had a small problem on Monday when the bureaucrats found out “Mateo” was at the Lake with us – instead of in his new home. Chad and Raef’s fostering agreement calls for “weekly in-home evaluations” by DSS personnel and bi-weekly meetings for Mateo with a child counselor,” so the State people decided it was “a violation of the agreement.” Ben skyped a classroom session with them… then we got both “Dr. C” and one of our attorneys to call them. They finally decided that under the circumstances, the arrangement is acceptable. Chad has taken a “leave of absence” from his job so he can be here with Matty. He will take him to K.C. to meet with the child counselor later this week.
So, even in this time of medical uncertainty, we’re all going strong here at Table Rock. And in spite of everything, “life is good”!
Guys… PLEASE take good care of yourselves. If we all practice “social distancing” and wash our hands regularly and use lots of hand sanitizer (and use our good common sense) we’ll get through this.
xoxo David and Ben

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  • FredinMotul

    Oh man oh man. These are some lovely shots and a great color post. Thanks. Boy, the bureaucrats can be a pain! Keep them as happy as you can for a while, so you cando whatever you want eventually. Great idea again to use the Lawyer and Dr. C involved. That way they can feel their covered.

    I do agree with you closing remarks, but I do stress that we all must do our best to stay healthy. Work outs are important. So you have to modify them a bit since it is a home. Do it and keep healthy. Cook those meals with healthy ingredients that normally take too much time. Relax. Lower your stress levels. Take time away from all media and take your Vitamin C regularly. Boost the Immune System. Us Old Guys are doing all this and all Self Quarantining as well and we actually like it. Be well everybody, and thanks again guys for the great post!!

  • Denny

    Well now – “Howdy” back atcha, Pod’nah!! Y’all are crackin’ me up here!!!

    I’m sure Matty has never had so much fun in his entire life as he is having now.

    Ben, it was a brilliant idea to include DSS via Skype into one of the kids’ school sessions. AND, to arrange for your lawyer and “Dr. C” to call them and keep them from having a nervous breakdown. Reminds me of when they barged in at Ms. Pam’s pre-school, to make sure Travon hadn’t been sold into slave labor or some such. lol

    I’m not a big fan of orange for myself, but I AM a BIG fan of these guys here,
    in – and out – of orange!!

    I’ve got the hots for smooth, sophisticated -and HAIRY! – #7.

    Same goes for eager-to-be-a-bad-boy, #8.

    #14 appears to me to be “high class trash” – hotter’n hell!!! Look at dem BALLS!!!

    And if I’m going for balls, I’m gonna grab onto #20’s balls too. DAYUM!!!

    Dave and I are pretty much sheltering in place these days, going out only to the grocery store for essentials, going thru Purell by the buckets, and washing our hands when we get home. It’s pretty nice having all this time at home with each other, but it would be nicer under different circumstances.

    Broadway shows in Manhattan are completely shut down. We have tickets for “Book of Mormon” for April 18th, but even if Broadway has reopened by then, I doubt that we want to be sharing an armrest with strangers on either side of us. We will still be practicing “social distancing”.

    We have reserved a week in Provincetown, May 23 to May 30th, when all the restaurants and bars and shows will be fresh and new after a long winter’s nap. But that is looking iffy too. We know the condo owner well enough so that if things are still closed there, we can apply our May rent to our 10 day stay in September. Hoping for the best!!

    Thanks for another hot post, Guys!! Stay well!! Stay at the cabins as long as you can. It isn’t often you can have school by a waterfall!!!


  • ray

    Orange is a bright and cheeful color, so thank you for this in somber times!
    Here most everything is closed, and most people have lots of time, but can’t do very much. It’s frightful!

    Stay well, my friends!

  • Jingle

    I have an extra-ordinarily busy and hectic day ahead of me, so sadly I can’t stay here very long right now!! But that doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE this outstanding collection!!

    I am gonna take a moment to comment on two pics that particularly piqued my interest, however…

    #16!! Not so much the twink (although his junk is awesome), but rather his shirt!! To us old farts, number “23” will always be associated with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls!! To the younger dudes, number “23” is LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers!! It’s a generational thing!! 🙂

    And fuzzy furry hunky humpy, bangin’ hot, Big Boy #1!! Beautiful, with no loss of masculinity; that former Nebraska collegiate wrestler – (Get your beady eyes off his beefy, meaty junk; and really look at his t-shirt!!) – is all MINE!!!!! And once I’m on my knees between his powerful thunder thighs; he’ll release his tight grip, kick back, and let me worship and service him!! Dang!!

    WHEW!!! OK, I gotta jet… but I’ll be back, for sure!!

    Drink your Orange “juice” – (Pun intended!!) – and stay healthy, my friends/brothers/lovers!! 🙂

  • James Dwight Williamson

    Give me Leo Giamani, #21 ,8 days a week.

  • mahtinp

    Howdy guys!
    I’m glad the state seems accepting of the arrangement given the circumstances. Of course they have to conduct home visits regardless to make sure kids that are placed are safe and clean and fed. Sounds like y’all are having a spectacular time in Isolaketion. Trying to stay safe and adjust here in Ohio, but working on the front line in the hospital has been anxiety inducing to say the least. Keep praying that social distancing keeps working and that our stockpiles of protective equipment start growing.
    Much Love,

  • bw

    Bureaucrats do what they do – even in the face of a pandemic, and even with literally tens of thousands of kids suddenly out of school and at lose ends with parents who must work to get paid or even abusive families, where the kids only escape was school. You might think Matty would be on their list of “he’s in good hands” and move on to kids who are truly at risk. Geez.
    I’m getting tired of this mess – I keep thinking of things I need to do, like get my last few hairs cut, then I decide maybe that’s not a good idea. But I must venture out today – I’m out of gin!
    I must point out NO 21 – Leo Giamani – a big ole boy from the hood who did not know he liked dick until he found out he did. He was totally versatile and while not my normal blue eyed younger dude, I always lusted for him. I’ll review the others later. Stay safe everyone.

  • Bill S

    I’ve got to admit that I like a guy with muscles! So I’d like to see more of you! #38 (-:

    I clicked on the “tag” MATEO before I did anything else today, and it amazes me how fast everything happens to the Northland Gang! I’d suggest that those of you who want to check it out. There’s already quite few posts!

    I hope we can get passed this “social distancing” soon enough for the small businesses to survive! I feel for the workers, living pay-check to paycheck, now that many of those work-places are closed! Yikes!!!


  • Larry

    Orange isn’t my favorite color either, but it looks good on these guys. I thought #36 was hot until i fell head over heels for # 45.

    Sounds like school by the lake is going to be a huge success. The bureaucrats will get over it.

    Since I rarely go out anyway, social distancing isn’t that hard. This is day #8 for me. I get groceries and my eye drops delivered and have three weeks worth of food in the house, so i am fine.

    Take care everyone.


  • Jingle

    Oh good, the Orange post still current!! Hope it’s not too late to make a few comments?!?!

    Holy Shit!! #2 is outstanding!! As is his less modest buddy, Texas Longhorn fan #30!!
    Why is bangin’ hot selfie #3 even bothering with those pants?!?! WHEW!!! His t-shirt is a hoot!! 🙂 haha
    In various stages of dress and undress; selfie #5, selfie #24, 29, 35, and Bill S’s #38 are all rockin’ hot!!
    Great knob on FCCO, DIY plumber #11’s cock!! I’ll leave him alone, though, til he’s finished fixing the leak!! 🙂 haha In the meantime, I’ll look after his buddy, fellow big- knobbed #41!!
    #12 is stunning!! If you do indeed do a Turquoise post, you could re-purpose that hot pic!!…
    Could #13 be scruffy hot #10 from behind?!?!
    Oh-ho Denny Dearheart, you are soo right about amazing #14’s awesome big, beautiful, low-hanging BALLS!!!!! YOWZA!!!! Damn fine pretty cock, too!!
    Lifesaver guy #17!! WHOA!!!!! From his handsome face, to his great fit body, to his wonderful nipples, to his awesome hands, to his perfect uncut cock!! Hot damn!! LOVE how he’s using the Lifesaver to encircle and frame it!! (I have another long-ago saved pic of him, that I e-mailed to Buff and Bill S!!)
    Whenever I see a workman in Coveralls, of any colour, my naughty fertile imagination goes to Mental Images like #18 and #21!! (Apparently, #21 is known to a few of you?!?!)
    I’d love to see thick-dicked, insanely hot, FCCO #26 completely naked!! (To see his tattoos!! Well, and everything else!! 😉 ) WOW!!
    Another gorgeous long uncut cock on FCCO selfie #27!!
    Aww… Wonderful, good guy-next-door #39 shows some real whimsy with his Polka Dot sheets!! 🙂
    #40 is certainly my Mental Image of my #1 from behind!!
    I wonder if hilarious #46 is so stoned that he doesn’t have any pants on?!?! 🙂 haha Or maybe he just doesn’t care!!

    Great collection, set, and post!! By all means, please keep the colour-themed posts cumming!! 🙂

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